com it's, here guys, probably the most controversial android smartwatch of the year, of course, it's only the second week of january, the lem14 i'm working on it right now. What will be an extensive and some will declare exhaustive review is coming up, but first i got two apple. Looking watches for the apple lovers out there, we're gon na talk about them and get these guys a shot at your arm. They look, they smell, they scratch identical, but they are way different. One of them is the model w46 and we'll talk about the specs on it, the other one, the model w56 and who brings them to us. You heard it right say that with me sounds like something out of black panther doesn't. It let's take a look at them which one you want to start with. You got it the 56 wugata who got the w56 uh let's open it up wow. Both of these things were sealed completely, leading a healthy lifestyle. Okay, i like that sounds like it's in health and fitness. Can you see that guys that's a full on hologram wow? I love to collect these things when mastercard and visa first came out with them. I would cut them off the cards and, oh my gosh. I had a box full of them, they're, so much fun. Anything else on here, that's pretty much. It let's open the box really big box. So this one looks more like it's going to be presentation style.

You betcha shipping without the band on it, so you can put it on later it's a little chiclet sitting in a compartment all by itself got a little cover on it and peel that off, and here we go obviously i'm gon na need to put it together. For you looks like it's got the apple style of slide in bands here uh, so we will do that. But first let me tell you that wogata has their own website and their own presence and you can buy it directly, not for 400, not for 310. Do i sound like a good salesman, but for you special deal 89 90 that's a little bit more than the other one. Why you ask why well i'm about to tell you, bigger font, that's, why the specification on the wugata w56 smartwatch series, six it's using an mtk2502c uh processor with uh this size and a package size 50 grams aluminum alloy um silicon watch band same as the apple Original also has wireless charging. Really we didn't get that far into the box. Let'S do that down here, yeah there. It is just like on the other one: oh whoa, oh fun, i've got a little wow. Can you smell that wow? It smells so plastic. Ah wow that's a special little deal. It came with. I don't know why, but it's got a glove and there'll be a manual we'll. Look at once. We go over the specs. Where were we? We were talking about the wireless charger which it has.

It looks like it's interchangeable with the one for the w46 as well: uh certificates, black silver rose gold and blue and red as well. Some more colors memory look at that. A bit more memory, 256 megabytes 64 used by the os again same as the w46 one and three quarter inch 320 by 385 rectangular screen curved full touch: blah blah blah sms what's that email message: puss i'm out of air, the battery's larger 320 milliamp hour with One and a half to two days battery life what's different. I don't see anything different yet that's the dynamic 24 hour heart rate ecg, it says, step count. Calories, sitting, reminders, stand up, take a walk. 9 a.m to 9, 00 p.m. Automatically monitoring sleep? Okay, so this one's got sleep monitoring in at least for sure it's saying in the specs, the anti loss finds your phone stuff, remote control, phone, uh, bluetooth, music, um, support, bluetooth, whoa support, bluetooth, call answer and make call via bluetooth. Remember i told you the other one had thermometer. This one has got phone calling so that's kind of the big difference between the two but don't tell anybody. I told you, okay, this one's doing bluetooth, calling uh bluetooth three and four and that's because of the calling they use i'm, pretty sure bluetooth, three to support, bluetooth, call and bluetooth. Four, the lee version for tethering to the app or it could be vice versa. But the 46 used bluetooth 5, so i don't know what's going on alarm.

It'S got a calculator world clock stopwatch speaker of course, vibration and look at that. You can do the siri or the google thing right from the watch as well. So we got all these different languages supported and it says that the app this one uses is called m active all right, i'll, look at the book in english. If you please, there we go picture information, uh, user's manual, there's, the crown button and the on off button. Okay. So this is. I got the two button thing going for it uh and how you put the bands on there's the qr code yep for m active. So you can scan that and go and download it, but i highly recommend you download it from the google play store and in the show notes of this video i'll have a link for you that you can just click on and download. You know go right to the play store to download it it's much better. If you do that, because you got the latest version, that's been checked by google to make sure it's, clean and and no bugs or problems with it here's. Some more of the functions that come with this one and even a warranty card in uh this user's manual and that's it for the watonga w56. I got a little work on this one i'll be back when it's all put together. Tada here you go. Yep apple watches, uh type bands that are slide on here, in fact, it's exactly the same bands as the w46.

I hope you've seen the w46 review before this one, because i i really go into all of the apps there. We'Ll just do an overview on this. One slide down screen there, we go, okay, got it on the edge it's, the same thing. You got your connection to the app, which is a different app by the way information about the watch is shown here. You'Ve got the battery level alarms there's the qr code to download the uh the app for this particular one, which will show you shortly and, of course you can change the layout from smart style to the nine apps. We saw that before uh. Oh, you know what i got to show you, the the smart style on this one i'm, going to come back with the button down here now and come on over here and unlike the w46, the ww56 has control with the knob you can actually zoom in. I don't know if you can hear the sound too, but it's got sound on it as well. So as you move around you, if you like, you can zoom deeply into them or back away from them, which is kind of cool that's. A lot like the true apple watch, i guess um the nine app style, which makes it a little easier to run through everything. So i did sleep with this one. Last night i got some sleep time to show you on here. Wow came out 10 hours exactly huh, 658 and 302 interesting all right, that's, my sleep time.

We got the heart rate sensor on the back and it does the same thing. If you check the icon it's a little bit different between this one and the w46, but it pretty much is doing the same thing and in time it's going to give us our heart rate. I want to keep moving here. This is all of your walking running. Climbing exercise stuff and again you can get to that simply by swiping that way so same thing there. This is our qr code. Again, we saw from swiping the other direction, and this is a summary of your history of in this case walking and the basic data that it gives you. So you have your history of all your exercises there. This is your temperature and, if i tap on it and wait for a moment, see it's telling us its temperature, a recent one is rated here and um yeah it'll it'll eventually come up with the temperature in centigrade. This is our blood pressure, reading location, and this is an overall alarm. You can tap, it add, alarms to it. This is new. You don't have that on the 46. This is a calendar which shows you basically the calendar but it's, not editable it's, not edible editable. You can't go in and change it and put appointments and things on it. You'Ve got the music player. If your bluetooth connected to your phone, you can use this to play the music on uh that's on your phone, presumably through the speaker on the watch, because this does have that bluetooth connection capability for doing that and have a speaker in here as well.

This is for remote picture. Taking here is your um stopwatch, which we played that before, on the other one, you also can take um that's pause lap times there. We go there's one lap time two lap times and it'll just show you the last two, but you can scroll to see the rest of them and when you bail out of it it resets it we've got the calculator on this one, which is pretty nifty nice To have that on a a little smart watch, this is your place where you set the twist your wrist to see the time gesture and it's turned on. I believe in the 46 that's hidden in the settings section abc is where we change things, including languages and it's locked to my phone language, so i'm not going to be able to show you the available ones. Yeah, auto sync is on and so forth and then overall settings where we have our bluetooth settings for turning it on to tether to the wa phone rather back again over to settings here's, the clocks we'll show you that separately, a whole bunch of different watch faces Notification bright. That means it'll, notify you and light up the screen um. You can turn that on and off overall sounds that you've got now listen carefully again there did you hear that there's a few different tones that's at full volume. So i want you to hear that to get an idea of how loud the speaker is, because that's the same loudness that you would hear with a phone call which i'm not going to set it up and go through and demonstrate because it would just be a Regular phone call – and the only thing you could evaluate – is the loudness i've tested it.

The other person can hear me fine with the microphone the brightness and loudness on. This is a little soft it's, not really really great ringtones, for example. You hear that Music, okay yeah. I like that one we'll keep that one so that's all in here. Those are the sounds. The volume levels on all of these are set 666 maximum right now, and the display is where we can change the brightness to whatever you like, it's, really bright right now, that's at level six there's level one. I want you to be able to see that word. Okay, okay, is that about right? There i'll go there about level, four or so screen timeout you can set as short as five seconds and all the way up to 60, which is what i've got it for that's nice on this one. You don't have that same level of capability on the w46 kind of contrasting the two. You do get little subtle features on this one, but the big difference is having the speaker microphone, uh phone, calling, uh activation of siri or google. All of that capabilities on this one for the extra price but it's the same size overall display uh. We just went through reset and overall about for the watch which you use for connecting it. Its version for software updates and those kind of things so that's all in the settings and after settings we've got blood oxygen. We'Ve got ecg, which i'm going to show you in regard to the uh the app and then a sedentary reminder that you can put in here, for you know, it's a repetitive timer, basically to remind you when to stand up, and that is all of the apps.

In here these are the watch faces we've been on this nice fancy color one but check all of these out. We'Ve got another one that's similar with complications around the edges, but, as we talked about before, none of these are touchable. Oh whoa wait a minute. Whoa really they're touchable i'll be darn. Okay, well, they're, not touchable from what i could tell on the w46 on the w56. Does it go into the calendar? No all right, there's, our summary of our of our walking data? Oh interesting, all right! Well, there's, some of them are touchable, so that's fun. I didn't think it did that a few more different watch faces the earth here's a nice big fancy, color one that can show off the depth of all of the colors on this watch. Yeah really really nice. An edge to edge screen too jellyfish kind of thing, here's a different one, with a simulated graph on it, it's not going to be your actual graph, but it looks like it could show your heart rate on it. Your last one at least i don't think it's going to do it continuously another colorful one few more i mean they go on and on so you have a a great great selection of watch faces right here, built into the watch now, usually there's, not enough memory. In the watches to support all of this, but in this case there is look at that amazing wow that's, the date 07 by the way, um more and more and more and more wow there's a really interesting one with the moon it's, not full moon right now.

It'S, like a half, maybe a quarter so it's, not as far as i know, tracking with the moon. This could be right for the sun two in the afternoon uh. Maybe that goes with it. I don't know something you can play with when you get yours, yeah. Just tons of these uh faces i'm looking for the one with the big red x there. It is because i like to land on that one that's. What we landed on on the w46, see how many i had to go through and there's a few more before. Yeah anyway, lots of watch faces on it too, so um yeah, all in all, this puppy has got a lot going for it with some additional apps sedentary reminders and things like that. Of course, bluetooth, calling and it's a little bit more pricey let's. Take a look at the app now the app they want you to tether with is called m active downloaded from the google play store. You just jump right into it, no login or anything, and you get to this page where it's, showing you your step, count distance. Traveled and all of that stuff, unfortunately it's not translating over from our most recent update, you hit that wheel, which is really hard to hit just right and it'll it'll, go and see if there's, any new data to bring over for you, we've got uh, ecg and Temperature um heart rate blood pressure, last night's, sleep time, overall activities and blood oxygen and you notice some of them are filled in and some of them aren't.

This does not have that one button simple thing to do to remotely measure. In fact, this doesn't have the ability to measure any of this stuff temperature. It shows you what your last temperature was. All of these blood pressure same thing, there's, not a button to activate it. Here'S systolic, complete yeah setup succeeded, oh that's, where you can put in your uh your baseline measurements, so it can compute based on that lots of different things there, but unfortunately you have to activate each and every one of these things directly from the watch. So, even though it has calling capability, the w46 has that one button simple easy thing to take all of the readings except ecg and temperature, all at once for ecg and temperature. Of course, you have to um activate it from within the watch itself on this one. I think there's a button you can active, activate it remotely on the other one let's get to that ecg stuff. Here we go and it's sad to report that we have now another app start survey come on you, another app that's, giving you a hundred percent simulated chart. This is not real. If this were real, i would have to be touching this, and you would see changes happening on there. In fact, i can take it off and flying it around in the air and it's still going to be giving you this chart and supposedly measuring ecg. So, for both the w46 and 56, you are not going to want to rely on this for ecg at all.

This is somebody else's chart when you look at them um, they all look identical and when it's finally done it's giving you a measurement see it didn't get my heart rate, because i took it off and messed around with it. But it'll give you a date. A measuring time, a heart rate based supposedly on ecg, although there is no electrical third line connecting it. I wouldn't trust any of this stuff, and this is totally bogus. This chart that's running here, it's just an animation, no good on that we've got temperature in centigrade. I don't know that i can change it for you to um to anything else. When you get into things like sport, you're getting you know, you can run a a or do a walk or a run or something with the gps. In your phone from here you get into device and you don't have much flexibility. You can just unbind it. You can find your device which it's uh supposedly going to do there. It goes it took a little one. Can you hear that that's how loud the phone would be? I mean the phone call would be on the watch. Okay, notifications, you can set those things up, but you can't set up a lot of things like units and all the other stuff. You can define user with the height and weight and stuff set your goals and then an overall about for the m active app, but it's really really lame.

Actually, this is a pretty lame app but it's the one that's used with this watch. There'S no phone call support set up from here. To do the phone call setup uh. You need to activate the watch and swipe up and it's it's. It needs to be tethered from here as the remote device. So you've got a bluetooth tethered this separately to your phone, like you, would earbuds right works, kind of the same way as earbuds would and then you've got the other setup where we tethered it to the app for collecting all of the data and that's. What we've got on this one so, where you get this one, the wolgata w56 right straight from mogada check, the show notes down below i'm gon na have a link for you over there, and you can pick it up directly from these guys. So what do they? Look like together well, the w56, the w46. I should just let them light up on their own right. Come on babies. There you go both watches same kind of screen: same brightness there's, a few more watch faces on this one bluetooth calling on the w56 siri access to google, music, playing all that kind of stuff and, of course, an extra button and a little bit more of a Premium price this one, on the other hand, has an interesting app that's associated with it. That has a one button test for all of your stuff: heart rate and blood oxygen and all those kind of things.

So your choice check out both reviews, if you haven't. Yet this one's got a quick timeout and that one i can set the timeout to be longer if i want to but they're both timing out on me, beautiful, beautiful colors, beautiful screens, all right, those are the apple watches, but remember at the very beginning. I mentioned that it's here the lympho lem14 and guess what i've already finished the review, but it's not out there for the public. Yet. But if you stuck with us this long i'm going to have a special link in the show notes, because the gang over at has access to the review, so they can start learning about it. To answer your guys questions so look in the show notes. Click on the link, you can watch the full gosh almost an hour, long, detailed review of the lem14 now or just hang out and in about a week it'll be live here on the youtube channel either way.