Now before i even get into this. I just want you guys to keep in mind 20 dollars all right, okay, good! Now that we got that out the way um, i actually just put my galaxy watch active down here it just for a quick comparison, because there’s one thing that i really hate about this watch and we’re gon na get into everything that i hate and that i Don’T hate, but something that i particularly hate check this out touch the screen turns right on. Let me try that again. Why doesn’t the screen turn on when i touch it. That is highly highly annoying. That means, when you’re wearing it on your wrist, you actually have to, or i mean, if your hand is in, like a resting position, you can’t just tap the screen. You actually have to go ahead and fidget and try to press the button. You know that’s. The number one thing that i hate something i like ip68 water resistance can’t, beat that something i hate the band. This band feels cheap and i know what y’all are getting ready to say: oh it’s, just a regular elastic band or whatever, whatever no this. This is the band that came with this watch now. This one looks a little old and worn out, it’s beat to honestly but that’s, because i wear this thing every single day. This feels like i don’t, want to put it on. It feels unbelievably cheap, but it’s.

Twenty dollars got to keep that in mind all right cool next up, we go ahead and get that out the way something i do like look at that. I just tried to touch the screen again, didn’t even turn on, but something i do like the screen size. Something i don’t like the borders around the screen like there’s, no need for all it is. You know why do you even have such big thick borders? Man? This thing got a big forehead. A big chin come on man it’s a this is ridiculous. Now something i do like the brightness of it now granted it’s not as bright as this one. Here. I think this is on level five brightness yep it’s, not as bright as this one. You probably can’t tell on camera, but trust me outdoors. You can definitely definitely tell brightness terrible something i do like the health stuff. You know i don’t even know what to call it. The health features whatever it is. This thing has the heart rate tracker the uh. I think it does stress too. I don’t even know: don’t quote me on that, but it does a bunch of health stuff. You know you got your blood oxygen monitor. Oh all of that yeah it’s cool, something i don’t like man, these apps you can’t re. I mean don’t expect to find google where or android wear whatever they call it these days. It’S, not that all right, you got to know what you’re paying for you’re getting a budget fitness tracker.

This is not a smart watch. This is a fitness tracker. Do not let the box fool you all right, because it fooled me when i first got it: it looked nice it they package it very much like an apple watch. You know it’s it’s, pretty it’s a pretty presentation, but when you actually touch it it’s like oh, this is not the same now that’s a good thing and a bad thing, because something i do like the weight of it and when i say that i don’t mean That it’s heavy it’s, actually very lightweight, like you, can wear this and forget that you even have it on this thing is super super lightweight. I love that about it. I never usually sleep with my galaxy watch active on, but with this sleep with it on no trouble yeah, it does not bother me at all. Also something i like is that you know it has those easy change bands. I like that. That means you could just go on amazon pick out any cheap bands that you could find, hopefully not as cheap as this, but it’ll work. Just fine, no trouble now something i don’t like the man. I don’t know how to say it, but it’s this entire operating system. You know it’s it’s, sluggish, it’s, slow, it’s, really just not good. You know the it feels cheap like even let me see if i could pull this up real, quick now, how you guys are seeing it right now.

There’S, no delay on that. That is actually how it looks. It is just slow, sluggish, cheap. It doesn’t feel nice. However – and this is a big, however, look at that – you can’t even okay – there, it is it froze on me last time i was trying to do that and stop it in the middle of it had to reset the whole watch, but the battery life on this Is pretty amazing, y’all now fun fact when i first got this watch, you had to plug it in for a second just to turn it on y’all saw when i did that in my last video i have not plugged this watch in since i’m. Not gon na lie for a week. I actually lost the charger, and at this very moment i still have 36 percent battery life. Oh okay, just went down 35 battery life left the battery life on this is impeccable, but then again, when you run in bs software or a bs operating system, that’s really cheap. It doesn’t do much. You kind of hope to have that at least and now. For my biggest gripe notifications, all right look at me. I just dropped the watch and tried to play it off. The notifications on this is a mixed bag. Okay, you get the notifications from the apps that you want there’s a catch, though you cannot respond to any notification on this, so it everything comes through on the screen, nice and clear.

You know you see when you get an email when you get a text message. All of that it’s very easy to read because of the square screen, but there’s no quick response option, there’s! No, let me go home. There’S no, like i don’t, even know how to describe it: man, it’s frustrating. Of course you can’t talk to the watch. There’S no mic, nothing like that. You could just read it and then be like. Oh i and then go about your business. It makes you depend on your phone for everything. So if you leave the room, you get a text message that you need to respond to your phone is in the other room. You let’s say you in the living room. You left your phone in the kitchen or something like that. You actually have to go back to the kitchen to respond to the message that you just read on your watch that make sense to you. I mean really. Does that make sense i’m, not gon na lie for for what it is for what it costs. I would just use this as an activity tracker, because to me it does the heart rate really. Well, it does blood oxygen pretty. Well, it does a step tracking. You know relatively well it’s cool, but for a full featured smartwatch don’t expect that all right, it’s 20, do not expect that i’m. Pretty sure the band costs more to make than the watch itself and the watch it and the band is trash.

You know so just keep that in mind. I’M gon na have to say, don’t get this. You know not unless say they come out with some type of major update. I’Ve heard that the wise watch 47 is different, that it runs a lot smoother it’s a lot better. I don’t know i’m gon na try to get my hands on it, we’ll see. But for me this is a waste man. I actually prefer the box more than i do the watch, how about that, but anyway, y’all that’s about it for this video i just had to you know, go ahead and give y’all my thoughts on this one. I don’t even think you could still buy that watch, but who knows if you get lucky and you need a fitness tracker and you can actually find it and go ahead cop, it it’s only twenty dollars man, but aside from that, do not forget to like subscribe. Y’All got to subscribe. Man, 93 of my viewers are not subscribed. Y’All got to know when i drop a new video man go ahead, subscribe, be entered for that 1k giveaway. We almost there. You know amazon gift card on deck. You know what i might actually give this watch away to maybe do a second prize who knows, but anyway, y’all know how to reach me drop a comment and let’s start.