Who'Ve subscribed for a while that we have interesting channel here. We'Ve been on quite a roll of doing a variety of reviews of Android, smartwatches and well that doesn't always happen here. We also have little fitness bands and specialty watches all kinds of things and they're kind of filler between all the beautiful Android watches we get and they Oh Samsung, watches and the tick watches and things like that, but anyway, we're at that mode. Now, where I'm gon na be reviewing a simple band, and I got ta, tell you you're not going to want to watch this review very long I'm gon na tell you the bottom line. This is the bit light and, if you're interested in it by the bit it's the same darn thing except it's got GPS in it a little less waterproofing. This is well you'll find out anyway. The bit is a lot better than the bit light, and neither of them are that good when it comes to tethering and I have to spend all in insane amount of time trying to tether. This watch in the upcoming review so skip pass it if you don't want to see that, but this is how it works, and I really wanted you guys to know how challenging it can be to get this thing to tether as a consideration of buying it. But it is a watch and they're expected to be reviewed and I've had a bunch of them backed up here.

So we're gon na be pumping out a whole bunch of these little watch reviews and I got some more updates coming to the really great Android review. So hope you stick with us with your subscription it's, not gon na always be phenomenal. Well sure it will be right. Just not this one: okay, here's the review greetings and welcome back to Smart Watch ticks were a YouTube channel on the web. At smart watch ticks comm. Can you believe the VIP the VIP has been around since, like 2017, one of the few watches it just won't go away and a good reason for that is the transflective screen on it. Well, what you're looking at in here is called the bip light and it's light, because well primarily, it doesn't have GPS in it, but what it does have is way better waterproofing than the original bit like five atmosphere as opposed to an ip67 kind of a rating. So this one actually is way better for swimming, but you're not going to be doing all that GPS tracking on it and, of course, it's less expensive. Where can you get it? Wow keep buying, hey geek buying been a while thanks for sending this out. They also sponsored us on the original BIP, which I don't have right here, to show you, but I've got the review link down in the show notes, so you can kind of compare the two. This is the BIP light again three atmosphere.

I guess it is a waterproofing 45 days standby. The one point two eight inch touchscreen and it's a transflective touchscreen folks, which means it gets brighter outdoors here's the overall specs its amazed, its amazed it's a made up. I amaz fit yes it's, a Xiaomi of wha me it's, a la me, amaze, Fitbit, Lite watch. I get my tongue untied. Eventually, they call it reflective color display here. That'S, okay, it's transflective, is a fancy word: a 200 milli amp hour battery two and a half hour charge time for a month and a half worth of use. It does have the heart rate monitor sleep management in it, vibration it will vibrate and tethered to your phone to let you know, you've got calls and messages and stuff coming in. So, all in all it's a nice little simple fitness band for about well let's, say 60 bucks here, but check the show notes for discount on it and let's take a look when we pulled it out of its container. Here it Wow seems like there's something heavy in the bottom. Is there yeah there's another box down there we'll look at that in a second try to get this thing off. First it's! All sandwiched in here fancy Oh ie, to rip it like. You know what I'm gon na do: I'm gon na undo it like this off of its connector and then like that. Come on, oh it's, really in well! Look at that it's! Coming apart on me anyway: okay wow, there goodness, oh, I could have just slid it out, but you guys like me making a fool of myself on camera.

So I'll do that for you, we can peel off the cover, which is just a simulation and reveal the entire thing, with removable bands and it's, a really tiny lightweight module here, much tinier than what I anticipate is the charging apparatus yep, just like the original BIP It'S got this daki kind of thing. So when you charge it, you line up the pin here. These are on the bottom and the knob is on the side, and you snap it in like that. Nice and good connect that to your phone and charge your way, which is what we're gon na do right now before we turn it on. Oh okay, I'll show you the manual first. It uses the my fit app in the English manual you're gon na bluetooth, tether to make sure that you can turn it on and get it to work, got regulations and FCC warnings and whatever all in here, yeah. Okay, a lot of technical details, throwing things away, safety, notices, specifications and warranty, but no operator's guides, so it better be pretty self explanatory. I bet it is I'm. Sorry this thing isn't self explanatory at all. Here it is it's on it touched it and it went on and there's absolutely no way to turn the thing off it just stays on. Unless and until you pair, you cannot get past. This see. Look I'm stuck now I'm gon na. Take you back to the manual I'm gon na show you page one and it talks about whoa.

Sorry, the flashlights too bright for the book I'm gon na show you the my fit app with the QR code, every page, every language everywhere you look it's, so my fit out. So of course I set up a count. I have them. I fit up – and I come in here to my profile, where it shows that I've already used this app for the Amaze fit bantu in the Amaze fit core and now I'm gon na. Add the watch known as the amaze Fitbit light right here and here's. As far as I got for over a week trying it on two different phones, every configuration I could think of it – won't tether, no matter what I do, I cannot turn it off and restart it. I can't I can't, get it there at all. So finally, I gave up went back to the company and said folks: I cannot review this watch. It is just not able to pair to which what company makes this huh amazement. This is it's like Apple in China right. This is one of the biggest companies out there, to which I am told. Oh, it doesn't use of my Fit app anymore. It uses the amazed fit app. Did you guys catch it? I totally missed it. When I went through the spec sheet. Look at this Barada bra bra bra and where does it say app amis fit out? The manual has the QR code for the my fit out.

How many people work for this company? You think they might have updated the manual all right. I'M off my soapbox. Let'S start over with the Amaze fit app and see if we can get this thing to pair. So here we are the Amaze fit app in the third pane on here: yeah it's, a pain. This is where you select your devices, I'm gon na say, add device. Just like we did on to my fit app, this is a watch, not a band according to what they're saying and we go down and look for the bip. Well, there we go yep and bit light, says it's searching, say, try again haha and look at this. It gets stuck it won't, even look for it see. You know what I got: ta clear everything out of memory and Rhys start this phone in order to get it to talk to the watch. Who makes this thing huh? I would have thought better. Well, let's. Try that all right, let's start all over again I've completely cleared everything out, it's relaunching into a maze fit there. We are in the homepage, let's come over to profile, let's, add a device, let's look for the watch known as the BIP BIP light and it's attempting to search now. This thing is on. You can see it little glow right. There keep it close to the phone, bluetooth is active, everything should be ready. This is exactly what it was doing with the my band, but then it would say it couldn't connect here with the amaze that app we get the same result.

Try it again and pops up again, I'm sure. So what do we do to make this thing pair? Let me try a few things, so I went away from the house. I meant really far away so that I was completely away from everything I tried to pair again, and it said no network connection which is kind of scary. You have to have Wi Fi before it will even think about pairing, so it's sending something to somewhere, even though you got an account set up and should be able to pair these things independently with just bluetooth. So you need Bluetooth and Wi. Fi turned on and set up, you see the check mark that's because it actually did pair let's, try again see if I can get it. I hope I can what I had done was gone inside here like if this was rekha, regular, headphone or something and went into bluetooth, and I paired the device it did show up on the list and I paired it directly to the phone and in the settings. The only thing it said I could do was change the name of the device, but I didn't, I just left it paired and I waited again within Wi. Fi range out of range of any other Bluetooth devices with these side by side, and I got a check mark and then accept or deny on the Watts. I came running back in here to show you on the video, but before I could do that, it timed out disconnected on the watch and went back into this mode where it's attempting to connect and can't.

So it looks like at this point. I have to go outside. I can't even show you the process. I have to be on the edge of Wi Fi, but away from everything Bluetooth tethered. Ah there it is tethered to the watch on the phone directly as if it were a headphone, come on check. Mark yeah don't stop with me now confirming pairing there. We go paired successfully. Oh, my gosh Wow, so now it's restoring watch settings and I can see why it needs to be on Wi Fi for that and we get to go through the long dance of updating the firmware. While it does this, let me just tell you: oh no couldn't update bring it close. Everything'S closed. Try again, there we go. Let me tell you that there's, a video that my good folks at geek bind told me about and gave me a link to and I'm gon na list that in the show notes – and it goes through the processes for for pairing – and it looks really really simple. But it's really really not, as you can tell. It also has a whole bunch of more information with it about what its gon na go through when it does pair what you're seeing right now and watch that if you want to see because I'm gon na skip all of that I've wasted too much of your Time already and we're gon na jump right into the full on review of this okay, alright I'll be right back well, after all that we are finally here.

This is the default watch face that shows up on it when it goes off it's indoors and, of course, it's, not backlit, so it's a bit dim. But again, if you get it in the reflection of bright sunlight outdoors, the transflective rescreen is gon na, be nice and bright, good contrast and good colors. When you tap it, you see that little line that Wentz rolling across there. That was a quick unlock, because a screen is otherwise locked. Now that we're here I could come down and you see it's connected and the battery level, and you have a do not disturb mode that you can turn on now or go into auto mode, which is where you could set it from the app. When you go to the left, nothing when you go up, you get notifications, so you have those things and they don't circle or loop. Nothing. This way, and when you go to the right, you get into a few things. You'Ve got your overall status. The first thing you get into your step count: your heart rate is measured in the back. The diodes are flashing right. There then you've got your distance traveled in miles based off of your steps, calories burned and a sedentary reminder how many sessions you've had that you've sat for over one hour, gon na keep up with all of that and that's everything there notice. The blood pressure is not making an erroneous reading, but if you do cover the diode, it should kick in there, no matter what part of your body you put it on.

Ideally your arm well, it's, not doing it right away. So let's move on swiping again to the side. Oh yeah look it's locked it waited too long, so it's. No there we go 82. I thought it was locked huh all right. I guess it is locked, but you can see everything here: no, no aah! I'M! So confused let's start that over you got the watch face, then you go to status. If you're in status, it seems locked because you can't go anything other than up and down. Then you back the status. Now you can go over to the different activities where you have outdoor running treadmill, cycling, walking and your activity history, as well as activity settings where you can have an auto pause, do a heartrate alert your pace, alert and distance alert. Now the interesting thing is this all appears to be set up – ideally 4G, yes, and in the original version of the bit, there is a GPS module in here and so you're, walking and you're cycling and all these distances are calculated based on GPS change. In the light, however, you don't have GPS, so all of that has to be computed based on step count and I think in the cycling you're only gon na have Wow, okay, getting location with GPS. It says got location successfully. How could it do that with no GPS? Very interesting, all right there? It is kicking off data. I guess I'm gon na have to go out and test this and see what we get.

Okay, I went out and walked around the yard. A little bit got some time got some distance got some heart rate. Interesting let's finish this oh and it was flashing connected and disconnected long press. The watch button to stop at CSS is disconnected from tethering long press end okay. So it was a cycling routine. On that date – and I want to go into it – outdoor run – oh yeah, I've got to come back here, go into activity, go all the way over to history and access it, and here it is there we go time average miles per hour. Okay, heart rate top speed, and I have the option to delete it. Well, let's sync it to the app in a minute and see if we get GPS readings on there. Okay, to get out of here got to go all the way back activity and then weather. Of course you touch that it should update the weather in your area, and here we go and nothing from there alarms that you can set timer. You can go with and then overall settings where you can change watch faces, but I'll show you that from the app long button press will activate whichever one of the activities you'd like to do and adjust the brightness here. That'S the brightest it'll get when the light is on and the lowest is looks like it's absolutely off, because we're just seeing the reflection, so you can adjust it to the screen.

Brightness that works best, probably about that for us and that's it for settings. Settings timer alarm. Okay, you can see these. You set them right here and a timer stopwatch would go like that in tenths of a second pause. It start it. If I leave it, I can't leave it. No. You have to actually end it to get out of here. I think stop the stopwatch. Okay, so I can't run in the background. Those are all of these things, so we're kind of talking about activity, so I'm gon na go back now and tether to Zee watch and show you some watch faces and what the activity looks like I mean to the phone here we on the phone there's, my Step count so far, so it's actively doing that. My heart rate information and I've got to do a sync in order to get it. I have some outdoor cycling data, but that was is that today I think that is yeah October 16th, okay, it's syncing. All of the data right now anyway, as you can see, once it's reconnected and we're back and now I'm gon na go in here, take a look at it and there we go little bit of activity, little exercise time and all that kind of stuff speed chart And so forth, heart rate and because this is cycling, it's not going to be getting a step count. So I really don't have any kind of data that they can give me on miles per hour and and such and notice this.

It says no map, GPS data. So it's looking to me that what they've done with the bit light is take all the innards, the software that goes with the BIP, which does have a GPS module in it and they've kept that all the same. And they just pulled out the GPS. From this, and they gave it five atmosphere waterproofing to make it more waterproof than the original, which I believe is ip67 okay, that's one way of doing it. You have all these other events that you can go into and you can start them from your area. If you want to and then over here in profile, we can actually take a look at like I said some of the stuff you can do on this watch it's a pretty light device. It doesn't really do very much and without being able to have GPS on board, I mean. Maybe if you take the phone with you, it will get its GPS over Bluetooth from the phone and you'll get your GPS track on here, but that's kind of defeating the purpose. I think if you're gon na be doing a workouts you're, not gon na, be trying to lug this along, but if you're trying to save a few bucks, maybe doing that will work. So if I pick one of these it's gon na sink that watch face and it's gon na take a while to do that, so I'll be back to show you the result.

There we go. We have a different watch face on it and you can clearly see it fits in a small square with a big border. All the way around it and all the other watch faces would work that way. That is all what about seven of them, not a really large number of them, and you only have one watch face at a time: you're not able to press and hold and switch between them. So you have to choose a watch, face and download it over here to begin with, in order to switch it interesting. Okay, unlock screen is a process you can set up on the Watts so that you can unlock the screen on your phone, so you can set the app up to work as a lock for your phone and then use the screen unlock to unlock your phone later. If you want to do that kind of thing, you can turn on or off incoming calls event reminders. Your watch alarm, different app alerts, push to your watch from the phone and idle or sedentary reminders. You have more stuff here and it just picks up the more that wouldn't fit on the page rather than scrolling. They give you the add on here incoming SMS. You can set a goal notification and your disconnect reminder which is on, and you can set times of day that you want to not have it be annoying you, okay, that's the overall settings for the watch.

You have to find the watch. It just gives a couple of little quick vibrations there's, no sound on this discoverable. You decide which band arm you want to have it on. You can turn on the lift your wrist to see the time. Do it all day, which means it would also happen at night when you're sleeping, so it would light it up. Okay, it doesn't seem to be doing it right now. Well, getting more and more excited about this as the day goes on anyway. That'S an option in here you've got ringtones. You can run it in the background shortcut settings when you swipe on the right. You have one and that's whether that you can go to as a shortcut to that app. Your overall watch display settings. These are all of the different cards and the order that they're in so you can rearrange them, and you could hide them too. If there's any of them, you don't want like settings on there or something your weather settings are set for whatever location you want. Checking for updates and so forth and of course you saw that it. It immediately goes in and does updates for you before. You can even use the watch after you go through getting it tethered so that's it. The amazed Fitbit it's a small little watch, they're trying to save a little money for you. I guess by stripping it down to its bare essentials. It'S really a fitness watch other than some heartrate there's, nothing that you get in terms of health and everything else is just timers and sedentary alarms and whether it's all here in the activity and the activities look like there meant to integrate with GPS it's asking for It it immediately jumps in and says it's got it and to start.

But when we look at the end result, we don't get a GPS track of any kind on here, so it's, either using GPS by Bluetooth connection to the phone. And if you go away from your phone you're not going to get the track or it's doing it by a pedometer step, count, which is a very crude way to do it since there's no way to set up your overall stride. Based on the length of your steps, so that you can calculate accurately your distance travel long press to stop and we can end it here. Okay, hey! I could tell you guys, can tell that I'm not really happy about this one, especially a check check the show notes. I'M gon na have this buying link for the amazed Fitbit Lite we're. Looking at around 60, I have a discount for you, but also look at the original bit. I don't think you're gon na see a big price differential between the light and the original and, if you're interested at all I'd sure go for the original one. If it's not more than 10 20 more to have that GPS module in there and everything working smoothly, we do have a review up on the original bit from ninth cf 19 from 2017. I believe so it's been around for a while, but it's still out there. So check the original BIP review you've just seen the BIP light review. If you like, this idea of transflexion trans reflective well a screen, this kind of screen that gets brighter outdoors than indoors, then by all means check this thing out, just get ready to spend half of your life tethering the thing to a phone you've been watching.

Smart Watch sticks, we appreciate your subscriptions, they will get better. I swear Wow as you've seen with the Android watches, and I got some amazing health bands coming up too, but this is a name brand product and we got a possum out there for you to check them out and pair and hopefully you've learned from the comparison.