Thank you so much for joining my channel today. I know it’s been a long time but we’re back to it um. So today, as you can see, i have the wise watch. I actually got this a few days ago, but i’m just now getting to this unboxing i’m really excited for this watch just because of just the amount of price to performance of it that it has. I pre ordered this for around 20 bucks. I don’t believe they’ll go too much higher than that on the official retail price, so i’m really interested to see like what price they will bring it at, but just based off of like other budget. Smart watches that i’ve tested and different things like that um this is on par with those, and those other watches were like closer to that. Fifty dollar mark, such as, like the yame watch uh. The tin watch watches like that that you’ve seen me review on this channel, so i’m really excited to see what wise can do with their first ever smartwatch wise, usually specializes in like smart home technology, such as like cameras, outdoor cameras, security cameras, doorbells just different home Technology, like that light bulbs, so i’m really curious to see what they can do with their first ever watch so let’s get to this unboxing. Okay, so here is the packaging of the wise watch actually um. I know this is like their second or third like form of packaging, because uh we kept getting delays of the people who pre ordered.

We kept getting delays uh in the shipping uh due to like the packaging. They said that their original pack and they didn’t feel like it was protective enough. So it looks like this is their final packaging on the wise watch. I do have the 47 millimeter version. They have a 47 and a 44. they’re, actually priced the same on the website for the pre order. I don’t know if they will continue to do that when they like, should start shipping out the retail orders so yeah it does offer sleep tracking. It has customized, customizable, screens or watch faces. It does have a ip rating. I believe it is ip68 waterproof, so you’ll be able to take the swimming um. I believe it’s up to like five meters uh deep or something like that. Um here’s just a few of your specs that has a 300 milliamp battery again the ip rating bluetooth, 5 uh 1.85 inches that’s the size of like everything, with the casing on the watch. Okay, the other side, it does offer women’s health tracking. It offers activity tracking and heart rate tracking, and it has a blood oxygen sensor sensor, which is becoming the norm for any smart watches. I’M, really glad to see that feature and i’ll watch this cheap again. I ordered this for around 20. I don’t think they’ll go that much higher, so let’s get it there’s a sticker right there, i’m just gon na, set that there, okay, okay, i like that had like a little pull tab at the top okay there’s, the watch.

You greet it with the watch, see what else is in there. Does it slide? I don’t want to mess that up. Let’S, see okay, i’ll just rip it. Okay, let’s see what else came in there. First. Okay, here is your charger. It looks like it is a proprietary charger, so you can only use this charger to charge it. You can’t use the usb cable or anything like that. There’S, a quick start guide. It just says wise watch 47 um activation setup. Um you’ll just have to download the wise app. So if you have other products from wise, you use that same app to activate your watch. Um. Okay, so let’s get to the actual watch um one thing: okay, okay, it’s, a very lightweight watch, take that sticker off and it does look like it’s, mostly screen um. One thing i do not like about a lot of cheaper smart watches is that the screen to bezel ratio is like usually off. Okay, it powered on automatically, but you can see this has a lot of screen you’ll be able to see when i actually activate more. I mean when i actually like go into more apps. I will scan that in a second show. You guys the setup process um, but yeah. The build quality feels okay um on the website. They did stress that they had like more premium materials like. I believe this is aluminum and it’s, definitely very cold, so um. I do believe that so that’s, nice um, it will be pretty durable, since this casing is made of aluminum i’m, not sure what the glass screen is made of, or what type of glass that is.

But um should hold up pretty well i’m going to press pause. So i can download the wise app and show you guys the setup process. Okay guys, so i just downloaded the wise app you do have to create an account to get everything to work properly i’m using an android um. The wise app is also on ios. So you will be able to use this watch with your iphone as well um, so uh when you go to the play store. All you do is just type in wise and automatically comes up, and then you do have to create an account um. I just did. I put all my credentials in so i’m gon na see. If it automatically does it new device let’s see what section would it be in so it is in the lifestyle section. I have the white swatch 47 it’s asking for camera permission. I will accept that and see how fast it goes. Music, okay, you got ta bring it close. Okay got it: okay, so it’s pairing. It says: i’ve added my watch now it’s asking for some personal information um. I am a male and then i’ll fill that out and get back with you guys. Okay, so um now um i’m, just in the app it does have like a little tutorial. Just shows you what’s, where um you swipe left, get your data swipe. In that way, you get your apps i’ll go through those in a second okay, the there is one button on the side that just basically takes you home.

If you swipe up you get a few quick, toggles swiping down, gives you your notifications, so it’s, pretty basic um let’s, see i’m gon na skip that okay enjoy your wise watch. Okay, there are quite a few settings in here. It looks like i do have a firmware upgrade so i’m gon na press pause until that’s done. Okay, so i just got done with that: firmware upgrade it took around a minute, or so so now, i’m, just in the app i’m to show you what’s all in the app first of all, at the very top you get your battery percentage. I really like that because it can be hard to find on the watch. So next you get your watch faces. You get a few different styles and different colors for each style. I chose my favorites. I really like that analog style right there and i like this digital style, because it has a lot of good general information. So on your watch, you can see that’s the one i chose. So when you hold it, you could actually choose from the you could choose from the watches i mean from the watch faces that you save from the ones that you select in this app. So once you save one of these, it takes around a minute to load, and then it will show up at the top okay. So next is um notifications um. I highly suggest enabling that it will ask you, if it’s okay, for the wise app to look at your photos, notifications, you wouldn’t, do that, so you can receive the notifications from your phone onto your watch with the selected apps that you choose so right now.

I just chose spotify because i want to see if the music playback works and then i will probably play around with these later on. I did select phone calls and text messages because that’s important to me and messenger as well i’ll do that. Okay, so you do have a stretch reminder so, if you’re sitting down too long, your watch will remind you to stand up. You can turn that on. If you want, i usually don’t turn that on, because i work a desk job um, so there’s the activity goal you can set that you can set your steps, your calorie goals, um. So there is a do not disturb mode in which you can like turn off notifications for your watch. You have an option to like choose rich wrist that you want to put your watch on. It will calibrate differently for each wrist. I chose my left just because that’s what i usually wear my watches on this is the galley watch that i’ve been messing with lately. I’Ve been testing. It i’ll have a full review on that pretty soon, but i’ve always been told to wear my watches on my left wrist by my grandma and that just stuck with me from a young age. So i always wear my watches on my left so that’s. What i set the wiring wrist to running in the background i highly suggest i haven’t set it up yet, but i highly suggest doing that just so.

The wise app will never like force close itself, sometimes like when these compatibility apps with the phones and the watches are like shut down or they aren’t always running the background. You don’t get everything like the watch. Won’T, sync, your steps or something correctly. You won’t get all of your notifications, so i highly suggest keeping it running in the background, so it behaves um to its best ability, so you do get a weather app as well. I set that to my current location, and these are your. Why shortcuts i actually don’t have any other wise products. I do plan on getting the wise color balls, because those look like they’re really good deal, but i have not been able to find them in stock yet and maybe further down the line. I’Ll get my own security cameras because i just like got in a bigger place, so um, maybe i’ll get other wise products down the road, but i have seen people ask how many shortcuts you can actually get on your watch. You can get 10.. You can see that right there add up to 10 shortcuts, okay, so that looks like uh that’s all of the settings in the app and then you get your general information that you can track here. Your blood oxygen level calories your steps, your heart rate, and it will also track your sleep based on your um pulse. I believe: okay, okay, so that’s about it on the app okay.

So now to the actual watch i’m. Just going to show you the ui of the watch so there’s your watch face we swipe to that way. You get your general workout information. I don’t have anything yet because i haven’t been um anywhere yet i’ve just been doing this unboxing so far, and here are just your apps i’m going to go through those in a sec. When you scroll down you get your notifications, we swipe up. You get your battery life, you get weather, which i think is nice that’s a nice touch, and then you can turn on do not disturb mode. If you want and then from here you can adjust your brightness, you only get a low, medium and high option. You do not get an automatic, brightness detection and then i like this feature, if you’re ever missing your phone, you can press that as long as it’s connected via bluetooth, it’ll start ringing. Okay, so that’s off now so i’m gon na go to the apps. Just so you guys can see what apps there are. This is just like an automatic workout detection for a run. Okay and then you have your that’s, your general fitness information. Again, you have your blood oxygen level sensor right there. I, like those animations, we’ll, see how long that takes in a second, you have your heartbeat sleep tracking, let’s, see what that is. That’S your alarm. You have a timer right here. These are your wise shortcuts.

If you have otherwise products, i do not have any other wise products yet so i do not have that option so that last one is weather. I really think that’s cool you get your weather for today and you get your weather for the next three days. It looks like so that’s nice. You get a few settings: okay, i’m, going to turn that on continuous heart rate, monitor it’s, going to check it every five minutes for me: there’s, your brightness do not disturb mode race to wake system control, so you can restart shutdown or factory reset from there and That’S just general information, so yeah, i really like the ui of this wise watch. This is really good for a first generation product let’s actually put it on now. I will be doing a full review of this galley watch pretty soon. This is like one of the cheapest smart watches, i’ve seen with actual gps built in and another thing uh. This wise watch does not have gps built in so you will have to um always be connected to your phone in order to like trigger um, step, counting and things. So, if you’re not connected to your phone, it won’t track your workouts. It uses your phone’s gps. Okay, so it’s a pretty nice fit. I really like how big it is, but it’s super light. This is a really light watch and it feels really nice on your arm. It’S made of an aluminum casing on it, so that’s, really nice i’m, just going to show you guys how fast the blood oxygen and the heart rate sensing works, and then we’ll be done with this video.

Okay, still going Music, okay, says 99, so 99 i’m. Not sure about the metrics of your blood oxygen level or anything so as you can see that took around 30 seconds let’s see if the heart rate goes faster: okay, it’s still going okay, that was a little faster that took around 15 seconds. Okay, around 97 beats per minute, so yeah let’s look at the workout Music. Okay, it looks like it only has one workout mode on it, just for run so that’s. Another interesting thing about this watch: okay, so that’s it for this video. If you have any other questions about this wise watch, 47 millimeter version – let me know in the comments thanks for watching Music.