We are a YouTube channel on the web. At smart watch, ticks comm links you right over here and as usual, we got an unboxing for you today before we open this. Let me tell you something: I know: we've been like hitting a wave, a wave of Android dual processor watches that have been coming out. Bunch of them and I've got a comparison. Video in the plans it's gon na be a little while, but boy is it gon na be detailed, so stick around for that one. In the meantime, I want to tell you another wave: are these kind of watches? These are your standard Fitness kind watches, but they all do ECG, plus PPG. Now we've done several watches with that technology, but wow. I got at least Tim that I could order right now in addition to this one and another one that we're already here I mean I may get a few of those and in the show notes, I'll give you links to each and every one of them. So if you're interested in this ECG type technology, you can check out the listings on all of them and of course, you're gon na see the review of this one and a comparison with another one in just a moment but yeah the wave is coming for multiple Ways of looking at at human health, in particular heart health, in particular, heart, wave and heart rate, variability and blood pressure and pulse and all kinds of things so stay tuned.

It'S 2019 is going to be quite an evolving year for this technology. Alright, I'm. Opening this puppy up, as you can tell getting into the box, which is really nicely packaged it's, got a little insert coin to keep the watch in position, and here it is now we are gon na go further, but for right now I want to stop and Give you a warning: this watch is great and this does not apply to this watch, but I want to officially announce fraud in the watch community with relationship to ECG, watches that's right. If you recall, we did a video on a watch called the deep t 28 by number one watch company which pairs with the fundu suite of apps in particular fun do pro. In that review. You saw that the ECG watch would behave as you expected. If you put it on, you, have the electrodes touching your arm, but you're supposed to press and hold the screen rather than hold another electrode, and when it tethered to that app, you watch that review you'll, see that you get a simulated heart rate wave. That really looks real. That continuously runs tethered to the watch. I was under the understanding that was a prototype and that that was just a simulation that would be fixed later. Well, it never was, as of now there's another watch on the market from Micra, where of all people the l7. That watch behaves just like the dt 28, but you don't even need to press the screen.

You just put it on move it to the ECG function and let go and it'll automatically start looking like an ECG chart on the screen, but it's fake, the app next to it will automatically start up, recording an ECG chart, but it's fake and there's. No indication that you're getting bogus data now bogus is one thing but it's accurately looking. It looks like you're healthy and the only reason a lot of people are buying. These things is because they may have heart issues, so fraud alert warning I'm gon na show you links to a lot of watches that have ECG in them, and a lot more are coming. If they pair with fun, do do not buy them. They are fake. Okay, warning put it out there it's a strong one and I will withdraw it if they ever demonstrate that it's real, but to this day on any watch from any person, we have not had a chart that looks anything other than simulated. Therefore, I declare it fake, especially because an you keep EKG or ECG. You have to have two electrodes on one side of your body and touch the opposite side to a third electrode. You have to have three electrodes it's electro folks, electrocardiograph, you can't just put it and have it make a chart. It doesn't work that way, ah soapbox off. Okay, thank you for letting me rent. Here we go the English version of the smart fitness bracelet user's manual.

For this, what the heck I haven't even showed you what it is. This is the Zayn's XA nes Zayn's z03 that's, the name of it comes to us from bang good again check the show, notes, we'll get you a bind link and hopefully a discount for it. It'S color screen ip68 waterproof you're about to see what all it does, including ECG charts tethered to the whether you call the where heart suite of apps, there's, four or five different ones. They all do the same thing. Just look a little bit different, so you can tether to any of them, it's the same as the other ones. We'Ve seen that do really well, it uses the texas instrument ship in here. So i got a good feel for this. One that you're getting a legitimate at least heart wave that your doctor could interpret. Probably so here we go here's what it's got um it's a standard size comes in three different, colors 240 by 240 screen. You get five to seven days of use about fifteen days of standby and yeah all in all, it's a nice little watch let's take a look at the manual now here we go got the picture of it and then you start getting into the QR code that You can can scan and that little icon, the blue one with the heart in the middle of it i'm, pretty sure that's, where heart yet says download where heart, where health also works and there's a few others i'll have those listed in the show notes as well.

Here'S, some of the screens that you're gon na see – and it does a few more functions than a couple of the other ones that we've already reviewed, probably cuz, it's, newer and they're. Adding a few additional features to it. I'M gon na show you that in just a second as well and there you go the whole manual okay yikes, I forgot the charging wire, it was actually in the box, but I took it out to charge the watch and I forgot to put it back in, For the unboxing, so this was in the box it's a really different, unique to pin with a little raised platform type of connector, wanted to show it to you and that's really recessed, because it's very odd and not something you're gon na find for any other watch. It'S also not very strong, and it tends to fall out easily. So just something to take note of when you charge this one make sure you've got it in there good, not caddywhompus that's a word. Look it up that's so that it'll actually charge overnight. But you know you got long standby on this thing, so it's not really that big a deal unless you run it all the way down. Okay, let's move this stuff out. Let'S turn it on now. You notice there's no buttons on this one and I'm gon na be comparing it to the in 58. This one notice I have the band's off of this one.

This has been my my standby one. I always carry with me in my pocket. It has one button: everything operates by the button: there's no sensitivity to the screen, this one's, just the opposite. I press and hold down here in the bottom and it activates it now. They both have flat tires. This is ECG watch. This is just black and they have a variety of bands and such and again I got I pushed the button on this one so I'm, going to move over on this side to just kind of give you the layout there you get the watch faces, and here You get your step count and calories burned and all that stuff and here they're on separate screens, then you get into your heartrate screen and that looks like that. They both flash the green diodes and they seem pretty good in their measurements, here's the blood pressure. I just took them both simultaneously on different fingers and got different numbers, so I can't really quantify how accurate these are you get to the ECG. One will come back and show you that on both of them here's the sleep time and now they get kind of a little bit different. This has got four different sports sections. You can go into and then the find the phone and then a timer and then your messages, if you're tethered to your phone and then the sleep time. This one starts in after the ECG with sleep time.

Then the messages they the four or five different sport things you can go into and a timer and to find the phone. And finally, you get an off button here with the the n58 name and it's back to the watch faces this one. Now, however, after you get through, all of those things has lightness which is actually brightness. I press and hold on here come back here and it go into the mode where you can actually change the brightness and it's at its lowest point right now and it's plenty bright watch this I can brighten it brighten it. You see how the light bulb is just like washing out on the screen. They'Re full bright, really easy to see outdoors and flexible enough. We got to go back into it, though, to dim it all the way down indoors, so that's, something I really like about this. One is you've got that control over brightness. We don't find that on this one also, you got ta lock it in also. This one has themes which, when you click in here are you different watch faces, so you can adjust them from an icon right here to give you an idea of what they look like. We can kind of cycle through the thumbnails here: we've got a nice digital one and three different analog ones. Let'S put it on the digital one that's one I like, as you see everything time, steps and heart rate and calories burned, battery and bluetooth.

So on this one that's right the button on the side. We have this one with digital with blue barrier. We'Ve got that one this one another analog very simple: analog: one there's the complex analog with circles; there's a digital, wide brown background with red and white letters and then we're back to the blue one. So those are the sequence of the different watch faces that you've got but you're not here. For that you want to check out the ECT function right so let's do this let's get over here! I'M gon na put this one on so we're gon na. Do it the right way and you could see how it works with it in place and again the what your your arms should be a little bit wet right here. Mine is cuz it's kind of warm right now. Fingers should be wet for touching the the size you get your hair out of the way I got to shave my arm again coming here, press and hold, and we start the ECG chart when I press or hold lightly on the bezel. You see, I get the signal and you can tell it's real, because if I mess around with it, it changes right. If I hold nice and still – which is what I'm supposed to do, you can see the peaks of the wave now this is kind of different than the other one. It seems the strong wave is going down right on this one, which I usually test right here.

When I get in here to take the chart, it will look like this get. It started. Press here lightly hold and now I'm getting my ECG chart on the in 58. Once it settles down there, we go okay, so just to slightly different looking charts. Both of them are acquiring this real time. It takes about 30 seconds. It saves that to the watch one time and then you transfer it to the app both of them to the, where heart or our health or one of the other, similar apps. That will work for tethering. You tether it over transfer it over and then you can analyze it there now we're not going to go into the app, because I did a thorough review of that on the n54. You you'll see this one will work exactly the same way. So I think that pretty much covers it, we've got. The watch faces all the different functions: heart rate, blood pressure and ECG plus PPG, built into this thing – that has a plastic not really TPU, but a plastic band. That'S removable you carry both of them in your pocket. The n58 is exactly the same size as far as Ike. Oh wow, look at what's going on there anyway, yeah they're they're about the same. So this one wear and tear on the button might die over time is my only concern because it's mechanical no buttons on this one but carrying it in your pocket.

You may accidentally touch it a lot, so if you're gon na wear it on your arm, this is a clean look very nice they're about the same thickness for both of them interchangeable bands. It looks like exactly the same so pick up whichever one you like again. This is the Zane's z03 from bang good chat, the show notes down below and again I'm gon na have at least ten other ECG watches listed down there, that you could go over and take a look at the pages if any one of those in particular calls You that you'd, like me to bring in for a review, leave a comment. Okay, I think I'm gon na pick up at least two of those ten, in addition to what you just saw, but probably not all of them for sure that would just be way too much and again, one more time, if you see any of those watches that Are tethered to the fundu app avoid them don't buy them? If you think you're looking, you know if you're trying to get them for ECG the ECG function does not work. It'S total simulation. We could even call it fake on watches that tether to the fundu app. The reason I'm really saying fake is because they're not even pretending that you have to touch the bezel and that then the the electrodes on the back. It just goes right from the watch being on your arm when you're in the ECG mode, and you turn it on on on the micro wear l7 and the number one DT 28.

Those are the two watches we know of right now that are tethered to that.