com dedicated to you guessed its smartwatches and fitness fans. Oh, my goodness, 2019 summer of 2019 is going to be known as the summer of the high end fitness band, because all the major Chinese companies are putting out their latest updated versions of their most successful fitness devices made beautifully. We are looking at what is called the amaze fit band or Core 2 remember. We reviewed the Amin's fit core earlier and it's a Xiaomi ecosystem product that's right this one's in black international version, so that it should work with multiple languages, make sure if you buy and you're not in China, you're gon na try to get that international version. Overall. Here'S, the specs of what we're about to see, unlike some of the other ones that are 0.95 inch screen this one's coming in at one point, two: three inch: a nice larger IPS LCD color screen it's got 240 by 240 pixel Gorilla Glass, material, high quality, ABS Frame the same 2.5 arc angle, throat edges to it. It'S got reflective display technology can't, wait to check that looks like it might be. The kind you can see outdoors, mmm, hmm heart rate, monitor call reminder information, push it's, got long standby for 20 days with 160 milliamp hour batteries fully waterproof to 5 atmosphere, that's becoming the new standard used to be. You can wash your hands with it and, if you accidentally get it under the sink running water, you're, okay, if it's IP 67 or 68, now you're really looking at swimming so much so that they actually have swimming functions.

In these watches, it uses the app my Fit, which we just looked at when we did a review of the banned for right. The my band for my fit was the tethering app same thing with the Amaze fit line uses the same out. So we'll go briefly through that app and you could look at the other review for more details. Here'S some of the general specs. We just covered a lot of this stuff and product sizes and whatnot, and there it is sitting nice and pretty in its own little box. Pops right out here, really soft TPU material here, it's gon na be nice on the arm. It looks like pretty stiff at the edges. Charging pins, the heart rate, monitor it's, literally screwed in here, so you're, not gon na be taking this off or taking it apart. It'S got a little cover. We can remove how about charging and such oh look at that. It lifts up its own little cover to reveal the manual and then under here I love playing with this fancy packaging when they take the time to do it right. I know there's somebody in the design department watching this video right now all proud to see that I'm taking time to enjoy all the work that that person or that team went to to just put this thing together, so it's fun to open up. Well, you did a good job here. We go, it's got a very unique charging pad of sorts.

Ah, okay, okay, let's see yeah yeah, yeah, nice and strong. I don't know if you guys have watched my review of the my band 4. If you have you'll see how frustrated I was that in order to charge it, you had to pop the whole module out of the bands and and stick it in a cradle yeah. This is a much more logical approach, good and solid, and you could have that on the nightstand and pretty easily find it and hook it up USB connection on the other end and you don't need to charge it very often anyway, because of its long battery life. Let'S, give you a run through of the manual there's, the opening information, very basic stuff, a detachable band. Okay, even though it looks like it's screwed on there, it says it's, detachable, awesome, there's how you charge it. We just looked at that there's, the QR code. You use to download the my fit band app and, of course, we'll have the link in the show notes for you to download it, and I'll also have a link to the section of the other video that we did. The my band review of my band app review, so you can just click on that and jump over to look at the details of the app itself, because I accumulated a bunch of data on the my band for, and we really went through that in detail. Same basic stuff on this watch here: okay binding your band that's, how you do it using your device, uh huh show you that it's, a multi touch multiple places to touch touch the bottom.

You can slide up and down, or it looks like tapping the icon or swiping to the right up each one of these. We have to learn kind of a unique way of navigating on them, but once you get it down, it's pretty easy here's. All of the technical stuff that the legal stuff they give you warranty information and overall specs and then we're off to the Chinese part alrighty as usual we'll charge it up and then give a run through, take a look at what it does. Well, I want to show you this part before we even go any further uh, just like we saw on everything amis fit or show me it's, not gon na start or go anywhere, it's a totally useless device and less it is paired and it always pairs with The my fit app here we are on the my fit app it's, still actually paired to the my smart band. For that we already reviewed. I need to go down in here and unpair. It unpair it it's synchronizing data before it unpaired. It asked me one last time to unpair it, and I do now. You won't have to go through these steps. Of course, when you get yours, but you do have to go through what we're about to do now in order to pair it up with the Amaze fit band to our core there, we go we're, unpaired there's, my old device, the original core, a come back over Here I hit the plus button there.

This is a band after you pair the device. It'S gon na collect all this data on you and you have no way around it, because if you don't authorize the collection of that data, you don't get access to your brand new toy. So for all of these amazement, products you're run into the same situation. You basically got to give your social life, your digital life, your personal life away in the connecting process and, as usual, it takes a long time to find the band so I'll be back once we're connected. Oh we're are connected good confirm the band nice of it to accommodate, hit the checkmark here and pairing up pair it's successful. I was fairly quick. It adjusted the time to the local time it's checking now, as it says, restoring bang advanced settings and it's also gon na see if there's updates required. We saw that as well, and there starts a little circle of forever see it right there and I'll be back when it's done, because it's gon na take a while well I'm, starting to see a pattern here. As you can see, this went through a first circle. Then it did another circle on resources announced doing a third circle on updating firmware. It looks like Xiao Meis in the habit of sending out bands and watches with just limited software, to acknowledge a push when the customer gets it after they connect to the app, and the app, of course, is going to have connection to the server which will download The latest information, no matter what it is so don't expect to ever get a device that's all up to date and ready to go they're automatically going to be all old basic technology and be updated when you first get it so rule azam set aside at least A half an hour to an hour to make your band functional and by all means, don't try to turn it on out in the car.

Something get home, get your phone get in a Wi Fi zone because there's a lot of binary bits that are being pushed down to you and eventually, eventually, with 38 percent power left you'll actually get connected. So there we are here. We are with the app and I'm gon na now charge it all the way up and we'll begin the review. The first thing you may notice is: I have a different watch face on here, that's, true, what I did in all of this last time I charged it all up that was yesterday, so it's only dropped two percent overnight. I went to the watch faces section in here and going to the server in China. I presume it's downloaded a few different watch faces and none of them are that default, one that you saw. It also says: custom band faces, reduce battery life that's because there's more pixels and brightness and whatnot. However, I don't see a way to get back to the old one, the original one that it came with, so be careful. If you decide you want to install one of these custom faces because it looks like once, you do they're gon na be on there, and you only have the selection that you saw to choose from again. It takes a long long time, so I'll skip ahead, and now we have a new watch face and I particularly wanted to show you this one. So you get a feel for the actual size and location of the screen.

It is a larger screen than the bands we've looked at before. However, it still floats amongst the really large black overall bezel, if you want to call it that empty area, so we do have a variety of watch faces, but not nearly as extensive as the ones. We saw for the my band, for if you remember that review there were lots and lots of them so they're unique to each watch. So it really depends on what device is tethered to the app as to exactly what you're gon na be seeing as capabilities to work with it I'm not going to go through this one I'm. Really gon na invite you to review the my band for review. Take a look at that one. If you want to study all of the different aspects of what you can do with this app they're all in there. You also have the opportunity to review a bunch of the Amaze fit watches, because we talked about the same app it's used in all of them, and you've got that basic page that relates to the device itself. You'Ve got your own profile, information friends if you set them up and then your overall workout, where it will tell you some basic information of the status of the band today and you can also initiate your own walking running and cycling right from the app as well. So let's get to the band because that's what's different again when you press and touch it, it doesn't advance there's a button here, but it's locked out in a way there we go.

Okay, that you can, that you can't, really use it directly. You end up having to slide or scroll up or do different things we're in weather, in Shenzhen China right now, which is settable from the app to get out of here there. Okay, I went to the right I'm gon na try sliding up there we go now. We get into these little round circles. You have status notifications, your overall workouts there's, the weather itself. Ali pay is available, setting, alarms, clock, music and settings. Then each of these, then you can go into there's where you can select watch faces lock the screen find the phone and reset and everything a lot of this you've, seen in the little one minute review so they're laid out differently and that you have the little Circles on a screen that lets you get into them, rather than having to go page by page by page through them right. If I want weather, then I've just got it right there: okay, there's a music player when you swipe to the left and the weather and that's it swipe to the right. You'Ve got the watch face and that's it swipe down. You'Ve got your do not disturb mode which happens to be on there. We'Ve turned that off swipe down again, nothing swipe up and you're into all of these little dots, yep that's, the layout of the the band it's a little on the thick side, but not tremendously.

It has the heart rate sensor, and it looks like this when you put it on and basically what I'm gon na do is a comparison with this one and the my band four and reach way over across lines to the Huawei band three Pro and give you A little comparison of all of them together because I know it's getting kind of confusing as to which one you may want to buy. None of them have great exotic features: they're, not doing blood pressure and blood oxygen and run an EKG charts and taking your temperature and giving you your body fat. None of that it's, a basic high end Fitness watch with your normal settings, music player, alarms, workouts and different watch faces all right. You'Ve seen the app you seen the band and you've seen that you can pick this one up from gearbest it's called the original amaze fit core to alright it's the new to version of the core watch it's a shiny product, part of the Xiaomi ecosystem product line. They also are behind the my band line and that's the my band for that we'll be comparing along with the Huawei band 3 Pro in the next video. Hopefully, that'll help you get a good idea of how they all work separately and similarly you've been watching.