Smartwatch, you are looking at the black box containing the amazed fit GT s. Oh we've been waiting a long time for this one and we have it in, but we have it in just barely in time for the holiday season, so I'm gon na do an unboxing for you right now right away. So you can know what you might be getting if you decide to pick this thing up. It comes in its traditional white, amazement box, and there it is. It is available right now from gearbest check out the show notes for the best deal. We'Ve got going and a coupon discount it's a one point: six five inch AMOLED display GPS SmartWatch with 12 different sport modes, really waterproof 5 atmosphere, here's the overall general specs for the thing 383, 48 by 442 screen resolution little bit of memory in it to handle All this kind of stuff and vibration alert health tracker heart rate, monitor to 20 milliamp hour battery gon na give you about 2 hours, charging time and 14 days of standby use. Silicone batter of batteries, silicone band I'd love to have a silicone battery, actually aluminum alloy case and so forth. Let'S get into it. I love it. The presentation is phenomenal as usual: move beautifully, is their logo and there's the little tab that pull here tab when we do it comes out of the boxes and that's such a fun. Surprise. Can you imagine this on unwrapping of a present yeah when you pull further, it actually opens up the box getting in here you have a compartment with a manual, you have a charging thing and you can see.

The watch is just kind of sitting in here and it just floats right out of its little compartment. If you don't get stuck on the hook there. Okay, let's take a look we're gon na undo the strap nice silicone band like they said and tons and tons of holes, so it should fit just about any arm it's a good size, but not too big of a screen. It'S got simulated of course right here. We'Re gon na take that off show it to you on wrapped around like this on me. It comes in about middle of the bands and I'm about middle size, so that's its overall look very thin heart rate diodes and everything right here. The charging apparatus for this one is inside this bag nicely carefully put together and it's a fancy proprietary dock arrangement. Here you go two charging pins well, where you think they are you're right. These are the diodes or the sensors for the heart rate and those are the charging pins. So you're gon na need to wou play with the magnetic field hover hover over turn. It the correct way, drop it on, and it's gon na lock him will. It go wrong, well, not really, but it can get caddywhompus you like that word or is it kitty? You Wampus depends on if it's a cat or a anyway it'll hold on. If you get it just right, nice and secure, we are going to turn this on and show you what it can do in another video.

This is just a quick unboxing, because it's holiday season and we're gon na do a full review when we actually charge it up and check it out.