Thanks for joining my youtube channel i’m going to uh review a new watch from wise um, which i got it recently and i’ve been waiting for it to come over for quite a long time. I had pre ordered this watch about five or six months. I would say – and it looked very similar to an apple uh product apple watch – and i was so excited uh because of the brand has produced a lot of good stuff like we had cameras in the past. So i thought a watch would be a good way to start exploring more products with them so finally received the product. Yesterday morning i woke up and i open you know – i got this stuff in the mail and i opened up this parcel today package today and i want to open up – and you know, share my review with you all right. So this is the cotton box that was uh. You know in a packaging box that was sent pretty neat to enhance a picture of the watch itself and has the uh features what they provide. That includes sleep tracking um, customizable screens. They say it’s waterproof, uh that’s, about two meters. I guess. According to the specification and up to 30 minutes, um has a women’s health tracking uh. You know app uh activity, heart rate monitor, i mean tracking as well and blood oxygen. I think it’s, the saturation level. So let’s see uh what is inside this box, so it’s a little bit of a struggle Music.

You know cool, looking cotton box which got some tabs here and there so i’m just trying to pull the stuff out. So this looks like a cotton inside another box. Let’S open this out there you go so you see. The watch here looks pretty good, so it’s a 47 millimeters uh. You know glass, basil, uh dimension. I ordered, i think, it’s about 1.75 inches in diagonal and Music let’s see what is below it. So we have a particular charging cable over here and then the watch itself looks like it. I try to get the watch out Music a little bit of a cardboard okay. This is out and they’re given. This is the watch and you can see that. Let me take the strip out. Oh looks good, looks quite similar in design to an apple watch, and you can also see that they have an aluminium casing. Not like a you know not like a plastic one, like other ones, that you see in amazon, that’s a small switch button on the right side. Let me open up this Music okay, so it has an infrared sensor at the back with the like a you know, like a glossy finish that probably goes on to your wrist. That is going to be your saturation level monitoring. You can see. Weis watch 47 ww3 and you can see i’m assuming this is going to be your charging port, which i’ll probably open it up in a few minutes and uh overall, the watch looks very sleek, very modern, very, very uh light, actually because being an aluminum casing.

I thought would be a little bit on the heavier side, it looks pretty light fit and finish is really good um, you know really um surpassed. My expectation has a wise logo on the right side of roy’s logo. On the small buckle here, i also noticed a small thing: pretty interesting, though often our watches uh, you know when the kids slip out and they have a small tooth like projection there that goes and locks into this one of these uh. You know the buckle holes so that’s, a very uh neat touch, so i have uh i’m going to switch on this particular watch and before that i’m, going to just have a quick start guide. Okay, so the quick start guide. This is a quick start guide that was given to us, along with the box, um. Okay, it says activation um, then download the app. I already have downloaded the app because we use wise cameras. Uh. You know at our at our residence and then due to add the device they’re giving clear instructions using a qr code and then the watch is all set, and this is the elaboration of the controls. How do you change the controls and and the other warning information and other stuff so let’s dive into the watch and switch it on i’m gon na? Keep it here all right, i’m going to switch this on, looks nice all right, so it is uh wow. The display is good.

How do i yeah it’s good, so you can see that you have the face here. We have the time and then the day and date and the number of steps so from what the instructions i got. So the ways to look at the other functions could be push that to the side from your uh yeah from your right to left. You have all the apps, so let me switch it to my site, so it’s easier for me to see okay. So we have the activity app here. So it sets zero one go so it’s like a timer. I guess all right so so then we need to go back and then let’s end. This short record we’re going to end the exercise so basically it’s an exercise. Uh timer that you uh put on when you’re in your treadmill or in your bicycle, where you’ll be uh, you know, the only thing is that the screen keeps switching off. Maybe i need to put it on my wrist so automatically it detects that i’m. Seeing the watch, so let me put this on – looks well yeah, i’m right, so so it needs to be seen. I need to see it so that it, the uh. You know the face of the watch gets lighted so once i see that so again, i’m going to push swipe from left. So this is the face of the watch spike for towards the left will give the other apps.

Okay, you have a data, app that’ll kind of shows what’s the amount of data. This is your blood oxygen. Okay, look at that that’s cool, so you have a blood oxygen app, which measures your saturation level so i’m, trying to see whether it can read my wrist, because sometimes it depends on the. If you have any interference, let’s give it a few minutes to see if your infrared sensors can pick up how much of saturation i have currently Music it’s taking a few minutes Music. Please wear your watch and re measure. Okay, let’s! Do it again: Music, Music? There you go 99 saturation, 19 percent saturation, pretty good, so i’m pretty looks like i’m healthy as well. All right let’s go back to the other one, so this is the heart rate, so that’s going to check the heart rate. Okay, this looks cool let’s, see if it picks up my heart rate too, 92, not that all right. So this is going to be your sleep, data monitor and alarm. You can set an alarm here and then this is going to be your timer. Okay, that’s, not bad, so you want to have a timer um. You have a quick nap or you want to do some quick work, so you can probably set up a timer there. Music shortcuts! You could! Probably you know set your own shortcuts, based on what you need um to be i’m based in saint louis. So this is the weather today, it’s pretty um cloudy, but uh.

You know still a lot of sun outside much better than what it was last week. All right so let’s, so this was the left swipe let’s. Do the right swipe: okay, that’s, a shortcut right swipe then go back and let’s. Do the top swipe that’s your message, so you can sort of connect it to your app so which probably we will i’ll show you uh. You know how to set it up, and this is like a uh like a quick uh. You know like a like uh how you have the control, uh, control, board or control panel in your in your iphone is very similar to that. So let’s see what you have so you have the battery i’m. Assuming this is 99 percent and then you have the brightness, so you have the high brightness, okay that goes in the low brightness. So this is in the high brightness. So and then you have do not disturb that’s, pretty cool and then this is a phone ringing. So basically it tries to i’m, assuming if you left your phone somewhere, it can probably try to uh. You can talk, it can probably try to locate your phone, so let’s try to see if you connect your wise app to this. So this is your the app on the phone and you can see that it is thinking successful. It has got, you know several faces uh, whichever face you want, and then you have notifications, you have the other, you know raise to wake and all those things have been set up here, so pretty cool, and you can also set up to see whether you want This phone to be running in the background, you can also see the other details on your watch to be transferred to your phone, so you can track your activity uh completely, so let’s go back and – and you have to have everything different apps can be added um.

You can also add some shortcuts uh um, like notifications, so notifications could be from all the other apps that we are familiar with like whatsapp uh um, you know: apple mail, google, mail, gmail, uh, wechat, facebook, uh phone call, text message: imessage i’m, assuming the gmail and The mails, the first few you know the preview is only allowed and the rest of the rest of the information you need to go to your phone to check it. So, overall, i am pretty happy with the watch. I’M. Very excited uh. You know it looks pretty, it looks awesome and it fits well it’s very light. Um uh let’s see with the battery. You know they say according to the website it’s, i think it it. It stays for not sure how many days is this. I think for for 10 days i can double check that and but overall this looks uh pretty cool. So i will probably do another review video. Maybe, after a couple of weeks of using this uh, this watch and see if there’s anything has changed and look forward to hear your comments. Uh in the comments section and also one more thing, i noticed in the app you know in the wise website – is that they also provide supplemental straps or for order uh. You know like leather straps in different color, like tan, green and silicones and different colors that’s. A cool thing, but again all the watches are in pre pre order or they’ve been backlogged because of excess numbers.

I guess so i hope uh. You know you guys get your watches if you have already ordered them and please share your comments and please share your experience with the wise watch like what we have.