I mean i really love this part of the screen right here. This is great, but i i can’t really make it work any other way, but that’s, okay, because we’re here to check out a 25 dollar smart watch from wise. I like their products. I have cameras from them. I have the new headsets from them and i’ve enjoyed both of those so i’m very excited to see what a 25 dollar smart watch is all about, because hey, if it’s great i’m, all for it. Instead of spending 200 bucks for an apple watch or something from samsung or whatnot, so we’re gon na open this up and it’s gon na be a fantastic time it’s as simple as that, so let’s get that out of the way i like the packaging already. I do like that, but there it is the wise watch. I hope i got the right size. I didn’t really look into it too much, but i guess we’re about to find out. So it has sleep tracking and all that i’m gon na get better shots with the camera as well, rather than it just being web camera, but it’s a sleep tracking, customizable screens and it is waterproof. It has women’s health, tracking activity and heart rate, tracking and blood oxygen level tracking, so pretty pretty high. You know features considering it’s 25, so i mean i’m i’m excited and then i will leave it in the description. The link to the website, if you want to purchase it as well right now, it’s only a i’m still thinking it’s a beta product, so so there’s that gun there.

It is look at that it’s, very nice packaging. I, like it. Oh boy, i’m, really hoping i picked the right size because i’m, just gon na be gon na be upset because i didn’t because there’s like a size chart, but i was like oh look at that. Look at that adapter to charge this. I really wish this would focus better, but you get the point it’s a weird looking thing all right now that we have that out of the way uh got ta figure out how to get this thing out baby there we go hey and there it is. Okay. Never mind it’s it’s, looking pretty good for me, so first of all, let’s get this off the screen here. Look at that’s a this is really nice feeling. Actually i was expecting you know something a bit cheaper, nothing too crazy, but this is this. Is nice and now let’s see how long it takes for me to get this on without completely failing in here? Well anyways that’s, what it looks like on my wrist, pretty nice size screen there. Let me see if i can get it on there. We go. Oh, look at that beautiful, absolutely beautiful, oh that’s, perfect, yeah, that’s the perfect size all right! So now let me ouch! Oh god, i just broke a toe. I think all right! I’M, assuming that this is the power button. Oh yeah, there it is oh. This is! Oh scan the qr code with the wise app to bind well, you know what i think what we’ll do is we might swap over to the phone that way.

I can just kind of record everything from that plus add device all right so now, we’re on my phone, where we’re gon na be adding this we’ll see how nice and easy this is so we’re going to i’m assuming lifestyle yep there. It is wise watch 47 uh take photos while using yes, that’s, fine, all right now, we’ll! Oh hang on now. I i took too long, it’s not happy there. It is all right now it’s pairing and succeeded: oh i’m, wearing it on my right hand, swipe left to see app swipe right to see data. Okay. This is actually really i like this. This is great okay, so we don’t need the screen anymore. I don’t know how i’m gon na oh boy all right. This is how it’s going to be done here. We got full functionality of a nice camera and this so now we can kind of look around a little bit. So swiping right gets you to the apps. Swiping left brings you to data and then i’m. Assuming a long press, bring me customizable yeah there. It is! Oh god, hang on. Oh wait a minute! Oh there we go. Oh that’s, nice that’s, pretty neat too so there’s. Three options: i’m, hoping there’ll, be more eventually i’m gon na go with that. That looks nice, that’s, nice and clean all right. So let’s see what happens with some of these apps here. Huh, oh and i went to the data one great that’s, not what i meant to do.

Of course, the first app i pick is that uh, okay let’s do the star what’s. This about shortcut is not set. Please set in the wise app. Okay, timer do three minutes. What does this look like? Pretty simple want to cancel a timer? Yes, i do. I like the screen, it’s very responsive there’s. I don’t feel, like i mean it’s kind of hard to do this, while recording from the screen and crap but and i’m sorry. I’M no hand model either. So this is all going wrong, but from what i can see it’s a very nice screen. I like that. What’S this one about countdown go: oh so you can just track a run or whatever. Okay. Nice. Look at that. Six second run world record all right. The time of this exercise is too short to record the data. Okay, uh, okay, the next test i wan na do i’m gon na swap back to the webcam. I wan na see how fast the the reading is for heartbeats and whatnot all right so we’re back here now we can do this heart rate and i’ll flip. This it’ll still look kind of garbage, but you’ll get the point. I really wish this webcam had a better resolution, but we’ll see. If i even have this on right, hello there. It is 108 beats per minute. Oh see, recording is very nerve wracking, so we have that one takes a little bit, but not again considering this is 25.

This is pretty nice. I like the build quality of it. I like the band. This is very good. So far, i’m very excited, like i said, i’m hoping that there’ll be more customization items down the road. Let me kind of put that or you can kind of see it here. This is blood oxygen which i don’t know what’s good or not, hopefully, it’s nothing, bad it’s, 97, all right, yeah there we go see that’s good number. I guess i don’t really know um but yeah other than that it is i’m liking. This it’s, a very nice watch that i’m happy. I spent 25 bucks on it because you know what it does everything i needed to lets me know the time and everything i’m interested to see Music we’re gon na go back to the phone because i’m wanting to see what there’s any settings we can mess with. On this all right, so we’re back to the user guide, we didn’t look through everything here, swipe down to see notifications, oh okay, i didn’t even know that hang on i’ll show that really quick, too we’ll kind of swipe through everything, nice, so there’s messages, and if You swipe up, you get a little thing: change brightness we’ll, keep it at medium connecting the phone. The phone is ringing. Oh okay, quick feature to okay. It stops and do not disturb quick settings as well. Okay back to the phone, we go swipe right to back long press to restart or shut down, pretty simple long press the screen to select face and there’s that okay enjoy your wise watch.

I will oh hang on. Oh we’re upgrading the watch now too. Oh look at that even has a little screen there let’s see. Oh my goodness! Yes, you can look at that all right. That makes me happy. You can even have custom photos on there if you wanted to very nice. Okay. That makes me happy to see that, because i thought it was just those three to begin with, so to have that option is really nice. Allow notifications, oh that’s, off, i can’t i’m, trying to turn this on without turning off the recording, and this is in the way there we go. Oh and then you can just change what you want to have: okay, nice i’ll have to go through. That later stretch. Reminder stretching and moving around every 50 minutes is a healthy practice. Turn on this function for movement reminders change your activity goal. Of course, 10 000 steps, and i don’t know what this is. 250 calories per day is what it’s defaults as uh do not disturb raise to wake wearing wrist. Oh let’s change that okay running in the background weather, set location automatically and shortcuts. What this is about create a new shortcut, mute notifications? Oh no, can you really? I was going to say i was like: can you view the camera? You can just turn it on or off. I guess i’m about to say that would have been crazy, but all right, everybody, i think, that’s.

Basically it we looked at everything there. We updated it and yeah so with that being said here, let’s go back to the nice camera here, so yeah honestly, i wouldn’t. If you would give this to me randomly i wouldn’t think it’s a cheapo watch. It has great functionality has great things that you would want and it’s 25 it’s a nice build. I love the band. The screen looks really nice and crisp it’s, really really nice and i’m gon na make it. My main smart watch very excited to continue using this, and i hope you guys have enjoyed taking a look at it again. Lincoln will be in the description for uh this watch if you’re interested in looking at it more and yeah.