Smart Watch and we're on the web and smart watch ticks comm. You can find us right there we got a box inside of here is another amazing amazing we've heard all about the venomous fit verge right. Well, this is the new verge light. It'S uh got a lot of the capabilities of the verge and a bit different. We'Ll. Be talking about that as we get into it, but first I'd like to let you know that we got this one from keep mine and it is available in the show notes check for a discount. You can already see the prices about thirty bucks less than what you pay for the actual verge and you're, getting almost everything in the verge light. So this might be the one for you. If you're a little bit price conscious, okay inside to go over it, we've got the 20 day battery life. The 1.3 inch AMOLED screen all that's. The same you've got Android 4.4 iOS 9 or above it's, using bluetooth, 4.0 water rating at ip68. Waterproof you got the heart rate, monitor all these reminders: the different sensors. There are a couple of sensors missing ambient light sensor, the vibration this one is in Chinese and English, so it's, not the full international version. 360 by 360 1.3 inch touch screen all that's. The same '0 milliamp battery so what's basically different between these well let's. Look at this chart here's the Amaze fitbit we're, not talking about that today, but we've reviewed it before here's the verge light and the verge same screen display same numbers of pixels type of screen.

This light is using bluetooth 5.0, which is better power, management and whatnot. Then the original more expensive amaze fit verge. This one has music control built into it in the light, and it says it's not available on the verge you've got the heart rate sensor you've got the tri axial ilex cell raishin sensor, that's a fancy way of saying a pedometer you've got ambient light sensor in Both of them here, you had a geomagnetic sensor and air pressure sensor. So if you're willing to give up those two things which is like a compass and barometric pressure or altitude, I guess then the light has a bunch of other goodies going for it. They'Re both ip68 look at this battery life on the light is twenty days it's, basically five days on the verge, so the lights, giving you the opportunity to have a longer standby life. Same sized battery, though seven different sports 12 different sports. If you're heavy duty into sports specific sports, you may need to stick with the verge. Otherwise you got quite a bit of them here with this one, the straps are the same. The GPS is the same in the price yeah about what 30 different in here 40. So definitely worth taking a look at, which is what we're gon na do as we unbox it right now. I took the liberty to slip the scotch tape, but I haven't opened this one yet I'd love to do that with you guys on camera, let's pull it out.

Oh ho, does this look familiar or what we have a white box with a word amazed, fit and it's gon na say, move beautifully sure enough and there's the watch sitting right in the box when you lift it out, you get a box within a box. Well, it's a little tight, oh yeah, that's right. We have to pull it up by this yeah and there you've got the charger and the manual did you guys see the the verge review we just did well. This is the light okay. The manual is in there a little more loose the packaging on the other. One was a little different for the manual, but you have the exactly exactly the same charging dock, exactly the same size watch exactly the same button on the side, the same little cover on it, the same band it's a little different color in this one. You even have with Steve, looks like a mobius strip. Let'S see we have to flip it or that way you have this little rubberized thing with a little prong on it. Where is it right there so that when you stick the band through and you adjust that it's gon na lock it in place on your arm, so you don't have to worry about it. Wandering off plastic plastic, rubber, rubber lots of holes, it's identical in a bit of physical appearance. Oh no it's different! Look at this! You have only one little mark on here and the original verge has four of them around the edge, or at least in this color and and style got a little writing there.

What does that say home? It says on there and the button mm hmm and the manual really quick to go through it because it should be identical. It look like I'm sweating, it's 90 degrees in here folks, oh my gosh, but I got a knock. These videos out. You realize we're doing a fresh review every other day right now, every other day and have been for months. This is insane they just keep coming. Ah, I dreamed of this, but I didn't dream of this anyway. I'M really happy I'm, very, very pleased to bring all this technology to you guys. Sorry, I'm, a little off camera there, I just page through it quickly, so you can see now you notice the most of the manual is all this legal, these stuff, that the only thing you needed to know was at the very beginning, and there now we're into Another language – and that is basically to stand the QR code to get the app that you need in order to even use it and then the basics of how to charge it and turn it on and where things are located and that's. How? All of the amazed it's not gon na work out of the box. You cannot use it separate from the app you're gon na have to turn it on pair it to the app create an account in the app first before you can pair it la da da da da at least a half an hour or so to go through.

If you've never done it before, as I mentioned that with the verge, I mentioned that with the pace I mentioned, that with the Strad O's, and here they all are by the way. This is the rest of the Amaze fit watch line, and then they have the whole band line. The my bands, here you go here's a comparison of the Virg light with the actual Chinese version of the verge right. There same charging dock just a little bit different. So that's how you can tell if one of your classmates has got the verge of the verge light. Huh it's, just the markings on here Strato space they're. All here we have reviews on all of them and in the show notes, got a link over there to an entire playlist of nothing but amazed fit products that you can take a look at all right. We have talked enough haven't. We you guys are always telling me that you talk too much. I agree, it's just how it works it snaps into there. It plugs into there I'm going to charge it up, and then we will walk through what it'll do well. I'M glad we're reviewing the verge light after we did the verge. If you recall, in the review of the verge, which you just saw all right, that that watch paired with the amazed fit app. This one wants to pair with the my app my is Xiaomi amazed that yeah all kind of the same relationship dynamic, but this is a whole different app.

The amazed fit had trouble with some of the aspects of the amazed fit app because it wanted the amaze fit watch app, which is an old one, that's been discontinued. Apparently, anyway, the verge light is looking to pair with the my app my Fit and so here's the my fit app, and I have it in here already to pair we're gon na call it a watch. I believe, after you pair this device, the following info will be collected and processed. Again, I remind you all of these amazed that things and the my things, the my band three four five and all of the amazes – you have to set up an account on their app, whichever one it is, and you have to log in and you have to Give permission to collect things like your activities, sleep, heart rate, location, everything else. So here we go. This is what it's finding right now here in my environment and the amazed fit verge light is the one we are attempting to connect here and open the my fit to bind which we've done finally I'm here, but you notice I'm on a different phone and I'm Signed in under a different account name just so that I can get the pairing to work properly between what you just saw and now I've done an entire video on comparing the light with the verge itself, because I it was a mess it's, a total mess and You'Ll you'll learn why it took so long to pair these two together from that video, which will be coming up after this one.

This one is specifically to actually talk about the light, The Verge light, and to do that we needed to pair to the my band and we have voices on a short time out. Let me go over here to the profile section. First, to show you the generic stuff, as we saw in the Amaze fit app here. We have all the things you can set goals and setup basic parameters, and then you add a device and we've added the verge light and we are in there and here's all the stuff going on with this. With this one in particular, you have different watch, face settings and here's a small selection of the ones that are available, and you can add any of them. You want to by tapping on it and saying sync now what happens the verge light ships with only one watch face installed, we've discovered that and you have to add any more to the watch through this process and it's a rather long process to go through to Actually transfer these watch faces over here, so in a sense, the larger number of watch faces that are already pre installed in the verge gives you a bit more of an advantage timewise anyway, from installing a for working and changing the watch faces once they're on. As you saw, I could just quickly change between them, so that's watch faces about adding new watch faces to the watch. We'Ll explore that later in another video yet to be put together, you have the ability to set this up, so you can unlock the screen on your phone when your watch is nearby that's, a nice feature built into the my fit ah, and it requires you to Give lots of deep permissions for the app to be able to activate that kind of stuff on your phone incoming corner.

This is something to talk about you see I have on for incoming call. I can get alerts and show contact information and I can delay that. But I can't actually receive and make calls from the verge light. This is the first major major difference between this and the verge. Let me show you something I happen to have the verge right here. You'Ll see this in the comparison, video let's get them side by side and notice that the verge has a microphone and a speaker and the verge light. Does not. That means you're not going to be able to handle phone calls because there's no way to talk or hear the other person and all the other things that a microphone is needed for, in particular, the S voice or Bixby or whatever assistant that comes with these and The Alexa integration which, in the previous video on the verge you saw, is now available to tie in with that voice system, so you can actually use the verge to talk through and to Alexa. Sorry, if I just triggered your household yeah so without that you, you can't, basically push the side button and activate the voice and you can't make and receive phone calls. So that could be enough to steer you guys away from this unless that's, not something you're after and you really want the sport stuff, in which case this thing could work really well at 40 bucks or less or more cheaper than the other one.

You got all the other kind of things event reminders, watch, alarms, app alerts, idle alerts, those things you can put on and then more lets. You do all of this stuff to not going to go into a lot of detail on the my fit app because we've already reviewed it before, but just basically show you that those functions are here for this watch as well. What I do want to talk about? Yes, the here's, your lift, your wrist view the to turn the the time on. You know like that, to light up the screens, what I'm trying to say – and you can time – sequence it so it won't happen at night, which is nice, heartrate detection. Not all of these things apply to every one of the watches, of course, and so you have to kind of pick and choose in particular. What doesn't apply are the watch display settings here? Are these widget type things that you have? We have one for step count. Another one for heartrate, continuous heart rate and then we loop back to time on the verge light. We have those two and only those two here's a whole bunch of widgets tiles that are available for a variety of different amazed, fit products, but not for this one. We only have the continuous heart rate, like I said, and then the step count and these you can rearrange this the order of them, but you can't, move them up above this line that you can, when you have other devices tethered and install them.

So this doesn't work in the app and you're restricted to just these two tiles. Here when you look at the reviewer that I'm getting into comparison, sorry, but the verge you can add of you still can only have two, it appears, but you can have different ones. Let me leave it at that, so what else we got with the verge? It says whether settings haven't really been able to do much with whether in here it's here and it's working, and you can set up the city that you want to and change that in the app we got shin Jin shins in on there because that's, where all These watches come from, which is pretty cool, there's, your music player and here but it's playing the music from your phone I'm, pretty sure and, of course, not through the speaker, because there is no speaker and we're jumping back and forth between the app and the actual Device itself status is showing you your step count, which was what we saw pretty much in that tile, your heart rate, and there you go. This is workout information, and this is something that you might really be interested in buying this for because it's the same as what's on the verge, but you don't have any of the other capabilities with the speaker. So when you go into something like an outdoor run, it's going to acquire GPS and be able to track your track with the GPS positioning and your heart rate right and once you hit go, you be off and running, and you have that capability with things like Walking and outdoor cycling, indoor, stuff, treadmill and whatnot those do not.

They just basically track time and heart rate and maybe will give you a calorie count as well. In the whole, fitness section activities are your calendar events, whether we looked at music notifications pushed from your phone alarms, you can set up events reminders your overall settings and a few other things like it count up countdown timer and find your mobile would trigger it when You'Re tethered and you'd really do need to be tethered once you I mean you can go out with the watch away from your phone and they're not connected by bluetooth, but you cannot unpair this thing from here it's. The last thing I'll do here and I'll show you what happens but and that's some of the stuff you'll see in the comparison, video. These things are really really picky about who they're paired to what account what device? All of that stuff here's your basic settings. You have watchface settings. This is where you can literally select them from this point in the system settings which you know I can't get to system settings from here I can get to brightness and I can change it from here or I can turn on auto brightness which will allow it To dim to what it feels is the appropriate brightness, but for me right now for the video it's too dim you have a flashlight. How do you like how I'm just totally jumping all over the place on this do not disturb you can enable it? You can set times for it, you can use a smart version or leave it off.

This is your battery saving stuff that you can go into, and this is the lockscreen thing and the screen is totally locked now I won't be able to do and what I won't be able to do anything with it until I press the button, but it looked Like it just unlocked, hmm well, I guess it's still locked it just returned to the watch, face press the button unlocks it and now it's it's free there's, no other pages here. So those are your little icons that you can work with there and we were back here in the more we checked all of those things and in the settings, and that was the watch faces screen on duration Naha. Here we go 8 seconds it's set, for it seems like really short, I'm gon na. Take it all the way up to 15 seconds. This is not a watch. You'Re gon na have on all the time it's gon na turn off regularly. The press and hold the button can be programmed for any of the sports that you typically use so press and hold that and it'll start in this case, an outdoor run and then the deeper level of system where you can get about information for your firmware and Bluetooth and regulations reboot and shut it down and do a complete factory reset, which is what happens basically, when you unpair it, it appears. It completely takes you off as if the watch was brand spanking new.

So anything else. We want to show you here not really that's. Everything in the app drawer up is. This left is looping. You, oh here's, your blood, your heart rate, oh here's, your step count, oh here, we're back to the watch face again. So no matter which way you go. You have three tiles that you can land on and only when you're on the time when whoa timing out here, do you have access to the other things so really a simple device. We looked at all of the stuff. You'Ve got here idle alerts and unlocking the screen and doing things like that is this unlock the screen go to security, set security, unlock and didn't. Do the smart lock to unlock the phone screen, which is different than locking the screen on the watch, got that that one just locks the screen here, so you can go underwater with it. This one is the feature that lets you lock your phone screen and have it unlock automatically with Bluetooth connection from your watch, so you don't have to constantly worry about shining it at your smiley face. Alright I've covered all of that stuff we're about ready to wrap up. So I want to unpair this thing, for you show you that I actually unpair it it's gon na sync. The data to the cloud in this account that I've logged in on before it does it and then I'm gon na actually unpair it come back here.

Watch. Aha, there you go, and now you see the the watch says open the my fit app basically to bind and over here in the app covering my account information, it's gone, you have to add a device, so it's, basically completely disconnected from everything and completely empty at This point, okay, that is the amazed it verge Lite, ready to pair ready to buy from geek buying thanks. These guys are our sponsor for this one and appreciate it. If you want to get one of these to use the link in the show notes down below to pick it up good price already, and hopefully we can get a coupon discount for you as well Wow, very interesting. These amazed, it watches aren't they well you've, been watching. Smart Watch sticks and we appreciate your subscription come on back in, for you guys are that our subscribers you're going to be the first notified of an upcoming new amaze fit device. That Wow looks incredible, so yeah get your subscription in right. Now, click that little alarm bell and within a week or so I'd say you're gon na you're gon na be in for a nice surprise.