This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video is we’re going to have the comparison of our omron blood pressure monitoring kit with our x7 smartwatch, which is here okay. This is just uh, just a disclaimer guys, uh. Your x7 smartwatch is just not recommended for medical purposes. So if you have high blood pressure, so you really have to use this approved medical kit for you to rely on yes, so your smartwatch is just a it’s. Just a wearable device – and i don’t recommend this one, for if you have a high blood pressure, if you have high blood pressure, this is just for your curiosity’s sake, guys all right so for now, it’s let’s try our omron first so i’m going to connect this One, okay and guys before you take your blood pressure, so you have to rest first for around five minutes and after that you can already test it. Okay, so now guys it’s already attached here on my arm and let’s test, it guys. I hope that our blood pressure is just Music, fine, Music, all right guys, so our blood pressure is 102 over 73, so let’s take the that one 102 over 73., so now i’m going to take our smartwatch and let’s test it all right. Okay, so i have already uh worn on our x7 smartwatch. So all we just have to do guys is we’re going to go to our blood pressure application here: Music, okay, okay, so let’s, just click this hard icon there and the mmhg guys it’s the blood pressure.

So let’s test it Music, all right guys, so our blood pressure in here it’s 110 over 76., okay. Well, this one is 102 over 73. yeah. For me, it’s i’m quite surprised because it’s much closer with our omron and then with our x7 smartwatch, so guys uh, yeah it’s, just for you to decide whether you believe it or not. So, but when it comes to the comparison, so the result it’s almost the same so in our x7 smartwatch it’s 110 over 76. So yeah it’s up to you, whether you believe your x7 smartwatch okay. So guys, if you have any questions, just comment down below and guys just a reminder again do not rely on your x7 smartwatch or any smartwatch for your blood pressure measurement. So you really have to to have this kit here, which is approved and also the conventional style. Okay.