This is the follow up to the smart watch that i previously owned the nuvia alpha. So this is just called the nubia watch or the new via smart watch, but this is supposed to be. You know an upgrade from what i already had. This can be used on ios and on android let’s get the unboxing Music looks like this bad boy. Didn’T have the best of journeys here, but you know it got here. This watch is made in shenzhen china and it says it’s a wearable phone. They have this watch in different colors. I did see it in green it’s more like that army green. You have a watch in here: charging cable, it’s, gon na, be your boots and stuff and extra man. Yes, if you need something smaller that’s drastically smaller a couple inches smaller, so you get extra pan. If you got a little wrist, it’s not super bright out here, but it is damn the watch is, but it is on right now, i’m gon na pair it to my iphone, because i want to see how well it works with my iphone it’ll. Be a watch. It’S booting up the last watch had more flexibility. This has been to how your arm would be imagined to be so it’s, not a lot of flexibility. Here i give you the policy here so scan to start pairing now i have already downloaded the nubia ware app. So we’re going to pair these up, hey so repairing now.

My curiosity here is that if all messages are going to come through, like they do with my samsung watch, because with some of these watches, i messages don’t come through. Okay, we’re paired, i put all my stuff in the watch – is at 71 percent and that’s pretty good, because it’s been in the box for a while. I need to find how to make this brighter, because it’s really too dark brightness level. Two. We want brightness level to be i’ll, put it on five right now, just because i’m shooting show clock when screen is all will shorten battery life. Ah, clock switch so there’s many options for your clocks here and i think that’s, for when the clock is off. Watch pad switch, so this is actual screens i’m all about some date and time got health settings reminder if you’ve been sitting too long target number of steps, sound music, 15. that’s, all the way up, huh all the way up, then we have eight gigs of memory On here it might be good, raise to awake. I do use raise awake because i don’t use the auto always on screen. I thought i would have an option for sam, so let’s see if we’re any good with i messages see. I chose this clock. How girly of me right what okay, so this watch actually went off before the other watch did before my samsung. They are both kind of connected right now. So let’s put this on let’s roll with this smaller band.

Let’S let’s see what that’s talking about, because this one seems a little big for me see how hard this is to take off and put on okay one’s off okay, that didn’t take as long as you probably thought it did, but yeah. I just was easier to do it without trying to focus on the camera and everything else, you’re. Definitely a lady! You want to roll with a smaller man. I still got room. I can tighten this up a little more okay. That feels better let’s. Do a heart rate right, quick and going through some of this. I see it’s, probably just as limited as my previous one was there’s, not a lot of apps that it’s gon na receive messages from i’m gon na have to charge it completely. Give it a couple days, don’t be shocked. If i come back and say, hey i’ve connected this to my android, just because the iphone was so limited because that’s, a great possibility, you’ll be a watch Music, it’s amazing to me and how i hadn’t been out of the house for so long. They built a whole neighborhood over here, meanwhile, zte nubia. We need to talk. Let me start off by saying i first paired this to my iphone 12 pro max and it worked features were limited, aware app. When you go into your settings, your notifications, everybody says it’s limited, but as notifications comes in it adjusts, so, whereas i didn’t have clubhouse twitter and all that i had those notifications to where i could turn them on and off the caveat to that which was kind Of funny to me is, i didn’t have a selection for email to come through, because i would have turned that off.

I get a bazillion emails a day, but i would get alerts from my emails when my phone was connected to the watch. So i just clear those out, so i said: okay i’ll pair it to the android. The funny thing about pairing it to the android. Is i never deleted it off my iphone? This was the first time i was able to seek two phones to a watch. Hooray me i’m, sending text messages celebrating i got a watch that i can use with both of my phones and get alerts that way. I’Ll just have certain alerts come from my phone, you know my daily driver and certain alerts come from the work phone. This is going to be the perfect world for me right, not so fast. I thought about this. The night i turned the watch off it’s, not gon na work like that anymore and lo and behold it did not work like that anymore, Music. I work with barely keeping a connection to said watch from either phone now and if i want to delete one, it wants me to completely wipe the watch that being said, that’s, where my happiness ended. With this, there are far more uh features on the nubia app. I have options to push notifications to not push notifications when the screen is on uh. Android is just really good about all of this, so every app that’s on my phone. I can turn on and off alerts for that.

So i said: okay, this is going to be the move i’m going to use this watch with android. I found myself doing a lot of tapping the screen to try to get it to wake up. You know kind of what i’m used to on phones. You tap the screen. The screen wakes up. The gestures on this watch are not so user friendly. I had to hit the power button on the side to get it wake up to turn it off. I didn’t tap to turn it off. You pinch like if you’re pinching, the zoom it’s like pinch to turn it off, hit the button to turn it on and then there’s the back. The side swipes from to go back are fine. This watch was so comparable to the first model outside of my gripes about how silent the watch is. I thought it. I thought the speaker didn’t work. When i got it. I thought that bad that’s how bad it was for me. They used the built in sound through the screen to use this. So if you want to do anything that requires you listening to the music on the watch talking on a phone conversation, you need to pair bluetooth to the watch, which is also tied to your phone. So why not just tie bluetooth to the phone like what’s, the purpose of the watch? Besides of notifications at this point, this watch has a lot of potential. I just think developers programmers people who work on this watch just need to wear it for a while.

You have all of the screen real estate and all the things you could do with this watch faces are nice. When i started really getting into this, i was like awesome. Some nice watch faces, but the only one i could find with like real animation to it was the one that i’m using and all, but one are in 24 hour format. I have the global version of this watch. I like 12 hours, even if you don’t, put, am and pm just use 12 hour format. Heart rate, monitor, works fairly, good scrolling messages across the watch are neat but again it’s. Another gimmicky kind of deal. Compass i’m, not gon na use i’m, not in girl scouts anymore, find my phone okay. I saw a lot of complaints on the kickstarter app where people purchased this one. Most of the complaints about this watch is that people struggle to get it to pair via bluetooth. To bluetooth headphones, they said there are no directions, no instructions. None of that i called my work desk and i had to hold the watch up to my ear literally like this to hear my voicemail from work speaker’s there, but it’s so light that you won’t hear it. Vibration is very light, i’m thinking. If you’re in the right environment, you could get a call or an alert, and you wouldn’t get it. When somebody calls my phone it vibrates once i mean it’s, it’s, laughable, it’s, so sad that i look at this watch and see how gorgeous it is and i’m like wow it’s, a great looking watch but it’s not really functional.

This is android on android and it’s. Not much of a perk to have it on an android device over having it on ios. I did find out how to go back and look at previous text messages. That’S kind of nice. I didn’t think you could do that. Originally you can log workouts, but after that day they’re gone transferring music. Maybe i’ll do some of that live um, because i couldn’t get ios to transfer music to this watch and for a song so now it’s importing my ringtones. This is the test to show you how low the volume is on this thing without me having to call somebody after trying this a couple times, it’s crashing every time before it gets the music over, so that’s a no go and isn’t that funny, with all the Errors i got, they came through see. It says i need bluetooth, so it won’t even play out on the speaker. Another fail. After all, the trials and tribulations i’ve been through with this watch. It wouldn’t be a watch that i would recommend to anybody. I bought this watch from somebody who previously used it i’m, not opposed to using used electronics, but some people are my last nubia. Alpha watch got a couple updates, but they did not improve the user experience and i don’t expect this one to either i’m disappointed. Hopefully they will fix the issues that they have with their watch and move on i’m, not sure if i’d stick my neck out there to get another one unless it fell in my lap, like this one did for a relatively cheap price.

This watch was cheaper than my nubia alpha and it functions better between the two watches i bought both from nuvia, i probably paid for one. So i got a really good deal on both, but at the end of the day, they’re conversation pieces and nothing more it’s. Like going out with a dumb guy who looks good, you can’t have a conversation with him, but he’s good to have. You know, he’s a trophy guy on your arm, thanks for dropping by and checking out this video. I hope you enjoyed it. I’M. Sorry for the delay on it, i really didn’t know how i wanted to address it. I wanted to explain to you that i’ve owned the previous generation of this watch might have taken a step or two back. I wish this watch could be better check.