This is the 47 millimeter variant. This one is 25 and some change plus tax it’s about 27 for 27. It is phenomenal what they give you honestly. Nine days of battery life you’ve got five different sensors. You have, you can change the the face of it itself. They give you a lot for twenty seven dollars, so let’s go ahead and go over this, and i give you the pluses and the minuses of this watch all right. So in the plus category i would say that the watch build let’s go with. That is great. It is an aluminum body, with a 1.75 millimeter screen, it’s a very nice little screen. The contrast is a little too low, so it does give you kind of a cloudy look to it, but overall yeah it’s great it’s, not an iphone watch. It’S, not an apple watch, it’s, not a samsung watch, but who cares it’s only 25 dollars. I mean come on 25 dollars when you can’t expect the world for it. So, but you get a lot so for build quality. Very, very nice. It comes with a silicone watch band. I actually do like this band. It is quite flexible, i’ve used it playing tennis i’ve used it for my day to day activities, and it was great. They come in different colors. I ordered the basic 25 one you get black, i believe they have blue and yellow and and green, but on the website you just select the extra watch bands.

I believe it’s something like six dollars for another watch band, but double check that to make sure on the back side is where you have your sensor, your sensor. I guess you want to say: sensors. Okay, you have five sensors on this. You have you, have your heartbeat sensor, you’re gon na, have your step count sensor, you’re, going to have an oxygen sensor and then you’re going to have a what’s, the other one what’s, the other one help me guys. I can’t think i’ve kind of gone blank, heartbeat oxygen step sensor, sleep sensor, that’s it sleep sensor. Sorry, sometimes i forget these things. Anyways and those are the ones you have on here. So overall everything works. Great i’ve used them. Okay, you know they’re all right, i’ll show you in a second we’ll, get a little close up, but they work great again. 25. I have to keep bringing that up because people are com. Some people complain about this watch and honestly, you can’t it’s 25 dollars. I mean come on it’s a it gives you the time, and it gives you all these sensors it’s very good, and it has notifications. So what else you need honestly wise is giving you a watch that’s like okay, i’m, going to cover the bases, the basic stuff you need. We have it here out the door 25 bucks. Thank you wise. You did a nice job. I do like this watch. I do wear it every day, i’ve been wearing it for about two weeks.

I really like it. So you know. Will it replace a more expensive watch, no, but it’s fun on a day to day basis i do like. I do enjoy it or am enjoying it all right, it’s great as a gift, it’s great as a gift to yourself. You can purchase it as a third or fourth watch it’s, just nice to have and it’s quite durable, since it is an aluminum frame and the screen is also waterproof, so you can keep it taking the shower, go swimming with it, whatever you like, it’s, quite a Durable little watch that if it does break you’re, not worried about it’s only 25 bucks uh. Why is it a nice job? I definitely do. I definitely am glad they put it out and since i saw it 47 millimeter i jumped on it real quick, but anyways let’s get a little closer into it. So you can see some of these features, but before we go there, please subscribe it’s. The first time here, thank you second time, third time here. Thank you again for coming back uh i’m having fun making these videos. I don’t get anything out of it. Why is it not a sponsor or anything? I just like to show you what things that maybe may be of interest, or maybe something that you need a little more information on all right, so let’s get a little close up to the wise watch, hey what’s, going on guys all right! So here i am with a wise watch now uh let’s look at the watch real quick, so you get a close up of it.

As you know, it’s an aluminum build it’s, a very nice watch. I like the the look of it, the weight of it uh. The size is a 47., it feels really nice it’s very smooth with a reminder of a pebble. It’S got the quick 22 millimeter releases for the watch band. Silicone is quite nice and flexible. We have one button. There are no speakers on this watch there’s your connector. Now this connector is proprietary, so, as you know, it’s magnetic and has can only go on one way and that’s it. Let me charge it up. Plug it in the battery life is so good. You won’t be charging very often, so the watch itself is quite easy. You only have four basic commands you can swipe up. Swipe up. Brings you to your your. I guess you want to say your battery display your brightness. You can change the brightness to it uh. This is your. Do not disturb button, and this rings your phone in case you can’t, find it that’s it very nice, so it’s going to swipe down swipe down. This is where your notifications would be. I just cleared it, so we don’t have any right now swipe to the right. This is where your data would be if you had uh, if i’d been wiring, it i’d be counting my step counts and everything but i’m currently wearing my citizens, and i just love the automatic sweeping of this dial. So i wear this mainly, but for two weeks i’ve been wearing this and i really have enjoyed it.

I’Ll continue to wear it, just not all the time. It’S ironic to me, it’s like this is a digital. I should have made this sweeping just like this that’s. Just a silliness of of uh design anyway, so let’s see, if you swipe to the swipe to the right, you get swipe to left, you get all your applications and in the applications you have your o2 sensor. You have your. This is your step counter. This is the action counter, so you push this, then you start doing your sports and you track a lot of your activity during that activity. Your heartbeat, your calculation, your pace, your miles, if you’re going to do for a jog or a run, it’s very nice, so we’re going to end it is your heartbeat, heartbeat it’s not going to give me a heartbeat sensor. There’S your sleep, sleep counter! This is your alarm clock. This is a time. This is a timer. The timer is a little strange because once you set it, you can’t get out of this setting it’s stuck in the timer it’s a dedicated timer. So, no matter what you do it’s there. You have to cancel it if you decide to want to check the time it’s kind of strange. I hope they do fix that these are your shortcuts. Shortcuts are connected to your to your wise app, so in the wise app itself you create shortcuts to your other devices that you may have in your house, and with that i have these connected to my air conditioning, so i can turn them on and off.

Well, it’s, how i set it up in the shortcut itself, so you would add you create a shortcut and then you would set it up for what that shortcut is going to do. One downside that i’ve found is the the shortcuts i set this for turning the system on and off, but i don’t know the current state of it. Is it currently on? Then i just shut it off. I don’t know that’s. I wish i hope they do fix that, but they do keep it. I also do see if you notice that the screen turns off very quickly. I wish they had there’s a setting to give me a little more time, but there isn’t it is what it is. It’S you get that’s all the time you get it doesn’t. Allow you to do anything else, but this is it uh it’s, a great watch for 25 and some change a little a little tax. I recommend it it’s a fun watch to have because you’re not really worried about it. You can throw it on, do whatever you want and it’ll keep track of most of your stuff, most of the their. You know the the features that you want, your heart rate, your steps and it didn’t cost you anything, and so, even if you do damage it or lose it not a big deal, you know can’t beat it. I would pick them up before the price prices go up because i believe they will start.

Prices will start to go up uh. They already send one notification. I think it was at 20 and then now it’s at 25 and i’m sure there’ll be a 30 soon, but there’s your wise watch it’s a nice little watch all right guys. I got ta go thank you for watching. I do appreciate it. If you have any questions about the watch, just let me know, and i will respond as quickly as i can.