com and today made in China in this bag. Well, do you know what it is, but I don't cuz I'm just now opening it, but you've seen the title cuz. The video is already done. Are you ready? Are you ready, yeah amazement, grand professional system with the GLONASS, GPS and GLONASS in it? What is it, what is it? Well, we have to open it up to find out. I guess huh, all right as we get ready. We'Re gon na tell you that inside this box, this particular SmartWatch comes to us from gearbest it taken so long to get into that box. It'S the Amaze fit GTR the Grand Touring racer of watches. There is hot demand for this one haha hot demand for this one check down in the show notes flash sale going on right now, as the prices change we'll try to keep a good coupon there for you, so you can take advantage of it. What makes this forty seven millimeter or forty two millimeter versions so special well you're about to see in this review. We'Ve already looked at the amaze fit verge the verge Lite we've seen the Stratus in the pace and we've seen China versions and global versions, and now now they seem to be hitting the money with the GTR it's, an AMOLED screen running Bluetooth, 5.0. 4 connection. Look at that resolution four, fifty four by four. Fifty four on the forty seven millimeter version of it 1.

3 nine inch a little bit of RAM little bit of ROM it's, not an Android watch, mind you it's a sports fitness one with waterproof rating all the way to five atmosphere. You can definitely swim with this. One got vibration, find your phone stuff, it's got the heart rate, monitor pedometer, set and all the kind of things we've seen on these things, countdown stopwatch weather forecast all of that built into it a decent sized 410 milliamp hour battery takes one and a half to Two hours to charge and they profess pretty long life so now that we've done all that let's open the box and look at the beautiful presentation that they always come up with. I tell you these guys are great. When it comes to packaging, it says move beautifully as they all do. It'S got a little pull up thing that lets us lift the inside box from the outside box and within here we have a compartment for a charger and for the manual we lift a little more. We can open it up. There'S the multi language manual in here and the charger I know you want to see the watch but I'm gon na show you the charger it's a little dock arrangement with two pins on it and that's separated pretty wide. So how does it work let's find out? You have to look at the bottom of the watch, which just lifts right out of here now. This one is a sweet, nice brown, leather band on it as we open that up, you can see.

It'S been rubberized on the inside, so it's, sweat, proof, definitely removable with pins and look there's. The charging points. Okay, and we got a little cover here. Let'S take that off Wow the build on this is beautiful, very nice, heart rate diodes, the sensor and the charging port and it's magnetic doesn't like kissing that way. Let'S try this way, yep sucks it right up, so you're not going to end up with it on here in the wrong way. It'S automatically gon na turn with the magnets to line the pins up on the dock. So you can just have this on your nightstand drop it on when you go to bed and you're good to go very cool. You may fit manual now. This is available on PDF and I'll. Have a link in the show notes for you, so you can download if you want to which is rare that's, why we usually page through these, so you get a chance to see them there's the basic information of what comes with it: the buttons there's, the QR Code you're going to scan for the Amaze fit app all of these tether to either the Amaze fit app or the my fit app. It seems and of course, it's an amazed at watts, so it's going to use that particular app now as we're paging through the manual I'm gon na give you my disclaimer on this. When you turn these amazes on right out of the box, they don't work.

They have to be tethered to the app in order to actually work and in order to set the app up, you have to create an account and in order to create the account, you have to give all kinds of permissions, including your IMEI number, in your phone. So it knows and identifies specifically with your phone, your location, your personal information, all of the things that you need basically to make the watch work, but it also, if you decided you didn't, want to do that and just use it as a standalone watch. You'Re, not gon na, be able to do that now, of course, once you go through it, the first time give all those permissions and now we're into another language and set it all up. It'S, it works great. You don't need to be constantly tethered to your phone, but you do need to tether to the phone the first time in order to use it ads through this one it's. True of all of them – and I got a little paragraph in the show notes to explain all that – just beware – that that's one of the requirements that you're going to have to agree to when you buy an amazing now let's have some fun I'm going to charge. It up and we'll turn it on well, the insides are pretty much the same as the verge line. The Virgin The Verge light with a few subtle differences which you'll see but the outside well it's, totally different, beautiful, beautiful body, construction, heart rate diodes.

In here charging pins. We saw that whole thing, mmm very, very nice and quick boot up and there it is it's on. I think the best way show you what this does and how it works is continuing that comparison, video. We did with the virgin of urge light and just walk through it. What I'm gon na do is grab the verge light because bottom line, this one is almost identical to this one. Only in this format it's a larger screen. Now they do have the smaller screen. So it's going to be just like this, but in this body this is kind of a plastic and rubber sports combination and it's a whole lot cheaper than this one is, but this one this one is the rage. It has a couple of things different in it that this one does not have notice. The time out is fast on all of these sorry, I'm gon na be pushing buttons all day long here. This one has a compass in it and it has altimeter in it and because it has the altimeter, it can give you your increase and decrease in altitude, and that is a factor that's computed when you do all of your sports fitness stuff, which will show you When you swipe down on both of these, you get that same screen as we've seen before we've gone over that flashlight brightness adjustment power level date, everything is identical there. When you swipe up you get into the the app drawer and notice.

We'Ve got status, heart rate, workout activities, whether music, notifications, alarm event, reminder more and settings, and inside the more I've got compass, timer, countdown and fine mobile, so we've added the compass on this one and in settings we've got our watch face our screen on duration, press And hold the button that's on this one and it's called Quick Start up on this one. When you come in here – and here you see, you can have outdoor run walking outdoor cycling. All your sport activities are available on this one. You have a little bit more capability. You can set it to just check your heart rate or work out whether a notification since so forth, most of the apps are in there. Even compass countdown count up timer. All of that, so you have more flexibility when you press and hold the bot or press quickly. The bottom button that's the quick start up button. This only has one button and it's going to be one of those sport things as well: okay and then you've got system and system is basically about the device, shows you the firmware version, that's running and a little bit more information, and then you've got overall regulation. Reboot and shutdown and factory reset – and again I remind you that if you change your connection, you're tethered connection to a different device, a different phone it's going to do a factory reset on you automatically. Okay and that's everything here.

So the two differences, the compass and the the altimeter are, are in here here's step count when you go one here's heart rate when you go to, and then you come back to the watch faces now in terms of watch faces there's a bit difference here. You'Re. Looking at one of them, this is brand new out of the box. I just want to show you you have only 2 watch faces installed the digital and an analog, but as you'll see in a moment in the app you're gon na have a whole lot more. Here that was the first one. There was a second one, looks like that, and then a third one I downloaded. So you had these two originally and then you have some more that you can download from the tethering app as well and that's, one of those the gt r. Now it tethers to the Amaze fit app and we've looked at this one extensively before, but I just want to show you a couple of things with it: opening it up it's using the Amaze fit GTR, it says if you need to switch to another device and Able it in my device and when you do it disables this one now it does not factory restore it like you would, if you're switching to another phone, it will continue to work and you can track data and whatnot, but it won't be active in terms of Sending the data to the app whichever one you choose will be the one that's actually going to work.

So I did sleep with it last night and got a chart for you, so you could at least see what it looks like and how it presents. The information to you, you have history here. I only have that one so far, on 7 days, 30 days, whatnot and of course, the current day, it has a continuous heart rate checking at these different times on these different days and on any of these looks like we can go deeper and there's the resting Zone that I'm in and it shows you your overall zone and you could delete it if it's erroneous or you don't need it. So you have that there and then you have the different activities that you did actually wearing the watch and they'll show up here. But what I want you to look at now are the watch faces some in the Amaze fit GTR tab, where we have control of all the different things related to the band again to see each of these individually, one by one check out the earlier reviews that We'Ve done of the emmys fit verge watches the watch face settings is something that changes between all of them. Every time you go in with a different watch, you've got different faces that they have created for you, and there are a whole lot of them for the GTR. These are tiny little thumbnails and when they're actually installed on the watch, you can switch to them. Just by touching them, but unfortunately it only ships with the two that I showed you and because of that, all of these watch faces have to be individually downloaded I'm going to show you that in just a moment I want you guys to pick one there's, the One that I put on the verge light remember these are all scalable to either the large or you want the little kitty.

Okay, it comes up and it says ocean song is what it is and then you say sync with the watch now. I got plenty of time that, because it takes a while to do this and you have to do each of them one by one there, it downloaded and now it's in the process of syncing, and that takes quite a while see that the progress chart going across Here now it says that this is a store and there's more watch faces hundreds of them available, but I haven't been able to successfully do that with any of these watches, I believe there's, an app out that is capable of connecting with at least the verge I'm. Not sure about the verge light or the GTR, because these seem to be very similar with the verge. You can actually plug it into your computer when you have it in the charging cradle and connect. Oh either, PC or Mac and drag and drop watch faces. That are designed directly into the watch and boom. They pop up very, very nice, very easy, but this is a little bit more complex and I haven't I got birds out there, this isn't exactly the easiest way to do it, and this is this – is the stock ones that come? Ok says the dial is downloaded successfully and there you go there's a little. I guess it's a little kitty with a time on it and it looks like numbers of steps showing and that's the dial and of course I can switch any time out of that one by pressing and holding and switching back to one of the other ones.

The last thing I want to show you, because this is different with respect to the come on now the workouts were getting back to, but the more where we are more is the compass hooey took a while to get there this I'm having problems with in most Of my reviews that have a compass, you see me do this that's that figure eight thing, and I do it two or three times and all of a sudden, the compass pops in well. It takes longer on this one. It finally did it and was actually fairly quick. I'Ve gotten up. I'Ve walked around with it I've had it it's sluggish it's, uh it's, a compass now I'm sitting in the North, so that thing should be pointing to me directly here and it is, but it takes it a while to catch up. But you've got yourself a compass, then. Finally, we get into the workout area I'm gon na go into something like an outdoor run I'm going to compare it here to this one which is workout outdoor run, they're, both looking for GPS, hopefully they'll, find it I'm gon na go ahead and hit go I'm. Gon na show you now we looked in the comparison, video and found. Is this a good time to bring in the actual verge? We showed you the verge of light there and I'm gon na go into the run on this one yeah. I took the band's off of it.

You'Ll see that in that comparison review just so, you can see how funky it is, how they're hooked up here I go. Okay, I've got them both in a run right now, now a big difference between the verge. Ah, it just picked up GPS and the verge light was that when this one dims out and normally would turn off, the screen is still visible. You see it there, and the backlighting in here is. This is really harsh, but there's the screen is still on and we find that in the GTR just like in the verge light, it turns completely off they're just picked up GPS on this one as well, so when it times out – and they both time out relatively Quickly, gon na just do that one more time for you, the brightness is set relatively bright. It goes to a shade of gray, and then it turns out completely. This one goes to that shade of grey there and then and then turns dim, really really dim, but still visible. So the verge is the only one that stays on when you're doing your fitness workout, the gt r works exactly the same way as the verge light, and you have to press and hold the side. Wait for that to go, and in here your stop button and on this one, oh yeah, what I wanted to show you on this one there you go that I'm cycling through everything or you can slide it here is what we are actually getting in terms of Data you've got iron it time at the top.

I wish I had more time. Distance and pace is in this one and then heart rate, but when you go up one more, you get average pace, cadence and consumption. Here you get total ascending and total descending, because you have altitude you're getting that data, then cadence comes on the other side or on another page and consumption by the way is calories and that's it on this one isn't it well, we get stride length and then We get consumption so you're getting three different things in here: total ascending, total descending and stride length are available on the GTR that you're not getting all right. I will look at this one for you, too here's the same we're in a run right. So you got time distance pace and heart rate that pauses it there we go. We go to the right average pace, distance gain, cadence and calories. Wow. Look at this. You get a heart rate chart that will be filled in live. You get your GPS route actually on the watch as well, while it's live and active mm hmm, and on this one, when you finish it and save it pause and stop. Okay, it's got up my little track. There it's showing the outdoor run, which is probably just GPS error, because it's zoomed all the way in right now and then the the data that you get looks like this. I just tell you, duration, distance and pace show up in heart rate.

Then you got cadence stride, length, consumption and now you've got the total, ascending and descending. So those three stride and up and down are there you get a heart rate table and you get that on that one as well. You get your heart rate chart on here. You get a pace diagram on this one that you don't have on the other one, because it's not doing the pace. I don't believe it's this one out of here. Stop okay and we've got that duration, distance pace, heart rate stride consumption chart; oh all, right. Heart rate and pace, okay, you're getting exactly the same, at least in the run when you look at your data, but you are getting altitude on this one when you're in cycling, because I tested that with cycling and because you don't have an altimeter, you don't get That, in here, your change in height is not there all right, little subtle differences I'm, going way too deep for you most of you wouldn't care about all that. But what you do care about is the fact that this is a much dressier watch. You'Ve got the rubberized backing on it and leather type of AB, and it lays flat it's easily disconnects and any size band can fit. It looks like 22 millimeters check the show notes. I'Ll try to have that for you. There should be in the specs this one. No way it's a totally different kind of a rubber band on both sides, it's purely for sport, it's kind of a plastic body, and hence it's, going to be less expensive, at least the light compared to the gt r that's.

Why this was such a big rave right now you got it in two sizes, a his and a hers if you want basically the same size as the verge light screen here, but with the same kind of dressy design, yeah. Okay. So how do you get this very easy? You just go into the show notes with this video and click on the link. It'Ll take you over to gearbest and you can pick up the amaze fit GTR. It is brand spanking new, just really just out on the market, but definitely perking a lot of interest because all of the good things it'll do you've been watching.