com there's, a new kid on the block and this isn't it. This is the original lympho lem12, but there's a pro version coming that looks identical to this one. However, it's going to be equipped with a whole new processor, an mt6762 it's going to have. Are you ready, four gigabytes of ram and 64 full gigabytes of storage on the watch and even give comes with a little gift power bank and, of course, going to be running android 10, which we're all excited to look at? Why am i talking to you today? It isn't even here yet that's right, but there's a contest going on for only about a week over at These guys have got a couple of these lem12s to give away competition time again. This is directly from their post. Pablo 11 is the organizer and owner of the whole site and they're, giving away three look at that three lem 12 pro smart watches and the contest rules are pretty similar to the ones um that they just ran. Um recently that it's open for watched, uh face developers and if you're technically inclined you can come over, make sure you've created yourself an account. Follow these guidelines submit your contest submittals your watch faces for consideration. It tells you how to do it and you can be entered to win um to watch what the three of the different lem, 12s and there's, even some runner up discount vouchers that you can get them at a discount, so anyway, i'm not running the contest.

Here. This is just announcing that our our partners over there we're back and forth full android smartwatch, is the technical end of all of this and i'm. The guy, who does all of the uh reviews of these things. Cool we've got a wireless update available for the lem12 uh regular as well. That'S nice anyway, come here for the reviews come over here for the tech support and help of firmware troubleshooting, all that kind of stuff full and go in and get yourself started on. The contest to win one of three lem 12 pros just to be given away awesome.