This is a multi function. Multi capability sports fitness band it's an IP 68 waterproof Smart Watch and it's smaller in design probably fit for the ladies and smaller sized guys teenagers, you guys as well I'm telling you a little bit about it. We get it from gearbest check the show notes for a buying link if you're interested in this one it's got all these features. Health tracker, your drink, reminder heart rate, monitor, pedometer, sedentary reminder. All those kind of little alarms will go off. You got a message reminding system of course tied to your phone. A GPS is built into this one round, watch dial and a whole bunch of different sports capabilities, again it's doing Bluetooth 4.0, a '0 milliamp hour battery pretty decent overall dimensions, weight packaging. All of that stuff and it's right here, so we are going to open it up and check it out, get into that plastic and reveal inside in the box the Amaze fit box, the actual band itself. We have done a review of this actually already, but it was the Chinese only version. This is now the international version we'll be able to see everything in English on it. Before I go further, I want to show you that we have already reviewed a whole bunch of amazed fit devices the amaze fit pace, Stratos and here's the Chinese version of The Verge. You can see it right there, so you see the different sizes and screens and capabilities as well.

We have a whole playlist on all the amazed it stuff. So if you like this one, you want to see some of the others check in the show notes. I'Ll have the link to the playlist and you can just roam through it and see which one you like they all start out. This way you open the lid you've got the watch staring up at you in a beautiful presentation that says move beautifully and you lift up on here and you find that the watch is sitting in a box within a box isn't that cool. I love their presentation. You open it up. It shows you a little Szigeti thing here like power and a little texting like a document right there and sure enough. When you get in here, you pull it out. You'Ve got the charging cradle and you've got a little separator. That has a tiny little pocket manual in there and then the band itself, and that just pumps, right out of here great packaging, great for a gift we've got a little cover on it. We can peel off and let's. Take a look at the outline of this it's, a rubberized soft TPU band, lots of holes all the way to the very end. So, as you can see, a large wristed person can pretty much get it on and definitely a small wristed person. Maybe the ankle of your baby kid it could wear it as well. You have it looks like removable bands here, but they're very specialized, see that but there's a little clip here to pop these things out and change him.

If you want this is the the gray white version, one button on the side. Little March you saw that on the black one over here, there's is in its charging cradle as well just little red marks around here and heart rate monitor and the charging pins for the dock that it slaps into and snaps in totally like that and that's. How you charge it and be careful as you pop it out, you want to get it straight out, so you can easily pop it in at night charge it up. The band's do not lay flat they're a little tight around the edges here and they've got the little. What do you call this? A protector thing and notice? This it's got a little tab in it. So when you stick it in and you sucker it down, the tab is gon na. Keep this thing from riding up and down when you're doing all your sporting activities that's a kind of a nice little additional gesture. Huh. Okay, take a look at the manual which is in a variety of languages. Hopefully, in English – and here we go just shows you the layout and the QR code – that you use to download the app amaze fit watch and, of course, we'll have a link in the show notes. You can just click on that to get it from the Google Play Store, how you turn your watch on and off, and then you got a bind your watch to your phone.

This is part of the shinies ecosystem, and part of that is the fact that these devices do not work when you get them and turn them on until you actually set up an account and pair them with their tethering app, whichever one that is and that's just Part of the process, you definitely need to go through in order to be able to use it so set aside at least a half an hour or so to get this thing all connected up if you've never owned an amazed it or on my band or any Other Xiaomi product, then you're gon na need to go through all of that stuff, Wow a bunch of legalese, and then we switch into a different language. Alright, a time for us to, as we usually do, and we recommend to you, take it and charge it. First off don't don't go running around and playing with it, snap it into its cradle, plug it into the USB charge. It up really good and then come back and we'll walk through it together, we're ready to go, and, like I said, the first thing you've got to do is pair the watch to the app so from the Google Play Store, you're looking for a maze, fit that's. The current version of this now there was a maze, fit watch and there's been my fit. Then all of things, but for this one for this one you're looking for amazed fit there's a QR code, you can scan to get into it.

When you first turn the watch on or like I said, just go to, Google Play Store or the show notes down below amaze fit that's what you're looking for after you download it and install it, you open it when you open it. You'Re gon na be greeted with this whole login process and creating an account and there's some options, like choosing your google account to log in. If you want to, or you can do it, you know with passwords and and your own ID, and all that. However, you do it, you set up your own account and then you're going to need to pair it to the particular watch. It'S going to ask you to scan a QR code, you're going to get a circle. That'S, a camera you're gon na get a QR code on here, you're gon na line the two up you scan it. It says pair you get numbers, you match the numbers and you're done very fast, very easy, I'm paired already and a few other watches are paired to this app one interesting thing: you can only have one of your device's active at a time. You cannot have others, and so I was last time I use this. Was the amaze fit band too, and it was still active that deep I had to deactivate that one in order to activate the verge after I linked it. So if you're a watch collector an amaze fit person, just keep that in mind.

You'Re gon na switch between different devices throughout the week, you may need to bounce back and forth. The data is gon na be maintained in the cloud for you on the app but you'll be changing to different devices. Anyway, with all that said, I got linked to the Amaze fit verge and it is now asking me which hand I wanted on the left hand or the right hand, and at this point I want to give a big shout out to our sponsor gearbest and in Particular Jaime on gearbest, who has done an exciting and excellent video review of this watch, here's a screenshot from her video, Jaime you're awesome. I really enjoyed your presentation if I'm, the yang of all of this stuff and you're, the yin that was really really good work for those of you interested in this hop over to gearbest click on the video that's in the actual product description product description is in The show notes here and watch that video and come back and forth between what I say and what she says: you're gon na get a real nice balanced overview of what this thing can and cannot do all right: cool left and I'm gon na put it on My left hand it just vibrated and now it's going through its turn on process, and while it does I'll do what I said, I would do and actually put it on my left hand it's from Jamie that I found out about.

I mean really talked about this little thing with the little hook in here, so that you can push it in and it's a little tricky getting it on and getting it off that's what she says, but it'll actually sit in a hole and it's not gon na. Go anywhere which is really cool there. We are in English on the watch. We are up and running with. Our first watch face there's a little button over here and we can swipe see things like the temperature. Oh ho, nice and all of these are active little buttons that you can click on too. You can swipe down and we're all caught up on all of our messaging pushed from the phone that's over here you can swipe to the left and nothing happens to swipe to the right and you get into all these different widgets at the top. You have activities there, you have your overall health and it just put it on folks. So I don't have even any steps on it. You'Ve got a built in compass and we did now I'm gon na calibrate it. We did see this when we reviewed the verge Chinese version, but now we are on the actual English version and there you go I'm sitting in the north and disappointed that way, so it's working working great, we could swipe over to the next page, which is the Forecast showing your location and and what the forecast is for the next several days.

I could swipe over to continuous heartrate and I could say, check now and it's already bumping in checking giving us a digital readout. Now I'm super sweaty right now, so pretend I've just been out working really hard running a marathon and it's still reading, through my grubby hand, coming up with a nice heart rate and locking it in it's not bouncing around anywhere okay and that's gon na be recorded. Then I've got a music player built into this one. That was something new. Remember that they've been putting in here you've got an alarm that you can set a built in stopwatch your last night's sleep time and a timer. If you want to do like a countdown timer and then you get into your basic sports and your phone and settings – and these are some of the apps – I guess that you can use for it as well. If we go into settings, this is where we've got all the setup stuff here's how you can set your connections for putting you directly on Wi Fi, and your Bluetooth peripherals, like earbuds, that you want to use for listening to music we've got common things like the Language, if you want to change it, whether you want 12 or 24 hour time do not disturb period, so it's not going to be vibrating and waking. You up your overall airplane mode volume adjustment is right here. Okay – and you can do that right directly on the screen kind of convoluted to get way in here, here's, your brightness control, Wow, okay, you have auto brightness, so it has a sensitivity that can brighten it or dim it, and it tells you about that automatically and If I turn that off, I can have super bright or I can go down really nice low for night time and I'm gon na leave it on auto.

So it'll be probably best contrast for our filming. Here. You got vibration, intensity, I'm at middle that's, strong yep. I felt it off. Okay, that week is really tiny. Yeah medium strong is good and strong. I think it's good and strong preferences double tap to unlock the Music that's turned off right now, hey I'm. Sorry guys! I got ta play there's a lock screen. You can turn it on and you can wake on the wrist twist, which is what we want and it's automatically on and turn on. The function got it he's still going really slow, huh, okay, the start time and in time for all of that stuff. It really should scroll a little bit faster and not timeout so quickly, okay, lifting the arm and that, then, that would alright overall appearance. Now you have different watch faces. You can select we'll walk through those, you can have a second hand turned off or on so I'm going to leave it on and we'll come back and do the watch faces later you're wearing habit. We set that initially on the left arm. That helps with the twist your wrist, so it knows which way you're doing it and support reminding reminding of all kind of things. Turning what what the sports, hmm, okay, I don't know anyway, there's all these different reminders in here that you got to and then there's that's sport reminder: okay, who that's all in preferences safety. Is your mobile phone, a lost things so that you can find your phone? I presume find the mobile phone and there you go firing up the app.

Oh, it stopped. Okay, that's a little issue anyway, beyond safety, we've got data, this is manual synchronization or you can have it automatically synchronized, which I'll turn on that probably uses more power and your device, which is this thing you can reboot it close it or factory reset it, which Is what you want to do if you're gon na give it away or sell it if there's any updates waiting and there may be you're gon na check for that when you first get your watch so remember how we got here and go in and do this Sure enough look, we got a version. Three point, two point, one point: oh so I'm gon na take a moment and do that update? Yes, here we go all updated version. Three two one, oh and the app is reporting back. That there's also updates available for the watch for the amaze vet verge Alexa, smart assistant support, but only in the US and you can hit update here and that will allow you to update to watch hello. Oh okay, there you go let's, let it happen and I then will be back again. New version found update to this version. Yes and we're off and running again. I didn't show you this on the other update, but it's pretty colorful. I just want to show you a little snippet of of what it does while it's doing it wow that one took a while to update and it had to go back and do an update to all the other apps.

But a really cool thing, apparently, is the Alexa integration in here, so you'll be able to use your voice with it and do all the kind of things that you could probably do with your home system. Okay, we we've been looking through all of this stuff and we are over here to where we're looking at the apps and that's the last, you can go let's run through them quickly. You'Ve got a health section. This is basically pedometer. I'Ve done 34 steps. So far doing great press here and I can get my detailed history throughout the day in a bar chart and a weekly report, which of course I don't have anything yet and then you've got your heart rate, and we just did that already from the widget that We saw before you've got an overall sports section now, let's talk about this you've got run and walk and cycling all GPS supported indoor things no II, GPS needed they're, claiming with altitude trail, runs look at this skiing and tennis and soccer. A lot of these are tied to your heart rate and time and it'll just give you kind of your overall calories burn for that typical activity, but let's take one like a when we come in here. First thing: it does is start searching for GPS. You want to be outdoors especially the first time you do. This get a good lock on it. Okay, if you're indoors, it may not connect and, of course, you're gon na be running outdoors, so get it going get it set and just wait.

Wait until you get connected I've had it connected out, though outdoors I'm inside right now, it's, not hooking up so it's, not the strongest GPS. We have seen other devices that the GPS will lock indoors, but this isn't doing it anyway. If it were, this would turn green it'll. Give you a countdown from about 60 seconds right now, it's showing me a heart rate. I'M. Sorry it's showing me a heart rate of 80 beats per second it's, not a countdown timer and I'm, not even wearing it. So that has me a bit concerned the fact that we're getting what could be legitimate heart rate of thin air. Now, I imagine, when you actually put it on touches your skin and gets a good connection that it's gon na be more accurate, but hopefully it Wow, hopefully it's, not a recording or when it's going it's, not recording a an erroneous heart rate with your workout or That could be pretty bad bad news for you there now it seems to be leveling out to a legitimate heart rate of what I would expect I'm at right now I take it off and see what happens in the meantime. Running train is an interesting area where you can change some settings and in these settings you can set a training target. If you want to, you can put in all different kinds of alerts like every lap, a heart rate alert when you reach certain limits, heart rate zone so that you stay in your zone, auto lap and pace alert.

Those are all available to you. You have more settings, this is just in the run alone. You can auto pause. So if you're gon na stop and drink water, it doesn't count Auto lapse real time status, so you see it on the screen and 3d data whatever that is that's. Something for you to discover all right. You have course import. So if you're gon na use a specific course to run, you can import that whoops and it looked like there was one more in there to accessories. So if you going to tie this thing, Bluetooth connected to other things, Wow look at that. I got a wee loop of heartrate thing of some sort anyway, it would show up on Bluetooth and you could connect it there, alright, I'm, about out of time. For my run, it looks like, and so we'll just bail out of that, but there were all those sports that you saw that was there here's your sleep stuff. It says there's, no sleep detected, so it can automatically detect your sleep and give you information on that. Any activities you got going on, they would show up here. You'Ve got the phone with your contacts. If you have them imported in here type to your phone right and recent call logs here's your number pad to make and place calls, and you can get call history and a Bluetooth phone connect to your app on your phone with the SIM card in it.

To make calls is all available right there in the phone there's the music. This is your music player that you can play the music in your device. You can change the volume and your playback mode as well from that particular app and then we've got weather, which we saw in the widget before you've got, alarms, here's your find your phone. We already did that before yeah I won't bother start searching and it'll find it. Then you got a countdown timer and a stopwatch built into this as well. The compass we've already seen and now that we've completely updated let's take another quick pass at the settings in the settings in the basic connection you can set up a Wi, Fi or Bluetooth connection right. There you've got common stuff, and that is languages. First of all. So a lot of you guys, I know, are international, so I'm, going to pass through quickly the languages that are supported on the verge and they're, not a lot of them, but there they are on the International English version of it. You have 12 24 hour time. You can set up Do Not Disturb windows, airplane mode, your overall sound settings with volume that you can adjust and the different tones that you've got media volume. So each of these segments individually can be adjusted from each they're. Just like an Android watch and then you got different rings that you could have as well incoming calling ring like that or that one yeah.

So if you got a call coming into your phone ringing through to your watch, but you want to answer on your watch, you can pick that tone and that alarm town sound. If you want and there's a few different ones here too that's about how loud it's going to be because we just crank the volume up, all the way is speakers right there and that's a sound section vibration. We walk through that earlier. The three different levels – brightness we've, got that auto bright and then you've got the full bright. If you want – and we looked at that as well and those are basically the common things – then you've got your your unique preferences that you can set up, including double tap, to wake the device. If you want to your lock screen the wrist up to see the time the different watch faces and so forth, sport reminding all of that and we haven't really looked at the watch – faces halfway. So let's pop in here. Oh and we have second hand on or off we can get here this way or you could press and hold the watch faces and we've got quite a few let's just come back to the beginning. You got your standard classic analog type there's a fancy colorful one I'm, not gon na bring them all open right now, we're just gon na slide through quickly. If you get a feel for them, there's a big digital one mm, hmm there's bright orange.

If you want something really that'll stand out somewhat: the semi circles on them, digital's that's, when we were looking at and then this starry sky thing, and I just switched it. So if I go back out of here there, you go okay, said everything in settings. I think that was – and that was the last app that we have installed in here so far, yeah watch face we're habit, yeah left arm right arm. All of that so we've covered everything in the stock apps that come with it. We'Ve, looked at all the different things, here's how you can have quick widgets to silent turn your brightness, auto on or off information settings. I guess again that goes right back into there and your temperature plus your battery level, all from a swipe down in the Amaze fit verge English version, which did I fail to mention you can get from gearbest that's that's right. This is this one came to us from gearbest. We really appreciate their support at the time I put this together. There was a flash sale on that's, a really good price for this right now, I'm, not sure I can beat that. I hope so, if so, check the show notes for coupons. I'Ll try to have an updated coupon for you to pick it up, and it really helps us out here if you buy it using the links that we have here on our YouTube channel. Alright but you've been watching.

Smart watch ticks a review of the amazed fit verge and its associated tethering app hope. You learned something and we'll see you again soon. Thanks for watching whoa wait a minute wait a minute we're not done guys uh, not by a long shot. I thought that was the end of the review until I went ahead and started doing that little 1 minute review that I usually do. I do it at the end, because it's all fresh, but I actually posted at the beginning, is the little teaser for you guys when I started doing that. I noticed that when I was showing everything and I scrolled there were no widgets or tiles or whatever they call them on this version. Just your app drawer and I went wait a minute. I know they were there. What happened to him? Well, here's: what happened when this got updated? Something completely changed that all the widgets disappeared from the watch. Then I maybe I need to check it for another update and I did and there was and I update it and I checked it again and there was another one and I updated it. I don't know three or four times: it's got to go through update so flag, one. When get your watch set aside a lot of time, maybe an hour a half hour to get your account all set up and another half hour to go through multiple updates of the watch to bring it up to the latest version.

Unless, unless you don't want to and here's why you might not, this is weird, remember I've scrolled through like five different tiles or so before it got to the app drawer last time that was cool and we showed them all to you. But we didn't talk about him in the apps I'm, going to talk about him in the app right now when you're in the Amaze fit verge after you're connected and you're. In that last tab of the app and you come over here, you can go to widget settings, and here they all are – and the first thing I noticed after all, those updates is that they were all turned off. So I thought oh that's. All I got to do is turn them back on again, let's say a heart rate, and I, like the compass let's, put the compass on and how about sleep time and boom. I can only set up to widget, so you see in there it's it washed out got it. I don't really got it, but I have to accept it because now it shows me that when I scroll over, I got my compass. I got my heart right and I got my app drawer and I can't put any more in here. So if you update your misfit verge, you're gon na be restricted to only two apps in the app drawer unless I'm doing things wrong, and if I am please let me know, I am NOT the world's expert.

Obviously on these I get them in a box. You saw me rip into the box. It came with the five widgets are so already installed and running. Then we updated it and now we're limited to two. So don't know what's going on there, but if we can find a way that we can put more of them on and rearrange the order which you can easily do right here, that would be awesome. So let me know guys second thing in the last update it came back and it told me that Amazon, how do I say this without triggering it I'm, just gon na say it turn turn your your Amazon speaker off. Okay, the Amazon Alexa is now integrated into the S voice function on here, and it asks you to log in to your Amazon account so that you can interface directly with it, and you can order fresh toilet tissue from the toilet. With your watch yeah, you know just give it the command and you're done that's all great, except when I open it up, and you know the button will take you back to where you were and it's a long press on the button that gives you the voice There, okay, it says: please update the Amaze fit watch app to the latest version and complete account authorization in the profile. Third party accounts that'd be great, except I don't run that I run the new amazed fit app, not amazed fit watch, guess what there's no account authorization in the profile that applies if I'm, in the profile, which is here let's get back here.

Guide you through this I'm in profile, okay, these are all the devices that I could connect and I'm connected to the verge I come down here I can add, accounts there's, where I would add Amazon right, but we're trying to update the Amaze fit account by giving Authorization I can go into settings check for updates, sign out, show notifications change my units there's no place to do what it needs me to do so I've got the ability now to have Amazon. However, I can't get my voice connect from the watch to the amis fit app to work. Guys help me out here come on come on any of you guys got this and you're able to do this. Let me know, I'll put it in the show notes. We'Ll. Let everybody know exactly what the process is to activate both the S voice and the Amazon Alexa connectivity from the watch, because that's all in here from that series of updates, but because we're not using the tethering app. They say it should be which isn't in the Google Play Store anymore, we're kind of stuck, ah all right, that's. What I needed to share with you and the last thing I want to show you when we get back here to the amis fit verge. We didn't talk watch faces. It says as a watch face store. These are the installed watch faces to come with this one. Now, each of these devices that, when you tether them to this same amazed, fit app, will interrogate back and forth and show you different layout of watch faces that you can click on and have them automatically install.

If you're not stuck on there, there, you go or something like that and simple as just pressing a button and they're automatically put on here. How you add more to this I'm, not sure, because all we have says watchface store, but we don't have any place to buy or download or checkout new ones. We just have the watch face, link right in here and it's. Nowhere else in Moore or anything else. So watch faces need help on how you get more the voice system. S, voice and Alexa need help on how we make that work with the amaze that app and widgets need help on how we add more than two to the overall list, when it used to have five or more. How many were there. You want to go back and count for me. There was at least five. I know strange that's where we're at on this one, thanks for watching a lots, more detail here than I planned, but I think it's important to go to this level.