I have one i’m using this band for last couple of weeks, so today this video i’m going to share my user experience. So this is welcome back to another video before i start make sure subscribe my channel and hit the bell icon for my latest update. If you did already thank you so much so let’s jump to the video so let’s check around the box. As you can see, black box and here’s the front a brand itself and pipe branding and right side, as you can see here, the main feature showing here and in this bag, some informations and in this left side, as you can see, it’s display and water resistant. It has a special piece for female psychological cycle recordings, so let’s unbox it another box here and pull out to open after opening, as you can see, it’s packaged with this band, i will talk later and then here’s the charging cable. I think yes, it is very good quality plastic and it is magnetic sensor usb, add to magnetic sergeant then another compartment here’s, the user manual for this band. Actually it is a big user manual, so let’s talk about this mi band, it’s, wrapped with plastic. This band is very lightweight, it is only 11.9 gram. So, even if you have 18 on your hand all day, it will not feel like it is in your hand, this vent strap made by high quality silicon material. So it is very soft and lightweight.

You can use third party custom stave, also, but not straight from previous version, mi band 4. It has one touch button which is work as a wake up and return button, and it has 1.1 inch amoled display, which is 20 percent bigger than previous model band 4 display resolution is 126 by 2 9 display color depth is 16, which is a downgrade from Few bytes model and maximum brightness is 450 needs and five level adjustable i’m using three level of brightness and its outdoor visibility is very good. It has free loader, three wash spaces, but you can add more three. Also, you can use your photo as a watch space directly from mi fit app it’s, mainly for activity detection, so it has high precision 6 axis sensor: low power, consumption 3x. This accelerometer and 3 exists zero scope sensor, so it detects 11 type of activity like outdoor running power, working cycling into running full swimming edc it’s also a waterproof. So you can swim. It has pvc a heart rate sensor, so it can monitor 24 hour of your hybrid it’s work very accurately. It’S also monitored sleep for 24 hour. If you sleep in day it count as a naps and night. It counts as a night sleep, and it tells you about your sleep quality, which is very good. It has a special feature for women with record and warned you about menstrual cycle, which is also good option to have, and it has stress, monitoring, breath, exercise and vi is a stand for personal activity, intelligence which give you total score of your health conditions.

According to activity, it has some extra pieces like music control, so you can control music from your hand. It work even on youtube video. You can use as a camera shutter button to take photo on mobile remotely. So, finally, let’s talk about battery. It has 125 milliampere battery, which is also downgrade from previous model, but you can use normally up to 14 days. If you use in power saving mode, you can also use 20 days for something it has big improvement, because you don’t need to open and close capsule from step, just attach magnetic charging cable and it starts charging it take up to two hours to search fully after That i think it is good to buy on this price, but if you have already a m i went for. I suggest you to don’t, buy a mi15 now wait few month for mi band 6. I think a weapon 6 will come with massive changes, so i hope you guys enjoy this video. If you enjoyed please thumbs up and share.