Now. I have a piece of technology now i could go and hang out with the cool kids so with that we’re gon na see what this new technology smartwatch for android and ios from the which app has to offer you guys hey what’s up guys. Welcome back to my youtube channel, this is kjffjake signing in. I highly appreciate every single one you guys returning back to the channel with that’s it you guys are beautiful in a minute all right, guys today, i’m, actually back with a new app review. So this app here it is called wish. It is not like making a birthday with you guys so with that it is an app actually called wish. Let me show it to you guys, real quick, so there you go, that was the wish app logo. Once you click on it, it’s gon na give you all these pretty cool stuff. So the budget of this wish app is actually cheap, you’re, not gon na expend so much money on stuff. I am here today with a product review as well. So what i have here, i have purchased something from the wish app and by the way you can’t go wrong with this watch just actually costing 15 on the wish app and we’re gon na see. What could it do? This app is actually real. This is a smart watch, so since i have this boring watch, it is fancy but boring because it is, i have no type of new technology and you know what i want to do.

I want to feel upgraded. I want to feel so cool just having a smart watch in my wrist, something that could talk to me. I don’t even know if this could talk to me whatsoever, so what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na do the unboxing on the smartwatch from the wish, app and we’re gon na see if it actually works and with that first of all, how long did It take me to receive this watch once you place your order. You’Re gon na wait the longest you’re gon na wait is about more than a month or so. But the fact is that you are going to receive it, but you’re not going to receive it like any other packages that you order from ups amazon uh on track whatsoever. It is going to take forever for you to receive this package. Another downfall on the wish app is that i had order a black one and a white one came so remember. Wish is gon na, do whatever it wants, send it whenever it wants, is gon na write whenever it wants. So another thing was, they have sent me a gift, but the gift didn’t arrive. I do not know why, but the fact is that i’m just still continue to wait on that game. So with that we’re gon na see what this new technology smartwatch for android and ios from the wish app has to offer you guys. So with that let’s do the unboxing wow, so i finally opened the box and it smells like china or japan or korea.

I don’t know where that air is coming from, but hopefully that air does not have no covet inside but anyways. Let me show you what it comes with. We are moving on with this unboxing, so it comes with instructions on how to use a smart watch wow. It ripped already that’s crazy anyways. It comes in korean translated in english. It comes with the usb micro port. Usb should be to transfer files or charger – i suggest so with that and we’re. Finally, to the end of the box and the main event of this video is the smart watch, so it comes wrapped in a nice little plastic, so that’s pretty dope. It is right here in my hand, so now there is one thing to do is actually power, this bad boy on, and hopefully it works because i haven’t tried it yet, but we are going to turn it on together, wow, nice, all right, so we already finally Turned it on so the wish app. It is not lying their products actually work i’m, so excited i’m, so going crazy and nuts, because i really thought this wasn’t not gon na work. I really thought the wish app was fake, but you know what like check this out. It is right here in my hands and it is a color white, so i am gon na remove this expensive watch. That is right here just for luxury, but has no type of technology. Let’S check this out.

This is my old watch. We are going out with the old, even though it’s really really expensive. We are going in with a new smart watch. So with that, you guys look how fancy it is now. I have a piece of technology in my risk, you guys so now i feel updated. Now i could go and hang out with the cool kids. So with that, you guys, if you guys, have a smart watch, you guys could count me in because i already have mines too. With that you guys look check this out. We are going to go and do an overview on this smart watch and to see if the 15 from the wish app that it’s actually asking for it’s worth it. So daddy guys look, let’s, go and let’s check this bad boy out and let’s see what it has to offer. There goes one downfall, doesn’t talk back, it is 15 don’t forget it is not like 200 500 watch. So with that i see there’s nobody responding. So with that, you guys what i’m going to do next is i’m going to show you guys the apps and the nice little other things that it comes with, and it does with that i’m get the camera on the watch and we’re going to look at the Apps together, alright guys, so it is finally here this is a smart watch for android. It is compatible with the ios as well. So first of all, let’s check out the product of the watch.

It is hard resistant plastic which is pretty cool. It has a speaker in the side. It actually looks like it comes with a camera as well. This is the power button on and it doesn’t have any buttons on the side so with that we’re gon na power it on. So, as we open up the smartwatch you guys could see has the wrong time and it comes with the contact app and it comes with the phone dialer. As you guys could see remember, this smart watch is compatible with the sd card and actually with your sim card. If you take it to your provider, they could actually activate it. So we are going on to the next page. It actually comes with the bluetooth. It comes with the alarm, the watch and it comes with the anti loss, so if they steal it – and it comes with a bluetooth dialer right here, as you guys could see, it is kind of blurry due to my lighting. But the fact is that you are able to see what’s going on, so it actually comes with the bluetooth music, all log camera and calendar, so the camera is actually on, but due to my lighting, obviously i have the lighting in front of me that’s. What you’re? Actually, looking at my lighting actually works looks pretty cool um and it has a calendar so with that we’re going on to the next one, it has file manager we’re moving on to the next one.

It has a pedal, so the pedo actually is how many steps and laps you want to run and steps you have took in and throughout the day, and then i have a remote access for the camera and i have a profile and the settings you guys. So with that, we move on to the next page, and we have the sleep motion monitor. So you can sleep, see how you’re sleeping the sound recorder and the web browser and the audio player. So those are pretty nice little gadgets that we have in the app. Obviously, facebook, as you guys, could see it right here, facebook’s everywhere, you guys twitter’s everywhere, and the qr core readers everywhere and the wax app is everywhere. So all this is social media related there. All these apps are everywhere anything you buy, they have them, and this is right here is a reminder of to do whatsoever, and it comes with a famous calculator so with that that’s pretty much the apps that it comes with which it is pretty dope. Just for 15 can go wrong so now what we are going to do you guys, i want to show you guys the inside of it. So with that we’re going to remove the case from the back. This is a 3.7 volt battery, so it’s pretty pretty. Have a small voltage, we’re gon na remove the battery? This is what it looks like, and this is what i’m talking about.

So this right here is sim card and sd card of compatible. You guys, so you guys want to activate this smart watch and with that there goes the sim card right here and the sd card right here so for 15 it’s pretty dope, as you see so now, we’re going to turn it off and look what i say Powering off yes, says goodbye, so with that you guys that’s, all the apps that it comes with so for 15 can go wrong. Nice little plastic, pretty colorful i’m activated soon. So with that i’ll show you guys. How long does it last me? It is not water resistant, so do not jump in the water. If you purchase one of these, so anyways i’ll see you guys back in the setup all right guys. So there you go. That was the review on this smart watch. So you guys seen all the gadgets and all the cool stuff that it has and it comes with don’t forget that it is bluetooth compatible. You actually need an app as well from google play to actually connect the smart watch to your phone to receive and transfer your files and media whatsoever. It is a pretty cool gadget to have just for less than 15 dollars. Now, as i went back to the wish, app now it’s around dollars and ninety cents, so with that don’t miss out on this opportunity on going purchasing your smart watch, so you can feel cool as well.

You guys and and don’t spend so much money on a smart watch so with that we should already know that the wish app is actually real, but you’re, not gon na receive your products right on time, but it’s okay, be patient. Life is about being patient either way, so with that that’s pretty much it for today, you guys so with that. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed today’s video do not forget to catch up on the rest of my videos. I highly appreciate the support. Thank you so much and with that i’ll be back tomorrow with a new awesome. Video, so make sure you guys stay tuned, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button down below and with that you guys already know what time it is with my new watch.