Smart watch so you’re getting from there it’s notification and there you go Music it’s, my friend, stupid yep and you can say anything show me some pictures of emma watson. You get the pictures of emma watson if you like one photo like like this, you go to this click this and then you can see it from your phone, so you can ask for the weather. What is the temperature right now? It’S, 25 and yeah? The wind is 27 kilometers per hour and 1 pm it’s 35 degrees. 12 am it’s. 19 degrees tomorrow is raining. Yeah three days is raining it’s pretty good because of australia. We all have bushfires and everything it’s pretty good and you can change their clock face as well. There you go so this is the app that you have in you. Can you can download any app? You want check this out. This is the coolest thing all right. I’M, not connecting my bluetooth, you can see i’m, not connecting my bluetooth, but this connects to the wi fi at home. So go to this and find my phone Music see it’s ringing. So you can do those that kinds as well. You can measure your brightness. You can breathe with fit i’ll show you how to do it. Google fit this week, okay, it’s a breathing test. You can do it from yourself as well. You have the flashlight as well for at night it’s very useful, because this is very bright at night.

You have google pay and you go to the you go to the shop and you buy something, and then you tap the watch like this and then you pay google still it has google store as well. Yep yep my apps go to my apps. I just download the face watch yep. This is the one i installed, so those are the screenshots of that one. So you can put this there’s, this it’s, really good cool right, it’s, all pretty good i’m, not sure from my mobile. So i can choose. You have to download the google os thingy, you know this is the one google eyes. So then you can change any face. Watch face that you want see. Can you can download as well? If you, if you download the apps to this, and then you can use it from your device as well so yeah so yeah, those are the screenshots and say watch face and there you go. This is your watch face and if you don’t want that you can delete it, delete that as well, go to google store and then uninstall and use it uninstall. The app it’s uninstalling yep it’s uninstalled, now get yo yo, which face one and you press hold and you’ll get that, and you can choose watch faces from here as well. You can choose any from here anything you want. Let’S click. This see it’s one six it’s very nice here yeah and you can put an alarm.

You can put adding agendas and you can access your contacts because hardware, if it workout and wash timer because of the covet it’s a good thing, reminders settings spotify, you can. Can you can play music as well? So if you go to settings and display you have the auto brightness options available in this one i just just just brightness and there you go just the brightness as well in here all the screen on touch lock and front apps and notifications. You can change anything that you want the vibration pattern, it’s long or normal and Music gestures yep the case just that when you, where you watch like this and when you do this and it’ll automatically awake that’s. What deal to awake touch to work guest is mine tips from the mobile accessibility, the magnification gesture that you have in here in general, i can show you show understand.launch the media control automatically and this storage. This is the most valuable thing the google play store it’s around 50 megabytes. The google play service is around 45 megabytes. These are the spotify’s 2.01 megabytes yep. So those are the things apps that has stored in here. It has google translate as well the system the battery is 63 percent, the batteries for the day, it’s good, the date and time you can power off disconnect and reset the regul regulator, information, and you have to read a lot in here. Those are the regulations, so you can you have you can read this one.

You know so it’s, pretty it’s, pretty smooth, see really smooth yep. So that’s about the watch.