This is lioness you're, watching tech line, and this is the Shah Mimi 9sc. I know this is a mid range level phone. However, after using it for quite some time, I can see that it's got some flagship, great features. For example, it has premium metal and glass design, great specifications and the display that was actually used in the Xiaomi me9. However, this is not the perfect phone that's. Why? You have to stay tuned and watch an entire video to learn all the pros and cons, even though this is not a fresh review. Let'S do a quick unboxing, the phone ships with all the usual stuff, and some extras include a soft TPU case and a headphone jack adapter. The Xiaomi mi 9. Se is a beautiful phone that is built using premium materials. I use the device in a case. Most of the time, so it looks almost as new, except for a few minor scratches as opposed to the budget. Redmi note 7 deme 9 SE uses real metal and real glass in the construction and therefore it feels like a flagship device. I like how the phone feels in the hand – and it has a thin profile, because sharra me trimmed how the battery at expense of the thinness. Despite that the battery life is pretty good. Just don't expect ready me no7, like endurance. If you use the device, mostly for media consumption on below average brightness setting, you might get about 10 hours of screen on time.

However, if you use the phone a bit more intensively, you should expect to get about six or seven hours of SOT it's. Still, a pretty good yet not the best result. Charging time is just about 1 hour and 25 minutes with a supplied, 18 watts charger. The display is just fantastic. I like the sharpness, contrast, colors and deep blacks. In fact, this is an AMOLED panel made by Samsung and it's the same screen that is used in the flagship me 9. You also get always on display, which is usually a feature reserved for more expensive devices. There are also quite of styles and backgrounds to choose from the fingerprint scanner that is implemented under the screen has been working really well over the time. In fact, it might be faster than the reader found on the galaxy sm, really good, overall performance, if you still don't like it, the face unlock feature is very fast and accurate. The rear camera setup consists of three shooters irregular telephoto and wide angle. The overall image quality is really good. With all three cameras, I like the level of detail, sharpness and the colors honestly it's, quite incredible that we have a triple camera setup that produces regular, telephoto and wide angle shots at this price point. It can also take 48 megapixels pictures. Well, you should not expect a massive increase in image quality, but this mode is useful if you plan to do a lot of zooming and cropping in post production.

Portrait pictures also look pretty nice, as I like. The separation from the background, selfie camera has 20 megapixels to work with, and overall image. Quality is really good, both in aura and portrait modes, low light image quality is just average, as I expected better results. Fortunately, a dedicated night mode improves the quality. The 4k video is really nice and sharp. The continuous autofocus is near excellent, but the footage is all of the cheeki. If you switch to 1080p video mode, you will lose detail, but the footage will be nice and smooth. I really like the fact that you can record videos using the wide angle camera. The 4k footage looks okay, but there is quite a bit of cello effect and plenty of noise in the corners of the video that's. Why? I recommend you using 1080p mode as the video comes out smoother as well. 1080P selfie video is really good. Overall, the balance of the phone have been nice and responsive all the time I didn't miss the headphone jack, because music quality using wireless headphones is really good. Thanks to the Bluetooth 5 and aptX HD codecs, other connectivity options have been great too. That includes called quality signal, reception, NFC, Wi, Fi and GPS. There is an IR blaster too, but I never use this feature on any phones. There are also plenty of sensors onboard what I miss is the micro SD card slot, because I have a 64 gigabytes model.

I suggest you go with a bit more expensive, 128 gigabyte model and I will leave a few links in the video description down below. I also missed the LED notification light. The loudspeaker is really good and it didn't start crackling after a while. The Snapdragon 712 is the emitter inch level chipset but I'm very impressed with the overall performance of the phone. For example, the me 9 se can handle the latest 3d games very well applied. My favorite asphalt extreme and Shanno pi 3 on the highest graphics settings and the performance was great. The pub she runs well even on HD, graphics and high frame rate, but you may see a few skipped frames if you switch the frame rate to medium. The overall performance is great and I play this game for hours. The user interface is typical. Show me plenty of features, customization options and tweaks to play with. I have to say that the dark mode looks really good on this beautiful AMOLED display. I love the speed and fluidity. Honestly, the Xiaomi me 9sc feels like a flagship phone in terms of the speed and overall performance of the UI overall, I think that the Xiaomi me 9sc is a fantastic phone for the price. Well, I wish it had a micro SD card slot. A notification LED light, the headphone, jack and low light camera performance was a bit better, but even with these flaws, I think that me9 se is one of the best for the price, considering its premium design best in class display near excellent overall performance, solid cameras, decent Battery reliable in display fingerprint scanner and feature packed me UI.

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