Today we just have a quick announcement for you about a contest that's happening over in the tech community at full, android watches. This is the web address, they've set up,, win costpet prime 2, and all of the information of what's needed for you to compete to pick up one of the 10 brand spanking new not even made yet we just have artist pictures of it. Uh watches is going to be coming up. This fall so basically i'll show you what's got on the screen here. It'S competition time and you are being asked to create at least one or more customized watch faces it's not hard to do. You'Ll find, as you read through this, that there's resources down here, that you can download a program that you can actually create, watch faces on the fly and believe me, some of the most successful watch faces have been some of the most simple designs. So don't. Let uh not knowing much hold you back, give it a whirl head on in and try it out. I'Ve also got a series of workshops to teach you. The basics, behind coding, for android watches right here at just hit the playlist button. When you come in our front door and look for the android smartwatch design workshops, so what is the prime too? I know some of you are coming in here just to find out what the heck is. This i never heard of it before.

Okay, i got just some pictures here for you it's an android smart watch with a really big 2.2 inch screen at 480 by 480 display it's got four gigabytes of memory in it and 64 gigabytes of storage running full on android 10. No more of this messing around with android 7. it's using an octa core processor, and you see that thing at the top. That folks is a 16 megapixel rotating camera. Here is a drawing of what it's going to look like when it's forward facing, and all you do is push it like this, and it lays down pointing forward so it's both for taking outside shots and for doing video conferencing, the cospit prime 2. We will, of course, be talking about it, a lot here as it actually matures and comes to market, but this is an early heads up. You only have until september 27th, i believe, to put together your watch face submittal now. Not only do you get a chance to make one, but when you finish it and it's entered in the contest, it becomes part of cospet's portfolio of faces and your face will probably appear on multiple watches that they put out in the future. So win win for everybody, and especially for you, because you're finding out firsthand about the brand new cosmet prime 2 android 10 smart watch hitting the market real soon. By the way, have you subscribed yet that's the way you're going to find out very first one what's new when it actually gets here and uncle ticks, gives it a review thanks for watching gang and head on over there tinyurl.