Today we will be reviewing this new smart watch from wagata the wagotta w46 series. Six. We will also be comparing the smartwatch monitoring to a hospital grade monitor, but before we go into details, let us quickly go to regatta’s website link is under the description bugatta aimed to develop intelligent, wearable, cardiovascular monitoring products. They are currently on special with extra 10 off with free delivery to all countries. Their products are suited for all people, most specially to vulnerable adults, adults staying up late, adults with big hearts and all active adults who just wants to monitor their activities. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet please hit the subscribe button, hit the notification button as well so you’ll be updated with my upcoming videos. Okay, so this watch comes in a very simple packaging. This watch has a bluetooth 5.0, a battery of 280 milli amp hour, which can actually last for an entire week and a waterproofing of ip68 inside the package. It comes with the smart watch itself, the wagoda w46 series, 6 smartwatch, the wireless cable charger. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a wall plug and an instruction manual. Now this watch feels really sturdy and well built. It is made of titanium and ceramic, and the wristband is made of soft rubber, which is really comfortable and secure. Now, connecting this smartwatch to your smartphone, all you have to do is scan the qr code and download the app called, and after you downloaded the app you can just create an account and fill up all of the necessary details and click on the device icon at The bottom and wait for your phone to search your watch then wait for it to pair, and now you are good to go.

This app is very simple and straightforward. Its main page is your vital signs, monitoring, which is the primary function of this watch there. You can see your heart rate, ecg blood pressure and blood oxygenation level. You then can set which notification would you want to pair with your watch? You can also activate a drink reminder which is every two hours and set a watch face. It has a lot of designs to choose from now. Let us compare this watch monitoring to a hospital grade monitor, as you could see, the beats per minute is almost just the same and with blood oxygenation level, it is also pretty accurate with one percent margin. Now this watch really is a good heart rate and spo2 monitoring device. Considering that this is way cheaper than a super expensive life saving hospital monitoring machine with its race to wake settings, you can only set it to 2 seconds. I would prefer it to be a little faster, but it’s still, okay, it is still responsive enough, and the other thing i like about this watch is that it can. Last for more than a week of constant usage, i do have other smart watches and they don’t even last for a single day. I have been using this watch for more than a month now and i am really impressed so every time i put on my basketball shoes, my gym shoes, badminton shoes, hiking shoes, sneakers, thongs, foam, sweet socks and my work shoes.

I am always wearing this bugatta. W46 series. 6.. I hope you guys, like this review and don’t, forget to hit the like button subscribe and hit that notification bell as well. Thank you guys for watching keep smiling stay positive and i will see you again next time.