An elegant piece of ingenuity that puts the main smart features. You need into a smartwatch that may clip out some of the bells and whistles of a more pricey smartwatch, but has a lot of what a general user may require all for a measly 30 pounds. So do stick around, as i plan to a giveaway of one of these watches to you truly awesome viewers that ill discuss in just a moment. It is uh 12, 43 in the new year. As of recording this video, so a very happy new year to all you awesome individuals and a huge thank you for all the support and im glad a lot of you have been finding my videos useful. So today i hope to give back with my first ever giveaway, so do bear with me on this and in the meantime, if you havent already, please do subscribe, jump on the randle wagon for more awesome tech tips, reviews and giveaways. Okay, so diving right into the unboxing, so we can see that the box details some of the main specs on the back with a nice simplistic design going across the top of the box. So ive come to a beautiful location to drop you guys, the unboxing of the watch. When opening the box up, we are greeted with an instruction manual after which the watch directly with a nice protective film. Take note that i did replace the original strap with the one of kit way on amazon that i did a review on in a previous video that i would definitely recommend you check out if looking for a new strap for whatever smartwatch behind this tab here.

Well find the manual along with the charger that is about it from the outside, so first impressions its an elegant and premium design that i cannot fault in any way. The amount of compliments i received while rocking this watch much more so than my galaxy watch for the flawless curvature of the screen and the flush appearance of of the bezel clearly signifies a premium device. It has somewhat of a galaxy active style. Look with the addition of a very satisfying crown, so the display on this watch is equipped with a super bright amoled display with a resolution of 420 by 420, its 1.35 inches large, which i found more than adequate for viewing, despite a being a large display, it Pose no problem for my 6.7 inch wrists and i believe the doming shape has a lot to do with that. A lot of battery will be saved because the display only switches, the pixels on that it requires. As you can see, a lot of the screen is turned off here, which would save you a lot of battery navigating the watch is simple enough. The crown and the button here have the same functions when pressed the only difference being the crown rotates for scroll and zoom and other features beyond what a simple back button can do in terms of durability. I have taken this watch on many explorations hikes, rainy weather and harsh climates. It held up very well. I dont think i can point out a single scratch.

I can personally vouch for a light water resistance with shock resistance. I am unsure what the certification for this watch is, however, so while it is a good safeguard to have im not sure about taking it for a swim just yet in terms of functions and features, the watch is equipped with many watch faces, and here we have Many features like the music calories, weather, mets and more components such as heart rate and blood pressure, sleep tracking and all sorts, so many features to go through in terms of the left side. You have a shortcut menu to most recent apps, i guess, or simply all the apps that are relevant in the bottom. Youve got your message bar that will appear from your phone and, if you press the crown here, you have the apps first being the information. Second, being blood pressure, then youve got a breathing exercise, brightness calculator alipay for those who support it, a heart rate monitor and thats the pressure and the settings ill just go through here. You can see all the settings that there is and heres the spo2 the oxygen saturation monitor Music, so yeah and heres just a nice view of the place im in at the moment. Truly wonderful and 98 is my reading. So so the app displays loads of features such as steps, blood pressure measurement, spo2 measurements, heart rate, sleep, weight, sports record, fatigue, effective activity in this app. There is also the option in devices to change your watch face so going on to the watch face were introduced with the most annoying feature of this app that is ads, so youd have to become a vip member to turn the ads off.

Otherwise, youre left with about 10 seconds of each ads that comes up spontaneously, i think its a bit of a nuisance, but youre only paying about 30 pounds. Now, if we take a look here, if you scroll all the way down and click on custom screen saver and click edit, as you can see, we can install our own image. So, as you can see with the installation, complete weve got the got the picture in full crisp hd. As the background on the watch and the camera does not do it justice. It is really crisp and clear this image in real life. So in terms of exercises theres four exercises: this app can track and thats running, walking, cycling and climbing. Now the gps that the app uses, i guess, is based off the phone. I dont think theres a gps tracker within the actual watch, but we can simply click on cycle or even from the watch. We can click on the cycle app and simply stop cycling and ive cycled quite far distances. It recorded just fine im, not sure why its zero on the app at the moment, perhaps because i havent cycled in a very long time it hasnt synced, but essentially i will check it out a bit further after this uh videos posted. So i might use another video specifically on the exercise features if i see that its anything ive said is not particularly accurate, so yeah um. Those are the four exercises youre going for its quite simple and just to the point: theres, no extra gym features or anything of that sort.

So now we have the watches trump card, that is the battery life. This thing goes from my testing over two weeks. Two weeks per charge, and that is with moderate to heavy usage, i was astonished to find that the galaxy watch 4 with a similar setting, as this watch will last about two to three days. That is with turning off all the extra sensors that the galaxy watch has over this watch. That makes the watch far more suitable for those long expeditions wherein a charger may not always be at hand. For this reason, i will find this watch on my wrist on many occasions and many tricks where i dont have a charger or simply would rather not have to charge my watch every 10 seconds or two days, if were being technically accurate. The charging method is pretty simple: you have the charger its connected via a usb port, and the watch simply sits on with these two pins and its magnetic. So, after that, it should start charging simple, as that so overall im very happy with the smartwatch, and i would definitely go as far as to recommend it to you guys it has a lot going for it and especially that killer battery life there you have it Ill probably put a video of the original strap for you guys to take a look at, but essentially thats what you have, and you know this is really comfortable im able to do daily activities such as writing.

While i usually keep my watch on my left ill show you guys what its like, and for you guys to get a better understanding. I tried writing with the watch on my right hand and studying long sessions, and it worked perfectly fine. It was very comfortable. Would highly recommend – and now, with this watch on my wrist ill, just describe what you need to do for the giveaway? If it is the case that you want to buy this watch before the giveaway finishes, then feel free to go ahead and do so because i will simply reimburse whatever you spend on the watch. So it would be essentially as though youve won it so guys. Now. For the giveaway again bear with me as its my first giveaway, but your entry will be simply making sure youre subscribed and here the bell notification icon for future videos that are uploaded and drop. A comment in the comment section below and it can be anything anything – is an entry and uh yeah. So i hope you win so the winner for the giveaway will be drawn somewhere around when i do reach 1000 subs as thats. What you guys have voted for that i shouldnt do the giveaway before, but i should reach the milestone first. So thank you guys for voting and i will soon release the video in which i announced the winner of this lovely watch.