com in this box. I have another amaze fit product and if you've been following us here, you know we have the amaze fit verge and verge Lite the GTR and now the GTR lite I'm about to open this up and show you what it looks like inside. If you've been around here for a while, then you've watched several of our reviews, and you know you know we already have a great review up on the gt r compared with the verge and the verge, like so I'm gon na, be referring you at the end Of this video and throughout it over to that review to capture 90, what we're gon na talk about in this one is the 10 difference between the GTR and the GTR light. Now these come to us from gearbest. Thank you guys. I really appreciate sending this one out. This is the GTR light and check the price it's around a hundred and ten bucks, or so I think, it's in flash sale that may be the lowest we've got but check the show notes, it's, always changing, and if I can get you a coupon discount, we Will, and if this goes out of super deal, oh and it's get some more expensive, yeah, definitely check for a discount coupon, the GTR light at about a hundred and ten dollars compares with the original GTR. Now these are both the forty seven millimeter size and again available through gear bests in flash sale for about a hundred and fifty so that's 30 more and what we're gon na talk about is what do you get? Well, what do you lose with that 30 difference.

Now there is actually even a higher version of the GTR if you really dress savvy and looking for high end, the Amaze fit GTR titanium Edition on flash sale is 200 bucks, so practically double the price of the light. What do they look like spec wise? Well, here you go, this is the basic GTR, I'm gon na show it to you briefly and not go into a lot of detail. You can freeze frame this and back it up and go forward if you want to that's the specs on the gt r light, and these are the specs on exactly the same. Forty seven millimeter gt r. Okay, this is the titanium Edition now and what we see is a difference is the GTR has GPS in it, and it also has memory for storing songs and things. Okay, now I know that's kind of hard to look at the two spec sheets separate, so I've got something here: that's gon na show you everything all put together. There'Ll be a link to this article in the show notes, it's, actually an article on gearbest website, where they do a comparison between the light versus the original and, as you check it out, you notice. The things that are in the centre are identical and the things separated are different, so the GTR yeah roughly when here they're saying a hundred and forty like I say the price is constantly bouncing around thirty two for twenty to forty dollars.

Difference depending it's got alumina. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel, so a little bit more of rigid construction you're looking at a heavier watch, silicone PU leather for the van so tiny little upgrades kind of like when you buy a car with the pro pack on it got little nice things here and There, the big difference is in red here you have a half a gigabyte of RAM and you have four gigabytes of storage so that you can do more things with the GPS and the tracking and the music players. You also pick up a geomagnetic sensor and a pneumatic sensor which you've lost here in the light, and this is a review of the light now so we're kind of following this common. There is no NFC at all and really there's, no NFC for you and the gt r. If you, if anywhere except China, it's limited to the China version and, of course, no GPS, which doesn't necessarily mean you don't have tracking capability, it means you need to take your phone along with you. While you have your watch on and run the app in the phone to accumulate the GPS readings for your track and feed the other information from your watch to marry up with it, that's how I understand it works with the GPS in the watch, then you don't Have to do anything you can leave your phone behind they're, both five atmosphere, a waterproof, eight sport modes, there's a few more sport modes here and so forth.

Okay, now read that for sure the differences have talked about there and then there's this document I will get to unboxing it. I promise you is the GTR light without the built in GPS worth mine. This is an opinion piece and there's something called first bit: algorithms that you find with the GPS in the GTR that's, not in the GTR light. But if you're not a heavy duty, fitness buff and you don't really need the GPS tracking information. You'Re, probably fine with the light. Ok, the advantages of the light. Well, here you go. How do you choose look at what your lifestyle is? The verdict? Basically, if you don't have the high requirements of the GTR with GPS and onboard music, and all of that you can save some bucks by buying the light. Ok there we are back again once again check the show notes for the links from gearbest. For any of these now what's the time you can remember, skip up to here and you'll get to see the watch, but that is obligatory information, plus educational information, leading you up to what you're getting here now I have not even opened the box. This is brand new move beautifully. It'S got the same kind of a layout, beautiful packaging, great for gift. Giving and we've got the TPU kind of a band. It has a maze fit written on the little clasp here you can pop into this very flexible band. Lots of holes all the way around so it'll fit arms, big and small and it's a good size watch, but it's not overly large either they do have the 42 millimeter version of this as well.

For a little bit smaller look, you got the optics. You got everything the same everything the same: probably the packaging, the same too, because there's nothing special in the packaging for GPS. Oh, I could have pulled that tab. Sorry, I did it wrong I'm. Gon na pull that tab. Now I want to show you something because that's who I am I take my time with these reviews – think about this it's, a box: how in the world can you pull up on one end without the bottom hitting? This is true of all of these now watch. When I pull up and you look at the design of the box that's attention to detail, you see that slight slope that allows it to come up and clear the edge. So it looks like it's going straight up. Yeah, if you ever want to design something fun, look at the way these amazing products are designed, they're really really good and then either you can pull the even open it like that. They just know how it works. Here'S, the little booklet not going to go through that because it's, basically the same as the one you'll see in the other review, we can keep moving here's the charging apparatus and because the physical design is the same, this will be the same it's a little clamp On thing now, this is a weakness. I think it could be designed much better. You have to be very careful.

You get this just right on here, because if it doesn't magnetically couple you're in trouble we're waiting folks, this is now I'm talking to the watchmakers we're. Really waiting for you guys to do the wireless charging, especially now that you can slap Wireless things, wireless charging, things on phones and those phone can charge them. Why not have that? I cube noir q Qi. What is a Qi called Qi charging built into your watches? So that you can put your phone down put your watch on and trickle charge your watch from your phone. I mean it's it's, a no brainer that will be when, when that happens, I'm gon na be hyping. The max out of that I'm gon na say, skip all the things I'm, showing you now and by the ones with the wireless charging. But until then we are stuck with these kind of docking cradle things that just simply don't work. Unless you get the alignment perfect, when you're going to bed after a late night of drinking, believe me kind of hard to do, okay. The other thing I don't really like is this – is really unique. It'S, not your standard four pin magnetic charger. You can get anywhere! You have to get this specific one if you have any kind of a break or problem. If the pins pop down and don't charge properly there's millions of things that can go wrong, you got a dead watch once the battery runs out.

So one weakness of all of this, whether it's the light or the gt r regular, is this whole charging apparatus, alrighty let's turn it on fine look at the gear now: what time is it yep yep? Now you remember that time and that's when mister tix actually turns the darn watch on for the first time press the top button hold. It says amaze fit in beautiful color it's an AMOLED screen, so you get that gorgeous color and you got to download the app to bind the watch to the phone so that you can go forward that's a another drawback of all of the amazed. That line. Is you cannot use this thing as an actual watch without actually connecting it to your phone and making that's that synchronized connection, and in order to do that in the app on your phone, you have to create an account with all your information log in and connect To China servers just to get set up so that it will work in tethering and that's as far as I'm going to take you with this watch here, the actual gt r we'll go from here forward and it's identical to this watch so check the review here. In the corner and head over to watch the full review of the amaze fit GTR and just know that you can pick up the GTR light directly from gearbest for a few less box with no GPS and limited memory in it, you've been watching.

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