At smart watch ticks comm. I was gon na hold off on talking about these until early next year, but they are so cool and it's the holiday buying season, when this is being recorded, that I just want to show them to you get the ball started in case they're of interest. For you to buy for yourself or a gift, what I've got are two boxes here, an O two ring and a pulse bit ex. They come to us from well, you wel L, you eat! Well, you and these two products working together, give you a whole bunch of information. First of all, the ring is an oxygen monitor. It uses the red diode technology and just like the SPO VN blade, which is the one I have on here. Fitness watch, which uses red diodes it can give you deep detailed information about sleep, apnea, hypoxia, all those kind of things and includes a vibration unit in here that will literally vibrate on your thumb or finger wherever you wear it. If you sleep with it, if you go into that condition, amazing absolutely amazing. The other one is an actual screen. Ecg monitor that you can use quickly in a similar way that you use the electrode here and the two electrodes on the back to take a quick EKG chart. But, unlike a lot of these bands that don't show it, you have to look at it on the phone that you're tethered to this little unit shows it to you right on the screen records it.

You can play it back right on the screen and, of course, you can transfer it to an app to a PC to your doctor wherever you'd like to go so these two products together from well. You are what we're talking about right now, if that's of interest to you keep watching here, we go let's dive into this pulse bit e X device. It comes in a nice box with a sleeve on top and then a really fun way to try to open this puzzle up. I finally figured out you lift the front lid it's magnetic when you do. Inside there we go. We'Ve got the actual device itself in its own little plastic bag, sweet small, but a nice large screen it's got a charging. Port here looks like a back plate here, a side plate here, a front plate here, all kinds of goodies up down arrow and an onoff button inside the box. We also have the one year warranty folks, these guys are the actual distributors of this unit in the buying links down below that's who you'll be buying from directly from well you, you got great customer support directly on all of these products, so, unlike picking up a Smartwatch or something, although the SPO vien blade, this one also comes directly from the people involved, which is Jason in China, but most of the other things you buy from these different retailers they're a third party. These guys are first party people and they'll work with you directly, so faster shipping and quicker response to your questions got a quick guide in here you're gon na look at that now, because the rest of the box is filled with stuff to go through again service Information and their direct website it's a personal ECG tracker.

You hear me use ECG and EKG interchangeably and they are electrocardiograph and the k is a kind of the german way of saying it. There'S, a disclaimer that it's not a medical device and shouldn't be used for medical purposes, just like the fitness bands that have these ECG readers in them. It hasn't been totally verified to be accurate, however, suggest you use it see how well it works share it with your doctor, but don't you know, rely on it like. If this were one of those big 12 lead things in a hospital unpacking. This is what's inside the main you it how you charge it, you can connect it to a port of a PC or any USB thing power it on and then there's different settings, and the first thing you want to do is decide if you're, using it alone Or setting it up for dual user do that before you begin anything with it of course charge it first thing and then you're gon na be able to check it in a variety of ways: there's two different modes lead one lead mode and to lead mode. Here. Okay, this one in the palm and this one you can do touching just above your knee, it looks like, then you have also external checks using supplied cables. You can do either the left or right wrist or these spots on your body, and you want to make sure you have moist skin good contact and keep as still as possible for the best results.

It has reusable electrodes. It explains about them right here and where to purchase more, you can understand your results, here's the heart rate and remember it is now being derived from the ECG and it has its range of 60 to 100. In this thing – and it tells you about your ECG test records, the regular heartbeat and anything abnormal is reported as irregular it's, not gon na try and diagnose a fib from something else, but it will show you that it is picking up irregular beat, which could be From movement, or it could be a heart condition, but it's something to flag for you to take more closer. Look at you can review your history results with it and, of course, when you transfer it to the PC using this PC software, you can get it there or, as we will do, you can look at it on the app by health and from there you can Send a copy of it out, you know to email or whatever you like: okay, that's, the quick guide so inside the box, the rest of the stuff is that infamous PC wire. This is just a standard one, but it's not it's the mini, not the micro. This the technology we had from a while ago, so hopefully you still have one of these around and, of course, it's gon na come with this one to plug it in plug it in charge. It up. You get up like two thousand readings on a fully charged battery, so I don't know once a year he charge it.

Oh, my goodness it holds it holds it for a long time. Lots and lots of these little pads in here. This is where you can there's two per package: that's, where you snap the electrodes and then stick them at the appropriate places on your body that you saw in the diagram and you'll see it also on the screen here, and then these are the actual wire electrodes That you plug into the same charging port right and these snap into these, and then that is what's attached to your body. So you're really getting close to a at least a two lead ECG directly from a consumer device, and you got a nice little felt pouch that comes with it to carry this along in your pocket. If you want to it's small enough that, if that's important for you to check your heart with, you, have irregular issues and be able to do it on the fly, you can do it right here. So I'm gon na be doing a few different little tests. For you and then we're gon na do some comparison analysis. Okay. Now, as I turn it on, I want you to notice the ring I have on my finger. We reviewed this one, the aura ring and I'd like you to know that these two make a wonderful collaborative partnership. This fills in the one thing this one doesn't really do, and so in a minute I'm gon na talk to you about how you can use these things together to actually improve your health, but first let's turn this on.

The on button is right here, press and hold it's, giving you a welcome screen and it lights right up and it's. Currently, in a mode for health check of two people – yep, you can code two of us in here and when you go into settings you see all these other things. You can tie it to bluetooth for transferring the data to your phone. You can set up the connection through the port to your PC for transferring the data. You can specify the ECG as 30 seconds 60 seconds or five minutes. If you're using the external cables they figure you can't sit still for five minutes and they're, probably right. It will go to that, but you do need to be an external node, so we're gon na do 30 seconds. User mode is dual or touch it and you go single and then you have a brightness control and that's the lowest dim level. And, of course, you can set it to a brightness, that's gon na work. Well, for you in here, I think that's, probably it one more full up was just too bright let's work for there and see how that goes voice. I haven't figured out, and I haven't heard feedback yet about what it's for, but I can turn it on and off, but it doesn't necessarily do anything date and time is where you set those parameters. You can erase everything. Do a full factory reset check for software update and get about, which is your application version and the serial number of this particular device? This is the back button.

It takes you all the way back to home, so we're set up for two users. I'M gon na be user, a and I'm going to show you. Your options are five different things and we're going to go kind of backwards. There'S lead one here where you touch to your palm lead to here, where you touch just to the left of your navel and lead to over here same lead to concept, but you touch just to the left of your inner thigh above your knee on your. It looks like left leg and then a chest lead where you actually touch it, underneath your breast line and finally external when you press here it switches you away from the electrodes and on to the port, where you plug in the wires let's go over. This lead. One you have three electrodes on here: one is here: one is directly behind it and the other one is over on the side and as usual, with the bands that you have on you'll have two electrodes in one electrode or one electrode, and two electrodes, depending but You'Re always touching two on one side of the body and one on the other, so same difference here, we're going to put thumb on this button and our finger on this one or you can hold it like this and touch the side of your finger whatever you Do try to make sure these are moist yeah, depending on how sanitary you are.

You could just kind of lick your thumb and rub it right here and then grab it or you know rub it on a glass of water, that's been sweating or bored under the sink or whatever get get it wet and whatever this is going to be touching. Should be moist as well you'll get the best results I'm going to show you quickly the easiest one. This is the one I do all the time lead one press and hold and press it and now you're in the mode it's not doing anything until you actually make contact so a little lick. It hold it. Okay, I'm, just gon na hold it like this, and there there there there okay got it nice and moist I'm gon na touch it right. Here you ready go first of all, it says, stay still and it rotates around for a moment while it captures the beginning of the ECG chart and there you go it's, taking a live color ECG recorded on the string on the screen for 30 seconds it's. Also, assessing the distance between the p wave they're that tall peak and giving you a heart rate, the average heart rate over the 30 second test and in the end, which will happen in two seconds, it's going to hold onto that analyze it and tell you it's. Regular or irregular, as we mentioned before and irregular, is any of the other conditions that are other than regular it's saying that the heart rate was 80 beats per minute and I can play it back.

I can get information that says what a regular heartbeat pattern basically is: irregular, fast and slow heart rates or signal and unable to record. These are all the different kind of conditions you can have that ever changes that's. Just your overall information and the round arrow takes you back here, so you could do it again. Touching here brings you back to the home screen, and history is where you have the list of all the things that you've done, and then you got up and down arrows to look at more of them. If you have more so here's the ones that I've done, this is the very first one that was using the same test that we just completed here. You go see the little white arrows they're, showing you kind of an average peak thing and then here's the the chart coming through now. In all honesty, I wasn't too sure about how to do this, so I was holding it like this. I think yeah and because I could brace it right there and then touched my hand like this, so I wasn't making contact with that back electrode. So it may have more information than what's being shown here. When I show you the next one, which is the one we just took for comparison here, we go I'm seeing some more detail. It looks like again I'm not trained on any of this, so all I can do is say you're supposed to hold these leads and it looks like you're supposed to hold these two together and the next one will hold them with fingertips.

So you get that whole thing and then the second one, if you recall, when we go in here, the level two knew I didn't do I didn't do that one, but I did do the the chest lead and the leg lead. I tried, though, so the next one, I believe is the leg lead and that gave us a chart that looks different. The peaks are going more down, um, the p wave or whatever so it's it's it's, getting the electricity pattern running through it in a different way, and then the other one looked like this, and I think I think this was the leg one and it was so Far away from the heart that the the signal is really relatively small and they say when you're getting a weak signal, it's not too strong, that the best thing to do is to plug in the external leads and use those. And if you do that, and you come back here and go to external, it shows you the two places you could put it now, it's overly right isn't. It hang on one second we're gon na go to settings to brightness and I'm gon na dim it down to right there and then I'm gon na come back and do it now. You can see it clearly. You can connect them to the inside of your wrists or they're recommending your left point just above your navel and the right point, just inside your shoulder and that's across your heart and those are the recommended spots to get good ECG readings using the overall electrodes Wow Heart rate check B is when you have another person and you can set it up for them and then they'll have their own history and information too, and overall settings are available.

Okay. Now I want to show you how we can tether this wonderful little ECG device to your Android phone using the app VI, vai health we're gon na turn, this on we're gon na load up the app it has offline mode or it's searching. We got to go into settings Bluetooth and now all of a sudden it's activated Bluetooth within the module and it's scanning here on the phone there. It is now because I've already done it once it knows that it's there and it's gon na go ahead and attempt to connect it directly. Here we go spinning connecting and now it's transferring over the newest recordings that we've done directly from the device to the phone. Once they're all in the phone, then you have access to them to an ALICE, analyze them and work with them from there. This just simply stays in this Bluetooth mode. Until it's done when it's completed, you can basically turn the module off and there we go. Everything is transferred turn that off if we want to power off and now here's all of my new readings, so let's go to one of these longer ones right here, okay, aha see this was the lead that was touching on my inner leg and that's. The ECG chart, oh, you, can actually touch it and make it larger. It amplifies that there's a smallest and then more amplified. If you want to see the finer detail, but of course it exaggerated sever ething and you have the ability to hit that button and export it as a PDF you go back here is the current one: okay and that's, with a lead one on the hand and Back here again come in here, that was the chest lead, and this is the one that has the spikes coming down.

So all the data that you see on here is transferable directly to charts here on the phone and exportable as well. What I wanted to talk about with this ring is the fact that aura has just now added a new thing called moments. Moments is a way that you can use the tethering app and go into a state of meditation, mindfulness and it's setup with music different soundtracks. For calming you can specify different lengths for a period of relaxation to last. Here was yesterday talks about moment down here. I did a moment. It was a rest. I set for 10 minutes during that period. Now my heart rate shifted and hit a point of 60 where it compared it with my nighttime baseline of 53 it's relatively relaxed. When I did this and it came down a bit, then when I moved around, it went back up so it's good to like set a time thing and let it end and you don't have to get up and touch the device. Otherwise it might. The last part you can kind of ignore. So if you look at this part, the heart rate went down. This was impressive: the heart rate variability, which is better if it's higher that's when you're less stressed the lower the number. The more stressed you are look at it started down below 25 here and it climbed all the way up to about 30, where it says and that's a little more stress than my nighttime baseline of 42 milliseconds heart rate variability by the way baseline is computed after You'Ve used it for a week or two or longer, and it continues to refine your baseline heart rate and breath and heart rate variability all of that kind of stuff.

But now that we have moments – and we can actually execute a moment by coming in here here – we go moment – you can have a presence to to bring yourself to the present moment going into a restful period. I do your back body status analysis, so I'm, just gon na do an unguided session for a duration of five minutes and when you do it for a short period of time, you don't seem us just your heart rate, but it takes at least three minutes to Get your average HRV five minutes to get your trend in both of these and longer is better. I can go with an open, ended session, say done, choose whatever music and whatnot you want and give it a start. Now, when it's beginning its tied to the ring automatically Bluetooth right, so it's going to be monitoring where you're starting from and where you're going to end and since its unlimited, I literally have to touch the in session to finish it. But while you're doing that, what you could also do with this one is go into a heart rate check level, one or whatever level you want. If you're lying down or sitting up press and hold it check and stay still and get a reading of your ECG. If you want to do that at the very beginning, get a 30 minute ECG just before you start the time on your aura ring and then check it again.

Afterwards. You'Ll have two charts side by side with a representative heart rate on the ECG computed from the P wave difference measurement, which is totally different than heart wave done through the photodiode, which is happening within the ring on your hand or something on your wrist and and See how they all compare and analyze everything together, so the aura ring which again, if it's holidays, seizing time you're gon na, be able to pick it up in a nice deep discount, probably the deepest discount available right at this time of the year. If you're watching this on Cyber Monday, Black Friday timeframe, you can get to it from aura ring calm, slash partners, slash mr. tix. That helps me out. If you use that link to go through and purchase your ring and same pricing, it should be for you or our ring comm, slash partners, slash mr. tix. Take you there pick up the aura ring in the size that you want and now about that comparison with the stove and blade which does ECG readings in it. We'Re gon na set it up. I'Ve turned it to the inside of the wrist which really isn't, where it's supposed to be out here, but it's. The only way I can get to holding this on here with these two touched and then my little finger connecting here so that I make the circuit follow me. This will show that would show I'm going to move that right up to the corner.

So let's do this I'm gon na go into more I'm gon na set up for an ECG test, I'm gon na be touching here and here and coming into here, so I'm gon na start. This start this touch this and go into level one and touch this here and if everything goes well, ignore the first few seconds because that's just getting calibrated and another thing, whoops I'm, just slipping off of the band. Another thing is the SPO fan blade transferring it over it's a little bit of a delay getting there yeah it's, looking noisy it's, not a solid signal. Gon na lick, my little finger press that back there again lost its signal, see if they can come together. Okay, finally, we're starting to get some signal between the two of them. Just to give you a comparison idea, they both look like heart rates. They both look, kinda noisy, not a practical thing to do. The real practical thing would be to set up the the brand new pulse bit ex with the the actual wires right and wire it up to my chest or my wrists, or something and then have my hands free to test here. But you can see oops. I stopped it's still going, you can see it's actually able to get readings from both of them, but it's not really practical to do it this way, but that's something I'm hoping to perfect next year when we get new devices that have ECG built in them is To be able to use this as the baseline standard to be able to assess whether or not the devices we've got are producing what looks like legitimate ECG charts and that the heart rate values are pretty close to matching up well there you go again couple of Really fun health products coming to us from well, you, our newest partner, their advanced, sophisticated devices, a ring, the o2 ring which monitors your blood oxygen and will vibrate to let you know if it falls during the night, helps you with snoring sleep apnea, you name it Also, parameters on high or low heart rate that will monitor that and vibrate for you as well and over here we've got the pulse pit ex, showing you in playback of an ECG chart that we did in this review, and this thing is awesome.

You'Ve got electrodes that you can touch and do it right from your hand, your leg, your chest just about anywhere or you can plug in leads and actually attach it to your body like a regular ECG, is bringing these to us.