Smartwatch gang it is so exciting when we get a game. Changer watch in it doesn't happen often couple of times a year, but I mean it sets the bar for everything yet to come, and that's what's in this bag. This it's the first dinosaur yeah. Usually we talk about watches becoming dinosaurs. In about two years, you got to replace them, even if they're working fine, because the technology advances that fast. But this is the amazement t rex, the first dinosaur, and why is it called that? Well because it is amazingly adapted for existing in the outdoors. Just short of extinction by a meteorite or something it's, gon na last, pretty much forever in any environment, you put it in man I'm about to tell you what it has and what it does. Of course. First, I got to tell you where you can get it from our gang at gearbest: they'll bring it in the Amaze fit t rex at a special flash sale price. A hundred and fifty bucks right now there's not a coupon on it, but keep an eye on the shownotes, because very well could be by the time you're watching this video and speaking, is shownotes. I'M gon na deviate for just a second, because i really want you guys to be aware of this. The show notes are the text part that's attached to these youtube videos on a computer. You just scroll down there right there on a phone.

I don't know you swipe left or right, depending on what you're on get yourself to the show notes, because, in addition to the link that you just click on that'll, take you to this buying page from gearbest that you could pick it up and we do get Credit for when you do that and you use our link, but in addition to that, I've now got this spreadsheet available. For you. This is a Preda that's current right now the background on this is gearbest. The company maintains this and, in the background that you guys don't ever see, I get to peruse this look at what's coming up. Look at what the coupon discounts are gon na be pick out. The watches we want to review, try to get them here to get you the best price when they go live anyway. It'S it's the insider scoop and we have agreed to allow you to want a look at the spreadsheet. My contact at gearbest has readwrite authority. So, do I on this spreadsheet and you guys will have review authority so in this show notes there's a paragraph explaining it and a link to bring this spreadsheet up in the Google Documents and you whatever watch you're interested in the okie tells e32 the amazement Stratus. Three here there, it lit up in red when they're special in the pricing on it and direct links right here. So whatever watch you're interested in buying before you buy it hop over to any of the gear best reviews I've been doing and check the show notes for the link to the spreadsheet and then see what we've got going.

Fathers days coming up VIP club, all kinds of really cool stuff it's in every single video of every single watch. The gearbest has sent me over at least the past couple of years, so they update at once, and you get to see it no matter which video you're watching really really great opportunity to get you guys. The best price, okay, let's move on to show you. What is so significant about the t rex and then we're gon na open it up? Oh alright, I'll open it up. First, I get so many complaints, twenty two minutes and thirty seconds before he even opened the box. I know, but I really like to show you what comes in these things, so we will look at the specs in a minute after you actually see it. Ah, like a mace fit always does they've got this fun box that you take the lid off of and there's the watch, with a little tab that you pull on. If you can get a hold of it, that will lift the the whole thing out, and this is that I've talked about this before, but look how they curved the box so that it will literally lift up inside you're going to have a charging thing and a Manual, I mean no matter whether you're buying an inexpensive or a very expensive amaze that watch they all come now packaged in this exquisite way. There'S the charging wire the manual and then the watch sits right in here and that's everything that's in the box and the watch itself after we peel the cover off looks like this yeah wow.

This is one of the softest bands I've ever seen. Wow Wow try and do that with an Android watch, yeah whoa amazing. The specs will give you all the fancy words to go with the steel buttons and the ink filled fiber bloody, bra I'm, not versed as well in that, but I'll just show you the picture. You can derive that from yourself. You got the heart rate sensor stuff in here this puppy. This puppy is sealed. So good, you get five atmosphere waterproofing. That means you could dive in water up to 50 meters and it would survive. This thing is incredibly temperature resilient, which will go over here in just a moment. This thing has built in GPS with GLONASS, and you just saw the video that explained all the different systems. Right GLONASS is Russia, and that means it's gon na work in the northern part of the world right, as well as regular GPS, working everywhere and on and on and on get you better accuracy, basically and a better, faster hookup, because it's got both systems in the Container here for charging that glue is so tight. We have a dock of sorts Wow, okay. This is kind of different usb on this side, and this thing it slaps across these two silver points. There you go okay, so you do have to get it aligned, it's, not like a wireless charger, but because it's magnetic it tends to want to pull into that position.

There'S no pin, locking it in place so be careful that you get it just right. When you charge it, the bands lay flat, so you can easily put this thing down and charge it up, which we will do in a moment there you go, we've got a little manual and, as you know, in the maze fit ones they don't go into a Whole lot of detail there's the QR code to download the Amaze fit app, and all of these amazed that watches use that app talks about how you bluetooth, tether it just the basics. So we're gon na just really go fast through this because it's, mostly legal technical, mumbo jumbo that they put out and not really directions on how to use it, and then it gets into other languages from your audience. So what makes this a game changer? Besides the name let's dive in right off the bat military standard, 810g milliards, a compilation of twelve different military certifications that this watch has to pass, including resistance to harsh environments like temperatures as low as 40 degrees centigrade below zero and seventy degrees centigrade. Heat 240 hours. Survivability in that environment, damn 240 hours of damp heat, survivability and that's really awesome. That means you know the the water vapor when it's hot is not gon na penetrate the device at all and 96 hours, salt, spray, acid and alkali resistance. You could pretty much do just about anything with this watch. You got the metal buttons outer bezels made of that ink, filling technology with metal screws and so forth.

There'S your five atmosphere, water resistance, that's 50 minute meters of water pressure. Basically, it means you really can swim with this at a minimum. You can dive with you got 20 day battery life, okay, so that you can go out in the wilderness. It'S got advanced low powered chips and new circuit design. The high end sony gps chip that's. What we were talking about when we did the video on all of the different systems for acquiring your location, this one's got gps and glonass combined in it, which gives you 40 hours of continuous work time with GPS on, and so it could track you going out Into the wilderness for the whole three day weekend, basically well two day weekend and with GPS on and of course, all that gets transferred to the app and as you've seen when we've reviewed the app you can have that track against a map. The Google Maps and see exactly where you went it's a 1.3 inch AMOLED display full AMOLED display for clear outdoor viewing rugged appearance. Five unique colors, a selection of 30 different watch faces and gang. Look at this. It also supports the always on display, so it's always going to show date and time information we'll see that when we turn it on, I haven't seen it yet 14 different sport modes in here: the GPS activity, tracking, Bluetooth, music control, bio tracker, PPG optical sensor for High precision 24 hour heartrate, you see why I'm talking game changer, the military, spec, the GPS, the always on display 30 different watch faces for a few more specs down here and then the overall spec sheet is right.

There, alright, let's let's, get this thing ready. I am going to charge it up and put some data on it. So when we turn it on, you'll have something to look at here. We go really attractive. Very nice watch. I got it set up with the first watch face, and can you see the always on time, but if I flip it and it'll light up into the actual face, but I have one of two choices: either that analog face or a digital one. That will be always on in the background very stretchy band, so we'll just put that on and show you this as we get ready to go through it. I also have it tethered to the Amaze FET app and it took a while to set up and if you want to understand why watch either the review on the Stratus 3 or the the BIP s, which we just completed both of them and go into much More detail on the tethering: well presume you got through that we're all set up. You have an account going we've got it tethered. We'Ve updated the firmware a couple of times on this that it asks for and we're good to go. So first thing I want to do is show you that on this screen, you get a bunch of different things. We'Ve covered this before I just started it so you're, starting to see the accumulation of my heart rate. I did a little outdoor run, gon na go into all records and here's all my records from other watches amazed, fit watches the Stratus and Stratus 3 and so forth so forth.

And if you want to see any of this detail watch one of the other review is going to keep moving on this one. I haven't really done enough to accumulate data, to show you on this watch, but it's the same GPS, the same basic software and the same transfer over here and the app is the same. So all of those tracks will be here when you hit all records under your specific tab right here in the Amaze fit app your distance traveled calories burned your heart rate, the PAI. We talked about that that's, a special new figure that they're gon na, give you and show you on a chart of your overall body health. I guess it's a new measurement technique that they're putting on their haven't slept with this one. But if I did you'd see the sleep chart here and like I said, the other reviews have actual sleep aid. If you want to see what it looks like on the app how its laid out you have a gold tracker and then just like the other ones, you have all this other stuff here BMI you can put in your height and weight and things and compute all Of that stuff and these slide back and forth and you can go in each and every one of those, so a really quick overview, the first page of the app. What I want to get you to is over here in your profile, where you have your different devices right now.

The active one is the t. Rex here were the other ones that whoa I just hit my slider for brightness there we go. You guys know about that right, it's, an app called display brightness and I use it on the watches all the time the Android watches, but it works on the phone. If you're interested go to, slash, android watches, look for the app display brightness and you can download it and install it on anything that's how I get my my brightness just right for the camera and phone and watches you see, I had the other ones and When you, when you put in a new watch, it automatically disconnects you from the other ones, but you can switch back to them. If you want to you, have all this additional information, you've got your settings and what I want to show you in the t. Rex are the watch faces, and here are all the different watch faces that you have access to, and you guys know about setting up triple tap zoom on your watch or phone in the settings good, because I'm gon na triple tap boom boo boom hold it and Now I can zoom around and show you a little bit more of what the watch faces. Look like because we're not going to go into all of these, and just like, unfortunately, all the amazed that watches that we've reviewed so far. You have a good selection of faces that you can put on the watch, but you're restricted to only one at a time.

It comes with a couple of stock watches, but after that triple tap there. We go after that. When you win, when you install a custom watch it'll show up on your watch. I'Ll show you mine in just a moment and when you put in another one it replaces that first one, so you can only choose one of these watch faces. You see here to complement the two that comes stock on the watch. So what am i talking about? Talking about this there's, the first watch face let's stock with the watch press and hold, and I could switch to the second one, which is the digital face. It looks like this press and hold and then you can go to one of these that you download – and this is my favorite one, because I have power up here. I can see that I have my heart rate live down here. I'Ve got my step, count. Calories burned and date really bright against the black background, so easy to see outside it fades a little bit and then it goes into the always on screen until you twist it and light it up again, pretty cool. So now let's walk you through a few more things on the watch itself. You got up and down buttons. If I hit the down button, you see, I can go to my step. Count screen my resting heart rate, once it's computed in my current active heart rate, when the diodes are touch on my arm and then overall control of things there's, a temperature which could be in whatever setting you want, based on your phone it's, pulling that in from Your phone, you have a flashlight here, you tap and it'll just make the screen bright.

You have a battery saving, do not disturb and here's where you change the brightness. I can go down as low as this, which is pretty low, as you can see that's great for indoors at night. I can go super bright, like this, so bright, that it's basically going to wash wash out a lot of the colors on the on the device and it's really easy to see outside in that level of brightness. And of course you have auto brightness. I can set it's got a sensor that tells what the brightness is and adjusts it automatically to the recommended level for you indoors or outdoors I'm gon na set it about right here for the video. And then you have a lock screen thing which, when you set it up properly with the app will, allow you to automatically unlock your phone when you're wearing your watch when you're within Bluetooth range. If you're out of Bluetooth range, your phone goes back into being locked, which is kind of cool your power level date and time information. All of that stuff, we were doing the down button, so it loops through these screens like that and comes back to your watch face when you come over here. You get notifications, Asians pushed from your phone, including who's, calling on a phone call and your SMS text messages and others from apps that have pushed here that you set up in the tethering app. And then you go this way and you get your app drawer which shows you your overall status in terms of steps and distance travel.

Then those kind of things your PI, which we haven't computed yet. But when you do, it will tell you what your target is and it's on a scale of 0 to 100, but it needs some data before it can give you that there's, your current heart rate, your workout area, where you wow it tells you got 19 hours Remaining of 95 percent power at the settings that I've got on here you have an outdoor run and walking and outdoor cycling and all of those then tie in with GPS. You have pool swimming open water swimming, remember, it's, 5 ATM waterproof. This thing is super super. Sealed treadmill indoor, cycling, elliptical exercise in general, climbing and all these ones that just involve doing some stuff they're gon na give you basically a calorie count against time, outdoor trekking all of that stuff. Some of these claiming trail running and an outdoor trekking may invoke GPS. So I have to give that a try see what it does. One of these days. We have your activities, and here we go here's the one that I just finished there's a little trek around my house area. So it can be really as small as just feet. You know meters, this is probably no more than 50 meters, if that – and I just walked all around out in the yard – and came back into the house – that kind of stuff here's some of the data that you got distance pace, heart rate, all that kind of Stuff, the zones you were in during the workout Wow cool, your heart rate, diagram your.

What is this one now pace, diagram places that I stopped and then started walking again and you can throw it away if you want to or you can keep it and, of course, all that got transfer back to the app you saw that section there and you Can view more app more of the activities on the actual app itself, but you can do a great deal of it right here on the watch. So if you really are going out in the wilderness and tracking different kinds of of activities, you've got the overall activity there got it set for shins in see how the folks that make these watches. What the weather's like today it's got everything again pushed from the phone over to the watch, including the UV index forecasts who's gon na be raining in shinzen through next week. Interesting music player alarms, event, reminders. You'Ve got a count up timer a countdown timer. You can find your phone, it makes a loud dinging sound. You have a built in compass and this compass is really you if you've seen the other ones. This is a definite improvement. Look at how it's giving you a read, so you can kind of tell really quickly some information about it, it's pointing due south. This is the direction it's pointing I sit in the north. So when I turn it this way, yep it's, right there and and North is zero, so it'll go 180 in one direction or the other, and then that color wheel will flip to the other side.

So you know which way east and west is and all that kind of stuff. So a very nice improvement on the compass in this one and your overall settings which isn't much your watch face settings which shows you. The three faces that you have installed a screen on duration up to 14 seconds as low as six seconds, and what thing you want to quick start when you press the buttons your status, your heart rate, your weather, workouts, that kind of stuff, the always on display. Can be closed so it doesn't, do it it's set for an analogue one or I can go with a digital. One will show you that and then the yeah, the pointer is analog and then the overall system, which is basically about reboot shutdown and do a factory reset. If you want to always good to do a factory reset when you first get one of these things. Just because might be handy okay, we got to wait about 14 seconds. So once again, the green bar should go down as the power level drops and your heart rate bar illumination will change color based on the heart rate. There is dimming and there it's off, and so this is how bright it is and what the digital watch looks like now. Personally, I would have preferred if they would have made the minutes in white and while I'd, like them, both in white but the hours in a different color, because outdoors it's gon na be a little bit challenging to see the minutes.

You probably know what hour it is, but I really would have liked to seen white for the hours that's. Why I'm choosing the analog one, because I can definitely see where the hands are on the always on time. My only complaint about this one: okay, uh. What more can I say, a really nice sophisticated band on it, doesn't look like they're removable, but there's no antennas in it. As far as I could tell breathable lightweight it's, not all that thick, I thought it was gon na, be pretty darn thick for everything that it can do and all of the security it's got in it for temperature, survivability and underwater protection. Everything but it's a good it's, a good, thickness gon na be a really really good competitor to the amis fit watches that are already out. There I'd hold this one up against the Stratos three. Definitely the bit is a little smaller one. So for the ladies, that might be better, but I think between the Stratos and this one I with all of the features going for it, I'd, probably lean toward this one it's called the t rex and its enemies fit watch 1.3 inch, AMOLED color screen with 20 Day battery life, five atmosphere, waterproofing and twelve different military certifications to meet that standard it's on flash sale. One hundred and fifty bucks basically check the show notes. Don'T know when you're watching this video but check the show notes for the link to click you over here and it'll, either be at that price or a little higher.

A little lower or I'll have a coupon for you, along with that link that you can apply to drop the price even more. Thank you guys for watching. I really appreciate you being here. Remember, there's access to the global spreadsheet of all the different watches and right now, right now as you're watching this. The next four days or so we're gon na have super good discounts on a lot of different things, so check the spreadsheet right now, if you're interested in this watch or some of the others, prices are gon na drop for about 4 days. After that, just keep coming back, they're always going up and down, and if you like, any of them that you're interested in click on the link in the spreadsheet that'll get you over there and you can go ahead and purchase them.