This is yet another mid range level device in a pretty crowded, mid range phone market. You know it seems that i just finished: reviews of other great mid range level: phones like poco, x3, pro redmi, note, 10, pro realme 8 pro and even previous generation phones like xiaomi mi, 20 lite, the prices start at 299 euros and the mi 11 lite tries To stand out from the crowd by offering a thin profile and is also a very light device, this phone also offers premium build and it feels nice in the hand. However, other features are pretty similar to other mid range level devices. So in this video i'll go through the main features pros and cons of this device. So you can make the buying decision yourself, whether you need to buy this phone or other devices like the poco x3 pro redmi, note, 10 pro or any other device in the world of thick and hefty devices. The me11 light stands out: it's very thin, measuring at just 6.81 millimeters and it's super light weighing just 157 grams. That is a really impressive achievement by xiaomi, considering the fact that the phone has a 4250 milliamp hours battery. As a result, the phone feels very nice in the hand the device looks premium thanks to the gorilla glass 5 on the front and impact resistant glass on the back. However, i don't like this mirror, like glossy finish, that looks smudgy after one second, after taking the phone out of the box, it seemed that i spent more time cleaning the backplate of this device than filming the actual video here's.

How the phone looks like next to the poco x3 pro the latter phone is significantly heavier and chunkier. Even if you compare the me11 light to the realme 8 pro, the xiaomi's phone feels thinner and lighter in the hand. I love the button placement, especially the power key it's, big it's, clicky and easy to reach. This button also doubles as a fast, accurate and reliable fingerprint reader. The display is one of the highlights of this device. It has the 90 hertz refresh rate, which is not the best in class, but is still a noticeable step up from 60hz screens. The phone feels significantly faster and smoother, even at 90hz, refresh rate it's, a 6.55 inch amoled panel with 10 bit color depth, which means that the display offers over 1 billion on screen colors. I have to tell you this is a really nice looking display with deep blacks, vibrant colors and good sunlight visibility, at least on cloudy days. I can say this is easily one of the best screens in the mid range segment on the left top corner. We have a 16 megapixels selfie shooter on the back. You can find the triple camera system with the 64 megapixels main sensor: 8 megapixels, ultra wide angle, camera and 5 megapixels telemacro lens. Now a few flaws. The phone has the hybrid dual sim and the micro sd card slot, whereas quite a few budget and mid range phones have a dedicated sd card slot.

In addition to two sim card slots also xiaomi removed the headphone jack it's, not a big deal for me as i'm, a wireless earphone user, but i know that this decision might upset quite a few xiaomi fans. On a positive note, we still have an ir remote feature and the dual speaker system has a good volume output and it offers great audio quality. Here is an audio test: Applause, Music, Applause, Music, a snapdragon, 732g powers up this phone, and it is coupled with six gigabytes of ram and either 64 or 128 gigabytes of storage. This is definitely not the most powerful chipset out there and on paper, xiaomi may have a hard time competing against themselves. For instance, poco x3 pro has a way superior, snapdragon 860 chipset. However, for the casual user, this processor is more than enough. The miui 12 feels fast and snappy on this phone and 90hz offers a significant improvement in terms of speed and fluidity. Well, it's, not a 120hz refresh rate experience, but you can definitely see the difference if you are into tweaking your phone. All of the usual miui customization options are here from button shortcuts to one hand modes and some basic classic miui features like quick ball or second space. The ui offers a lot of them. If you like mobile gaming, the mi 11 lite may not be your first choice on the list, but it's still capable of handling popular titles like asphalt, xtreme or call of duty without any issues.

Other games like shadowfight 3, also run fine. The last popular title i played was pubg. I would say that the performance on hd graphics is good, but expect to see a few skipped frames just before we start talking about image quality check out my facebook page for more camera samples, daylight image quality using the main camera is very good. I love the level of detail. The pictures are sharp and the colors look nice. However, the wide angle shots could have a bit more detail, even though they still look quite good it's nice to have a two times: digital zoom option for flexibility, but don't expect optical zoom quality. Here as usual, you can take full 64 megapixel resolution images. If you need this, much resolution for cropping portrait mode may not always be accurate with skin tone. Reproduction but edge detection is good with a little bit of patience and at the help of a tripod, you can also take some nice looking macro shots thanks to a 5 megapixel stellar macro shooter that has autofocus. If you love taking selfies you'll be happy with the quality using both auto and portrait modes. Also, the beauty mode gives me just the right amount of beautification in low light. I suggest you use the main camera and night mode for the best results. The pictures have a decent amount of detail and noise is kept to a minimum. The wide angle, shooter is also capable of achieving decent results and 2 times zoom option lets you take usable pictures, even though the quality may not always impress you.

If you find a bit of street lighting, you can take decent, looking low light selfies in a dedicated night and portrait modes. The overall video quality on this phone is good 4k. Video has quite a few artifacts, but is stable and smooth 1080p 30fps video looks almost like it was shot on a gimbal, and you can record slow motion videos up to 960fps. The downsides 1080p 60fps footage is shaky when shot handheld selfie video has a bit of noise, but the overall quality is good and the footage is stable when you shoot handheld in 30 fps mode, the sound recording quality is quite decent. Here is a quick audio test. This is 1080p 30fps video test using the front facing camera of xiaomi mi 11 lite, as you can see i'm using a tripod. So this is how the video would look like if you decided to use the video for making some online content or something like that. If you want to learn more about video, recording quality check out uncut video samples, including shots taken with a tripod on tackline extras youtube channel, as always, you'll find all the links and show notes in the video description down below the battery life on this phone is Very good, even if you use the phone quite intensively, i set the screen brightness to 100, and i took more than 200 pictures recorded. More than 20 videos play some 3d games, watched, youtube and so on, and i could get almost 8 hours of screen on time.

Obviously, measuring battery life using screen on time method is very subjective. Naturally, if you reduce, screen brightness and use the phone less intensively, you can expect a lot longer screen on times it takes just 1 hour to fully charge the phone with a supplied, 33 watts fast charger. So, overall, the mi 11 light is a solid, mid range level device. However it's not perfect, and in the conclusion section, i wanted to list pros and cons of this device and the best alternative options. So let me start talking about the pros. The mi 11 lite offers a sleek and very lightweight design, so this is one of the standout features of this phone. If you're looking for a slim and lightweight device, this is one of the best phones in a mid range market. Also, this phone has one of the best screens in the mid range market. However, it's not 120hz, but i think 90hz refresh rate is plenty enough for the majority of users. Further, this phone offers great overall performance, despite not having the best chipset in the mid range market, in comparison, for example, to poco x3 pro. In addition to this, the mi 11 lite offers good stills and video recording quality, great battery life and good sounding to a loud speaker system. Now let's talk about the shortcomings of the mi 11 lite, so i wouldn't personally recommend you to buy this particular version of this device, which is black unless you like fingerprints and smudges and like cleaning them all day long.

I would suggest you picking up the blue model, which looks a lot nicer. In my opinion, another flaw of this phone. The screen is not 120hz, even though 90hz is plenty enough for the majority of users, but the competition is stiff. For example, other devices like the redmi note, 10 pro or the poco x3 pro offer 120 hertz refresh rate displays another flaw of this phone. The device has a hybrid dual sim and a micro sd card slot in comparison, other budget and mid range level devices have a dedicated micro sd card slot, in addition to two sim card slots. Finally, there is no headphone jack it's, not a deal breaker for me. Personally, because i'm, a wireless earphones user, but it might be a deal breaker for some hardcore xiaomi fans. At the end of the day, the xiaomi mi 11 lite is a great device, especially if you're looking for a thin and light phone that can easily fit into your hand or into your pocket. However, xiaomi is competing against itself. For example, if you're looking for a more powerful device choose the poco x3 pro because it has a more powerful snapdragon 860 processor. If you are looking for a more complete package, i would suggest you picking up the redmi note. 10. Pro because it has a larger display with a higher 120hz refresh rate, a quad camera system and more megapixels to play with a larger battery and the redmi note 10 pro is even cheaper.

So, in conclusion, the xiaomi mi 11 lite is a great mid range level device. However, the competition is stiff and there are plenty of other great material level devices out there. For example, the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro or the poco x3 pro, so xiaomi is kind of competing against itself, but tell me in the comment section down below: what do you think? Would you pick this phone? Would you choose the redmi note 10 pro, or would you choose the poco x3 pro or any other device? So tell me in the comment section down below what you think also ask me any questions.