Well, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, is it a duck? This is a brand new amaze fit product called the GTR. It looks smells and acts a lot like these verge watches, but not exactly like the verge or the verge light. This will be reviewed next, but I want to let you know it's here as you watch the following video, because this comparison, video was completed before I got this one in, but we will be reviewing the GTR and there's a link in the show notes. If you already know you want this, one check it out, I'll have that there for you as well. All right here is the comparison, video greetings and welcome back the SmartWatch tix we're, a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch, tix.com and i'm gon na show you a comparison of the amaze fit watches. This is the amaze fit verge and verge, and this is the verge lite. I can tell them apart, because the verge has the four little marks and the light has one and that's the first of the infinite differences between the two of these Virge is white. Virge light is gray, keep that in mind, here's how you can get them and it's really important. I mentioned this because put a lot of work into this. All of the sponsors, as well as the research to get this together geek buying, is bringing us the amaze fit Virge light.

So, if you're interested in the light, please use the link down below and pick it up from geek mind. If, instead, you want to buy the verge itself and not the light, then we're invited to use the link we have from gearbest. In this situation, two different sponsors have sent the two different watches and we have to kind of divide them up because they're looking, you know for return on investment for sending out the watch for review that you guys will take advantage of the link and buy from Them so we really appreciate it if you'll do that, pick up the verge from gearbest and the verge light from geek wine. The basic difference between the two watches now this chart compares that also with the amaze Fitbit, which is in a whole different category, it's, a rectangular band kind of thing. These are almost identical in size and layout. They have the same size screen the same number of pixels. The light is working within Bluetooth 5.0, whereas the verge without the light, the irregular full version is 4.2. The light is a newer version and so there's some really interesting new differences here, there's music control that claims in the verge light, but not so in the original verge in the sensor, compartment they're, almost identical except you, don't – have the compass in the light you're missing That one and I think, there's a couple one other one yeah air pressure, so anything with barometric pressure is not in the light.

Okay, but they're, both ip68 waterproof twenty days of battery life. On the light five days that claims on the verge same battery size, seven different sports and activities in the light 12 in the verge same kind of band, same GPS and a 40 difference in price, but there's way way bigger difference in how they actually work. They both interface to different apps and that folks is huge, huge you're. Looking at the my fit app the my fit app is designed to work with the verge light and it's all set up. Now it was a royal pain in the kazoo to get this thing to tether. I don't know what I did. I think. Finally, I was so frustrated. I just kept tapping at the screen where it said to a link to the my fit app and suddenly it said you want a pair. Yes, there so I'm, not unparent and I'm, not going away. I got these. Things turned on and it's working, so we're gon na look at the light first and show you some of the differences in how it works with the my fit app you're gon na find that the straight verge, not the light we're with the Amaze fit app, but It'S supposed to work with the Amaze fit watch app, which has been discontinued and has been replaced with just the plain amazed fit app, but that causes some serious problems. Yes, let's go here, we're gon na go over to profile.

This is where you see the different watches I had connected and right now, I'm connected to the Amaze fit verge light on this. One here's, where I can set goals, have behaved friends, behavior tracking. All this we talked about in the longer reviews, yeah that's, pretty much. What I want to show you here, you can show status notifications. You can set your units what you can't, do, what you can't do, you can go Imperial and you can set for weight and distance, but not time – and I have not found a way to change this from 24 hour time on this band this one. Yes, you can go to 12 hour time, there's a setting for that in the amaze that app, but not in the my fit app that I can find to get you out of 24 hour time on any digital watch faces that have that that's. The first thing beyond that I want to take us back. Oh, I am in profile now now we're gon na go deeper into the watch itself. That was kind of general settings here's the overall settings for this we talked about watch face settings now. If you've looked at the literature, all of these say you can add all kinds of watch faces. I haven't figured out how to do that. If I got an idea, I'll put it in the show notes if you research it and figure out how to add more watch faces than the stock ones that come with it.

Let me know: okay, here's, a huge difference between the way these operate. You see that's. This watch face here, if I want to add a different watch face let's say this one. I press that button and it says how big it is and to sync, with the face, and for the next 10 to 15 minutes. We'Ll just be sitting here twiddling our thumbs talking about the weather, while we wait for the face to be synced to the watch. If I press and hold on here, I can see the watch faces that have been installed and it only comes with one out of the box, so these are a few others that are accessible from the my fit app over the server. I presume pushed to your phone that you could install on here, but nothing close to hundreds and hundreds released to load. Hundreds and hundreds of at least the 100 watch faces that are supposed to be available. Don'T know how to get access to them. We'Re on Wi Fi we're on the Internet, and if I want one of these watch faces, I have to select it and wait for it to download to the watch the good news about that is, as you saw, I can simply press and hold activate this. I could be anywhere away from the phone. I can touch a button. Look at that that came in at 2 p.m. the other one came in at 1400, maybe it's, situational huh, ok, learn something I guess you can have 12 hour, but it's somehow set in the face itself, not a control in either the watch or the app.

All that said the watch faces are on here. You can change them without needing to have the phone to do it. So here we are in the Amaze fit app it's asking you to select your language. We go for English, and the first thing it does is give us the QR code, which we're supposed to scan with the app in order to pair. To do that now we have to go over to profile. Are you with me come back watch? I want you to see this whatever you do and stop it come here. I can come over here to profile and I'm supposed to be able to go in and add a device and get the little uh thing that you know camera that I can scan it, but wait but wait. Look the Amaze fit verge light. Whoa, not activator, not activated hundred percent it's, already connected wait, it's connected to the amaze fit app. It was connected to the my fit app, but it says it's connected here and when I go into the watch faces there's. All the same watch faces that we're here and if I want to install one of them, it goes through the same process as it did in the other app, but wait there's more. Are you having fun? I love this stuff. We'Re gon na come down here and remember there weren't any widgets, or what do you call them watch display items I'm gon na tap this, and now we got a whole bunch of them.

Wow well, let's let's add well, can we add weather? Can we move it to the top okay? How do we, how do we get it to go? Can'T access notifications allow to do notifications well, that's. Another whole thing: let's save that yeah, okay, I've moved weather to the top. What happens now on here? What do you think step count heart rate back to the beginning, it's not affecting it? You got our weather settings and – and we could update that to wherever you want to, but the watch display settings hold the sort button to rearrange him. We can't change him. We can't add them we're, pretty much stuck even though they're visible, there's there's no way to move them from here up to above and save them to add them to the watch. So the light, although it will connect to the amazed fit app, is really meant to connect to the my fit app, and it has only these two watch display panels that's something okay, heart rate detection. You can set up lift the wrist to view info on when it will activate or not activate, so it won't be happening at night yeah. All these kind of settings are in the Amaze fit app and it says it's connected and the watch face are there but again there's no way to add the other hundred that are supposed to be available, but it is working with the Amaze fit app. Okay. Now you can go about doing what you're doing, because I'm gon na now disconnect this one I'm gon na come in here and unpair it and unpair and it's gon na synchronize the data.

Now what I'm? Seeing? Is that no matter whether you're, using a maze fit or my Fit it's tied to the same server in the cloud if you're logged in under the basic same account and you're there now notice that the light is rebooting? So when I disconnected it, I completely lost everything in the device and it's factory restored and it's asking you to open the my fit app to bind this to your phone, which is what we were connected to originally. But now. But now we're going to want to connect to the Amaze fit verge, but look the Amaze fit verge light is showing back up on the list, but you go down and there's the Amaze fit verge and a whole bunch of other things that are all broadcasting. That I'm, here I'm here this house is filled with Bluetooth signals. We are looking to do the Amaze fit verge there's our little QR code, thing there's, our scanning and there it says, connecting it – wants to connect and pair the numbers match that's. How simple it is to connect these watches, and now the Amaze fit app being restored from the cloud is going to be active with the Amaze fit verge, watch yeah and the watch are paired. Okay, there we are it's popped up here who wants to know what hand you're gon na wear it on here. We'Ll say the left hand. It vibrated it's, going through more of this food up process.

All of these amazes and I'm talking to pace the strattice. You name it these new ones, the verge virgia, light band so forth. All of these go through this elaborate process of disconnect wiping out their memory. Reconnecting restoring, if you have any history of it, are already in the cloud back to the device. You just don't plain disconnect and reconnect it easily so going to come in here to amaze fit verge now, we're actually connected to the watch in the app that's appropriate for it. You see, you have app settings that you do right here and now here's our widget settings for this particular one. Where we have oh yeah. I was going to show you this remember. I said let's see how it works. We come across and there's only two, but it doesn't loop, there's, continuous heart rate, hello, there's, the compass which I guess I should show you will let it get here and then you do a calibration thing, real, quick and then there you go. You got your compass and then there's the time, so you still have only two widgets, but you do have the ability to change them. Look at this I can't add more. If I do this, it says set up two widgets, only two widgets, just like the light it appears, but let's say I don't want heart rate and instead I want okay find the device there. Now I got find device and compass in here.

So if I press this, I slide over there's the find the phone start searching press the button hello and there it's, beeping and it's launched the amazed fit app. Even though it's already there and it's been found – okay, okay good to confer so you have these different widgets, thumbnails tiles that are here and you can change them out to be any to you would like from that whole list wow. It just bailed me all out of here: didn't it okay, amaze fit verge, we were in and we were down in the widget settings. Okay, you can check for updates and do all the updates and whatnot and one thing you'll learn when you watch the review of the verge is when you get it fresh out of the box. It'S set up with quite a few of these little widgets installed and when you do firmware update to it, it changes and restricts you to a maximum of two. So the two devices are kind of tied together as brother and sister, but they're not identical twins. By any stretch of the imagination. This one, you have to use the QR code to scan in from the Amaze fit app in order to pair it properly, and you do have when you do that capability to change your your different things here. Oh and the last thing was, you know, the all of your all of your apps are in the app drawer right here and you can scroll up and down to get to them or look at that.

We launched the compass and now it's showed up as if it's like a no that's, still the thumbnail okay, instead of swiping up which we did before on this one, which brought up all of your apps. This one brings up your notifications, so it's not just a lite version of this one at all, it's a completely different watch, using a completely different, app doing similar type of things differently. The apps behave similarly and when you're logged into one like the my fit app and your watch is tethered there and you launch the amazed fit app. That same watch is tethered to this older app, but it's not meant to work with it. So you get the list of things that you can't add it's, just the wrong thing to do. So, if you end up being a watch collector and have quite a few of these amazed, fit devices around you're gon na run into some conflicts within the app. But if you're only buying one – and a lot of you are here to say which one should I buy, should I get this one or that one it's kind of up to you? If you need a compass and that kind of stuff you can go for the straight verge. If you want to save 40 bucks, you can get the verge Lite, just remember that they tether differently. Here, you install all of the different watch faces on this one. When you press and hold on the watch face, you can see.

One watch face all right. If you want oh there, they are they're there. Okay, you have all the watch faces in stall in here in the watch as well, but check this out when I go into the watch. Face store in the amazed fit app tied to the amazed fit verge here are here, are all of them and in the other one we have to tap on it and install it, but not here all of the ones you see here are a reflection of what's. Already reinstalled on the watch, and so you can instantly change it just by touching it and there's a whole lot more, but not hundreds, but you do have access to a bunch. So if you want a bunch of watch faces that install easily using the older amaze fit app, then the first version of the verge is correct for you, but the verge light that tethers to the my fit app and it handles installation of these to the watch. Totally differently, so you have to install each one one by one now once they're in there, you can change them pretty quickly and easily, like you saw. We can do here just simply by pressing, holding and sliding and by the way, the ones that look like they're. Not full are just placeholders, they just haven't been filled in yet, but you can do that. You can get them all going like that, so different approaches to both of them so that's the comparison, the bands are pretty much the same.

The way they are tire tight on the edge is the same. You have one button on the side. You have the same heart rate sensor. The docks are identical, so there's not really any physical difference in them. The thicknesses are pretty much. The same looks like a microphone hole here: that's not over. There speaker is over here. I don't see that over there what this is that's your eyebrow. I see rising that there's, no speaker there's no microphone. Well. Does that mean this? One does not do phone calls. Did we check that? Is there a phone icon in here? No there's? Not? Does that mean that when you press on hold on the side button, you can't activate, no look, you can just toggle it on and off you have nois. You have no phone calling capability. You can get phone call notifications, yes, but you're not going to be able to talk to the person from the watch or anything else that involves audio no speaker, no music, no music directly. You probably can use a Bluetooth headset and do music that way, whereas the original Virg has all of that so significant differences between the two so much so that it's hard to believe they're from the same family, Virg Virg light. I give this one a completely different name, but they didn't. So there you have it the complete comparison between the amazed that Virg and Virg light, if you like the Virg with all of its features, including speaker and microphone, phone support, assistance, support and interface with Alexa.

You could pick it up with the link in the show notes from gearbest if, instead, you are looking for just a nice little sports fan, save an extra 40 bucks or more then check the link in the show notes from geek buying and head on over. To pick up, the Virg lite you've been watching. Smart Watch sticks where a youtube channel at SmartWatch, tix comm, covering just about everything on the market and today taking a look at the amazed it virgin virgin. I will see you again soon well by now. Most of you know that if I have a little more time with these things, I find a few more things out and that's. True of both the the virgin. The Verge light let's cover some last minute stuff. Here it is with the bands removed, and I wanted to show you that, although they are removable bands they're pretty funky, look at this it's got a reduced pin section that looks really awesome from the outside, but it makes it a non traditional band. You might be able the color mix them. I don't know the verge light. Does the same type of thing, so the the bands are a little bit odd and different not to be confused with this one whoa yeah. I mentioned this at the beginning and Jessica not in time to make this review, or this comparison but I'm doing a review on the brand new amaze fit GTR, which is kind of somewhere in between these two or a blend of both of them.

Taken to a new level, we'll learn all that in the upcoming review, and subscribers will be notified first about this standby that's coming by the way in the show notes, I've got a link to it, a buying link as well as these. If you're interested in this one already, if you already know it's the hottest seller in China right now, hundreds per day are being sold then go on over and use that link for us. Okay. But back to these another thing, I wanted to show you – and this is subtle, but this is important. This would drive my decision. This is it that that big of a deal I'm gon na go into workouts. Bear with me here: okay and I'm gon na pick something something. Oh I don't know let's say outdoor running it's gon na try to get GPS, it's, probably not gon na get it because it's indoor, so I'm, just gon na say, go and it's happening now. Gon na do the same thing here on the verge showers. Hmm doesn't seem like a showery. How do I get to my stuff here? Yeah that's right? I go over here and I'm gon na hit a run. Okay and likewise it's gon na try to get GPS and I'm gon na say, go and it vibrated and it has started alright. This one turned off I'm gon na turn it back on there. You see the screens and they're both active, but watch carefully.

This one's dimming and it's turned off, but wait has it no this one when it turns off it turns off, watch dimming and off now look real carefully. Can you see the difference? This is off. This is not. I can actually see this in the car driving if I tilt it. Just right now ignore the data, because it's, not really, you know, set up doing the data but it's closed but I'm getting time and distance and speed and heart rate and it's an active screen. That'S not true on the verge light. Ah there it just found GPS indoors, that's cool, and so it lit the thing back up now its timing back out and it's going into a dim, but always on mode. I haven't seen that anywhere in the literature, and I thought you guys could should know because that could be an important decision making. It would be for me if I could have this on my arm and actually see my run or a walk or drive or cycle or whatever, but it is incredibly dim Sophie if you want to see it outdoors, you're gon na have to find some way. You know to cover it, but it's subtle, but it's there. Okay, I think that's it yeah yeah. If there's any more check the next review and I'll try to throw them in there or book in the show notes, we're, always adding comments from viewers that identify new stuff and anything that we come up with as well.

Okay, have you subscribed, I hope so that helps drive our channel. You know and it also lets you know right away when the GTR review is gon na be up.