That smart watch ticks calm. Are you ready bip bop, bop bip, bop bop? We know it's BIP, BIP Bop, bat that must be it BIP BIP was the original amazed, fit small, functional SmartWatch with a transflective always on screen. Bip Bop was the BIP, but without GPS and back well. Bap is what we're about to look at in this box. The amaze fit BAP, no, oh, no I'm messing with you guys, it's a bit like they've all been bits. We had a bit. We had a bit light without GPS, and now we have a bit yes, no. I don't understand that naming convention either. I would have called it bit: bop bop, bip, bop bop, but what we've got is a maze fit and you didn't see me do that with scissors I'm supposed to have my other tool here for you, but I did it anyway. I'M gon na open it up. For you, so you can see this brand new higher capacity higher, capable redesigned slightly amazing amazed that watch you want to get into the box. I know you do but nits you know mr. Dix, I can't do that until I tell you what we're looking at well, I already did we're looking at the amazement, BIP s from gearbest your best to sent this one out flash sale right now check in the Show notes we'll see if we can get it for you a little bit lower or special coupon on that.

What is it well, it's it's, just like the bit, but better and we're gon na go into a whole chart to compare that for you in us. In a moment, I'll come back to the specs, because I know some of you time me and it's over ten minutes before you see the watts. So I want to get better giving you the first look. Whoa I didn't realize I get the one with the white band that's something different. As you know, Mew Mew bullet of Lee move beautifully is their logo and they have a little tab with an exquisite presentation box here: yeah, even an inner lining, so it doesn't bounce around lift it out and the whole thing is contained in a little box open. The box – I tell you this – is so good for a present. That really is you have a Nikon sis for a charger and you have another one that says for the manual and then you have the watch itself. We open it up, pull out the rather thick but small manual in several different languages and the charging unit here in a bag it's taped together to put it back easily. If you need to, and this curved charging dock the bit and the bit light yeah. I have used this interesting charging dock concept that hugs the watch with the charging pins and you put it in with the crown over here. What crown you say, the crown right here on the watch.

It comes right out of the compartment, he says and it's a really nice TPU style of a band. This one is the lighter colored one works with men or women, not white, okay, and not black, and not pink there's. Actually, four colors that the BIP s come in. This is a little cover on the front of it, which we will take off and show you how it lays flat in the dock, like this snaps in place for a good solid, I mean it's not going anywhere hook up the bands lay flat. So in you charge it, you can just leave it down on the table and then you hold it out I'm gon na get under here and push it out and release it so that we can work with it. Removable replaceable bands charging pins heart rate, diode information, single button on the side and, of course, the charger and now we'll show you the specs and stuff before we actually turn it on it's, a 1.2 8 inch TFT screen and it's transflective, meaning it's going to be Equally bright or brighter outdoors it's got, and this is cool 40 day battery life here's a new feature you'll see in the chart: 5 atmosphere, waterproof and 10 sport modes that's a bump up from the original bit dual GPS system involved in this one as well: that's. Gps and glonass and we've cotton up to bluetooth 5. Now on this one, which is going to be better for low power for both your phone and the watch itself same everything else, 176 pixel, 1.

2 8 inch touchscreen operation totally waterproof to 5 atmosphere, meaning definitely you can swim with this one 200 milliamp hour battery and So forth, you'll see all that in the overall specs here in a minute the band is 20 millimeters. I think the original bit was 22 let's check the chart so it's a little bit thinner and we're running the regular Android and iOS, and these are the current languages supported and I think there's something else coming, which is in the chart provided by gearbest, which is Really cool all right, I'm gon na show you the chart, then I'll come back to that page, which is this, and they have this beautiful comparison. That shows you, the overall price recommended and it bounces all over the place, as we see in our current pricing is higher than that, but should be a coupon to get it down more. You have four colors in the original and in the bip s, but they're different colors it's, a silly gram lighter with strap for the BIP s than the light or the BIP. These were the same, even though they pulled the GPS module out of the bit light. This looks like it's all different, but it's. Actually, all the same screen type is a reflective always on TFT screen. They are all 2.5 D, Corning Gorilla Glass, with a a special anti fingerprint coating, all the same size, but this is the difference. I p69 never heard of that Spectre, psyche, P, 67 and 68 folks that's pushing it.

This one's three atmosphere – and this is now five atmosphere now I don't know how many of you are gon na dive to three atmosphere or five to tell whether or not the light leaks and the s doesn't they're, all pretty much swimmable the original bit just wasn't. Quite as definitely waterproof as the bit s, the band widths, like, I said, a little bit narrower here on the new one, but it matches up with the bit light. If you have that one already and here's where we get fun, you got a couple of different sensors. Now you got the PPG heart rate sensor in both of these and now they're, calling it a bio tracking, BP, PG biological tracking optical sensor, same diode technology, but perhaps a little bit better electronics in it for deciphering. What it's reading three axis acceleration, which is the same as tri axial and a geomagnetic sensor, have a compass here. I think it was on this one too just not mentioned, and you have the compass in this one too, and an abbey of ambient light sensor. So it can automatically dim or brighten the light of the display, depending on the light outside big difference here, four different basic sport modes. You know running walking, cycling and jumping rope. I don't know something else. Anyway, you got Tim now on the new amaze Fitbit. Yes, so five atmosphere, waterproofing ten different sports modes, slightly smaller bandwidth battery, is the same as the bip.

It was a little bit larger. It seemed like in the bit light, which maybe gave it a little bit longer life two and a half hours it set on that and for charge time two hours here and here's your usage time. I don't see a whole lot of difference. It'S up to 45 days on the original and Jeep and GPS removed, bip bip, light and 40 days on the s, but the standby is 120 days and GPS mode is about 22 hours. So battery life is basically the same. We got gps and glonass here, but no gps on this one and the Bluetooth is bumped up to five and the rest of it we're using the Amaze fit app now. The original long time ago was using the me fit and we have different languages which we saw on the other screen: okay, that's, the specs. This is a descriptor of what's, going on I'm, not gon na read through the whole thing, but I'll put it up here. If you really want a freeze frame it and take a look at it, it's kind of summarizing everything that I told you already. The new and it's 31 grams, total weight and eleven point four millimeter thick, which is really nice and and thin. It works for men or women, because this is a smaller type of a watch: 28 nanometer, ultra low power consumption using a Sony GPS chip consuming only one third, the power of similar chips; that's why you can get so long on running it actually with GPS? Now it's got the exclusive personal activity, intelligence activity tracking metric in this one and that's something new to high precision, heart rate tracking, with human, bio, tracking, PPG optical sensor, giving you the 247 heart rate, measurements yeah.

What are nice enhancements if you already have a bit? I don't know you watch the rest of the review and what we see when we look at it – and maybe maybe you'll want to upgrade, but if you don't have a bit yet. I think you're gon na be very interested in this one. Let'S charge it up and turn it on oops. We didn't show you the manual let's page through that quickly lots of different languages in here and it's a a simple small manual so not too much to go into detail. It'S, mostly done within the app itself and the watch there's the QR code, you could scan that right here off a YouTube or easier way is to click on the link in the show, notes and that'll. Take you over there, so you can download the amis fit app. It tells you how to get it started and that's yeah. Then we've just got some regulatory information, basic FCC rules and such in the United States anyway, some more disclaimer type information. The I can. I see registration codes. The high end watches like this. They tip tend to have a lot of protocols that they go through and agencies that they get registered. With that you don't find on many of the other Chinese watches. So I don't know you can basically say that they've done more due diligence and that they've really got this thing, honed in for mass sales and recognition across the board by all types of agencies in all types of languages and all the different countries.

But that's pretty much what the manual covers not a whole lot so I'm, going to take you from the beginning of how you get this thing paired to here. We do that every now and then not for every review, but gon na do it for this one, because I've already got my amazed fit app on my phone with a little fish swimming. In the background, you see that I love these active wallpapers I'm gon na bring this thing up: it's syncing the data right now to a Stratus three that we just reviewed, which is also an incredible watch, but what I'm gon na do is add. Another watch here and looks like it's a watch, not a band or earbuds let's go into the watches, and this look for the amaze fit bip and bit light there. Bip S amp S, Lite, oh they've got a s light. I didn't even realize that it's a little bit bright, isn't a stim that down so it's, not washing out the whole screen there you go so we want that BIP s and it begins with the camera. Looking for the QR code – and we have a QR code on here – see in the transflective, if I tap it, I can brighten it up. I can bring it in the square and it says it's connecting and it's as simple as that to get your amazed fit app connected to your watch. However, what you didn't see was how I had to go through and set up an old.

My own personal account. A name password all that other business in the app when you first install it so make sure you go through that stuff. First get yourself an account, but the pairing is really really easy. Oh, oh raring request is refused, bring it closer and try again. Okay, sometimes it's good to see this stuff BIP, yes, it's about as close as I can get, but I'm gon na keep it even closer and we'll. Let it go through its connection. There we go confirm pairing, checkmark and it's automatically updated the time and activate a new device. If you have appeared multiple bands, only one would be available to record data and receive notifications, so that's an issue if you have more than one amaze fit device gon na be paired to one watch. So when I activate this it's gon na say bye, bye to all the data that I had on the strattice three stop yes and activation successful, and now the BIP s is what we're working on now here's an extra interesting thing to think about you see after Pairing it's going through and it's upgrading the GPS firmware for more accurate GPS positioning that maybe because it's figured out where I am on the planet and it's, not China. And so it needs to download additional stuff to set up the GPS properly. Be able to really locate everything correctly, it's saying up, reading GPS, actually on the watch and it's transferring all that information right now: okay, that took a little while now it's doing something else: updating resources, interface, graphics and other things that it needs to work.

So when you get it right out of the box, like I said on all of the amazed that watches we've reviewed, set aside some quality time that you can be with your watch and your phone, because it's gon na take a while to get everything ready. Even after it's done the updates there could be a complete firmware, updating, that's required. We saw that in the Stratos three it went through four or five rounds of firmware updating before it's settled down right now, it's, just upgrading the resources after it updated the GPS. So more to come there we go updating firmware so it's at least doing it automatically for the first round of firmware for this watch well. Well, let that finish! Well, the app is returned to us now and the watch says that it is upgrading a GPS and that's a special way of computing GPS. I think, based on your location, type stuff anyway, there it is it's done, and now we are back to the Amaze fitbit s category within the overall app itself, and you see all of the data that I had here for tracking for the past several days where The Stratis three is gone and I'm starting over from scratch with this watch, but not to worry apparently that's available. If I switch back it'll take me right back to that data set and it's going to start a new data set with this one. We'Ve done a review of the app several times again, if you want to see more of the details of this, because I have accumulated data already from like outdoor cycling, events and exercise capacity and stuff that's held over it's, just a step count the sleep time.

All that stuff is it's. Different Pai is right. He I can turn on detection and it's now set to adjust, go to the profile, my devices, heartrate, detection, okay and so forth. You call all kinds of good stuff that you can do there and down here at the bottom, and this is also on the Stratus tree and any of the other devices that work with this app. You have all kinds of things here: here's the PAI. You also can do a body score and your blood oxygen max I'm, not going into excruciating detail some of these. You set some of it computes, but you can, if you're, really an exercise buff put in your chest. Circumference, your hips, your wait, a minute, that's hip hips there. What was this one waist? Okay, what chest waist and hips? Then you do your arms, your bicep area and then your thigh and and you see where it's doing it when I'm touching it long enough. It'S going into it, and then you can get your calf circumference and put in your weight and your body composition, your BMI muscle mass. I think all these are get computed from all of that. Your water, your overall protein basal metabolism, visceral fat and bone mass Wow, Wow ECG, which is not supported on many of these devices, so it's not going to be a function that you'll be able to work with with the BIP BIP s Stratis three any of those And boy it just my phone itself is not is not behaving because it's so humid here and my fingers kind of moist blood glucose.

You can put that data in here you can put in your blood pressure manually and you can put in your body temperature manually. So some devices perhaps allow this kind of data to be transferred, but you could wear a different band like the spoken. The spoken blade that that computes a lot of this stuff you could get on a scale. You know and put all of those data points in here to fill them out other than that. The rest of this is the same. You have all the different categories that you can go through and do different things with the watch, the ones that are supported the ones that are not supported on this watch are here and they're on other different devices like NFC is not in here. The intelligent assistant isn't supported directly, but you do have things like your dial settings and the watch comes with. I think five different watch faces, but then this is an access to the store where you have a whole variety of other faces. You could put on this particular one's kind of cool. You don't see any data here yet, but it has the ability to do heart rate across it, but I could switch if I want to to something like this and it's gon na sink that face to the watch and you could have a really nice big time. Only display set for 12 or 24 hour on the watch that is really bright outdoors in direct sunlight or easily viewable backlit, as well, when you press the button and on and on and on look at all.

These different watch faces now available in all different kind of colors combinations, yep great great stuff. So at this point, we're gon na leave the app and I'm gon na go out and do some stuff with this thing grab some data get something that I can show you and I'll be right back we'll continue the review. Well, here's a really fun watch face. I'Ve had it for a couple of days now and look. This is my actual heartbeat in a 24 hour period, so it's all scrunched in here, and you notice. I got my real time right here. Heartbeat going on that field actually turns out to be changeable. There'S a couple of these watch faces: did you see that little Bri? That means the screen was locked and when I pushed the button it unlocked it. If I press and hold you see where it says customize, if I touch that I can tap on the screen and change this field to all kinds of things, sunrise sunset, my step count the whole what you might call a temperature here, any push ooh go to The Grand Theater whoo push notifications and more and more and more. This is this is cycling through this one down here at the bottom, which I had on heartrate, and what do I do? I push that button again and I could save it. If I want to like that and there it is and there's another way you can do to change that there it's gotten changed to alarm time.

It looks like, but you can mess around with those two fields. On here and there's, a few other watch faces that you can do that too. Also, when you saw me download that one watch face and then I did another one and I could do another one or another one, it always replaces the previous one. So you can have only one custom watch face in here at a time which is kind of a bummer, because it would be cool if you could do more. All the other ones are stock faces, but that one face is special and this one also turns out that it's customizable too, and this is the one I run with all the time – hello. Okay, I have heart rate and then I have my battery power and then I have my step count date time and so forth, so play around with the watch faces. You'Ll learn how it works now in terms of overall. What the watch does you slide down? You got these four different things: they do not disturb your overall brightness level, it's at mid brightness. Here I can brighten it all the way up here for indoors. If I want to – and it can even start washing things out, it gets so bright. You can lock the screen here or keep it unlocked, and here is a way to play music on your phone. If you've got your phone set up to do that in the tethering mode, when you slide up, if you have any notifications waiting, they'll appear for you right here and then, if I slide to the side, I go through different widgets I've got my heart rate widget.

I can leave it on. It shows me what zone I'm in in color, plus the actual current heart rate, come over here it's my step count. Yesterday, I had all kinds of data on here to show you, but I couldn't finish the review so now it's tomorrow. I don't know if you saw the transition there, but I just barely have anything so sorry about that. I'Ve got 71 for the PAI. You need to really research what that is it's a combination of stuff with an algorithm that they come up with. I think the targets a hundred so 70 ones not too bad and then, whether as long as I'm tethered to the phone it's pulling that stuff from the current location, information on the phone itself and, of course, you've got forecast. Information too. When you see these dots on the side, you can go down. So here we are the watch face here. We are with the heart rate and notice: there's, more dots, there's, my resting heart rate, a heart rate zones and how much time I spent in them over the past day and again, I'm just getting started, and so those are the dots that are shown there coming Over here I got my step count: distance travelled and calories burned and okay, and then I score here and this one, the PAI and the last seven days. So you do have quite a bit of graphic information on here that you can play with and it loops around the other way when you go the other way too, and since I just put it back on let's, go over here to this one, where I have The heart rate oops, I don't – want to customize.

I want to just go into it and you see I just put it on this morning and now I'm, getting some new heart rate data here. So what about the button on the side? Okay, well it's! Here when you unlock the screen, if you press and hold it it's immediately, gon na go into the activity that you've set it up for walking running cycling whatever and it's ready to go looking for GPS to connect into it. If you press it again, I'm lesson before hitting a button, you go back to the list of available activities. If you want to choose a different one and of course, it's got pool stuff, open water. You have your workout history on here, where you can actually see the routes that you went on and more information about each of your activities, they're stored on the watch and are available right here or from the app when you tether to your app there's a nice Little walk with miles per hour, distance, traveled, heart rate, cadence. All these kinds of things you can delete it from the watch or you can keep it and all that happens right from the button. Well that's about it. For the watch, there's, no blood pressure, blood oxygen, any of that kind of stuff it's, really a fitness watch with some accurate heart rate data it's got great GPS built into it, works really well it's, using GPS plus GLONASS and by the way, coming up I'm gon Na do an overall thing about these different satellite systems, because now we're getting different combinations available that you can use in your device, depending on where you live and it's good for you to know which satellite system is the best so have you subscribed? I hope so because you'll get if you hit that little bell you'll get information on when that little video goes up in just a few days, once again, the BIP s.

Now the follow up to the original BIP and it looks like not only is there a bit best but a bit s light. These supersede the two or three year old, BIP, originally a great great watch, but with new features now and much more waterproofing, full five atmosphere. Waterproofing it's got 40 day battery life, really really good investments currently on flash sale. I check the show notes, see if we can get you a discount coupon for this.