The new Xiaomi Amazfit GTR Smartwatch is finally here, but it’s not quite there yet, as there are still points to improve on. The Amazfit smartwatch is often less than 130 euro’s and for that price, it delivers a lot of value. Got it from: In this review of the 47mm version of the Amazfit GTR watch, I will discuss all the yay’s and nay’s.. like design, the display, battery-life as well as software.

Mi band 4 review:

I really like the Amazfit GTR its design, it’s professional look and the increased dial size. On top of that we have a bright and great looking AMOLED panel, it’s 5ATM waterproof and the swimming feature is added as well. The activity, sleep and heart rate also look to be a bit more precise than the MI band 4 which is a warm welcome. The feature that I like and use a lot is the quick access button that you can set yourself. The only downside is that you can’t access it anywhere else than from the homescreen. The battery is a tricky one. It’s good. But on the other hand.., if you turn on sleep + automatic heart rate detection + the high brightness of the display + many activities, it runs out of juice in no-time.  And then there are a couple of minor things that could be slightly better on the GTR from Amazfit: GPS could be a bit more precise, there is still a bit of lag in the UI, NFC is listed in the spec sheet but so far I can’t get it to work, emoji’s are not supported in the notifications, you can’t reply or enable quick replies. Some of you might miss the integration with other apps like google Fit and there is no storage for music.

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