99 in amazon. I ordered it yesterday night and it got delivered to me today so let’s get started. Uh, the the packaging is very good and the it has the picture of the watch at the front. It is very, it looks very nice and decent, so if i turn it around, it has the list of features such as step parameter, which tracks the number of your steps calculates the distance and calories bent, and it has. It also has a sleep, monitor, l, sms alert, heart rate, monitor and screen end screen display of 1.3 inch. There is nothing else on the box, so let’s open it now, if you see it just slides through here and there’s, a second box, if i open it so inside the box there’s that note saying happy, not happy, and it has some details over here: i’m. Just going to keep this aside and now there’s the usual user manual, just like, with with five different languages, i’m gon na keep that aside and and there’s the instruction manual for how to charge the uh smartwatch. Now, if i see here if i just open this Music, so there’s a charging cable and if i go to the actual watch it’s hard to get out, hey look it’s got a plastic strap on it, there’s. Nothing else actually there’s nothing else, and so, if i open this, so i just need to get this plastic strap sorry. So if i, if you see now there’s the tab which opens to for the real screen i’m just gon na, take it off and put it aside, you can see this is the watch and it’s nice and tidy.

As you see, this is the heart rate monitor, and this is the screen there’s a button over here, and so we got the watch here and if we press this button over here, it’ll switch on the screen. As you can see, this is the dial which you can change by long pressing the screen. Now you can switch between different screen pictures, for example. You can also change this in settings. If you go here, you can still set it like this um let’s. Look at the different features in this watch so there’s this sport, where you can like look at different sports and if you like, press one of these, such as spinning the heart rate, monitor, will switch on and it will time how long your workout is. It’Ll say what your heart rate is and how many calories you’ve burned. If you scroll again, you can see the music controller which you can like switch on. Let’S get out of this uh there’s, the heart rate monitor uh, which will monitor your heart rate. There’S relax. You can set how long you want it one minute or two minute, i’ll put in one and it’ll say inhale and exhale, and you just need to follow it and it’ll help you relax. So you can connect your watch to the phone uh. To do this. You need to go to google play, store and download this app called very fit pro i’ve already downloaded it uh.

So let me open this. As you can see, this is the home page and, as i’ve already connected my watch to the phone, it shows the step counter and how many steps i did. You can also see the sleep monitor and the heart rate monitor um. If you look at the details, it’ll actually show like the weekly reports, like heart rate and activities. The most important feature in this app is the device menu. This is where you can control most of the features of the watch. So if you look at this, one call alert you can like. If you enable this feature, it’ll send a notification to your watch whenever someone’s calling you you can also set the time it alerts. You like alert after three seconds is the minimum one, but you can also put it like 18 or 30 min 30 seconds uh. You also have the alarm alert. You can say your alarms and this for different activities like for waking up to go to sleep, medication, etc. One of my favorite features in this app is that you can set alerts for your social media apps such as facebook, whatsapp and instagram. When you enable this feature, for example, for whatsapp, you will instantly get a notification in your smartwatch once you enable this feature, for example, for whatsapp. Whenever you get a notification in your phone, you will automatically get the notification in your watch as well, so that you can directly read it in your smartwatch to look at the notifications.

You just need to swipe down on the dial, as you can see here when i click on this it’ll expand the message and then i can see the full message. I just want to show you some of the additional features of this watch when you swipe right. There are four icons here. One of these icons, which is the automatic heart tray, will automatically monitor your hard tray in regular intervals. This is the not disturb icon and when this is enabled all notifications will be off. This is another cool feature. If you don’t know where you’ve kept your phone, you can click. This icon, like this and it’ll, ring your phone so that you can find it so that’s all for today’s review on the willful smartwatch. I i really like this watch and i hope you enjoyed watching this video like share and subscribe this video.