Looking at yes, you are the show me my smart band for, oh, my goodness yeah. This is the big rage and now we're gon na take a look at it in just a moment. Once I tell you that this official version production unit is coming to us from Tom Tom. Thank you so much Tom top for sending this out it's the 2019 global version. We did an earlier video that talked about being careful which ones you buy, especially if you don't live in China or an english speaking country, because there are actually two different versions of the regular version within China will also sink up with English. We found that out if you tie it to your phone. However, if you're gon na have any of the other languages supported you're going to need the global or international version. So as for improvements in this new 2019 version, you can see they're talking about color screen, display brightness improvements, better battery capacity, Bluetooth, 5 connectivity, all incremental improvements, 0.95 in still scream with 120 by 240 resolution. It has a different interface, they say giving smoother and simpler touch screen experience. I don't think so. I'Ve tried it. I don't like it. It'S not intuitive you'll, see what I mean a better battery life active tracking with six different modes that will switch automatically, including swimming it's, got health monitoring that supports heart rate, monitoring, heart rate alerts, sleep monitoring and so forth, and the heart rate area is kind of Interesting we'll check that out three different sensors in it well more than three five atmosphere, which is super duper good water resistance.

So you can definitely swim with this, maybe go a little bit underwater, but I wouldn't still dive with it as a regular dive watch. Other features are shown here: connectivity, the low energy, Bluetooth, 5.0 and so forth. As far as specs, then, here they all are pretty much a repeat of what we just saw: 16 megabytes, not gigabytes of ROM and 512. K of RAM does not have NFC and so forth about 20 days maximum life on the battery and takes about 2 hours to charge, and it tethers with that that'd. Ah, my Fit and, of course, that's. The standard show me app that's used with amazed fit, and this line of my the my bands and such ok let's review this thing. Okay got my slightly rusty slitter and you cannotice it's, set to just hang on a rack at a high end department store somewhere, it's, really point of purchase ready and when you open it up, you get the band and a little protected area to make. It look really big inside the box, it's wrapped in plastic. We could take it out of its little plastic bag and there it is. What else have we got in here? We'Ve got a little charging thing: wow it's, quite a cradle. Look at this okay, so the whole band sits in a cradle really. The wire is coming off the end where the band is uh. Huh show me uh, huh hi am kind of like up there, like Apple huh that's their design.

Am I seeing something wrong? Maybe maybe we have to literally pop it out of the band and put the module in the charger in order to charge it every night, huh huh, okay, there! It is there. It is really I'm sorry folks, I'm having trouble with this one. I love to do it fresh out of the box, so you can experience this frustration and confusion as well. Yeah snaps in there, nice and snug, but every day or what not every day, it's got long life right once every 20 days, whenever you're gon na charge it to have to take it out of the band. But of course you could get different colored bands. I guess as well a lot different than pulling the end off and plugging it in a USB. Well, there you go that's the charging. Then we have what looks like what I should have read to begin with a multi language users manual, and it looks like English – is the first one, and indeed – and here we go we're gon na walk it through with you on the manual like we always do. Yeah, it says you got a basically take it out first and then pop it in so they're shipping. It already installed good thing. You know that you got to pop it out, here's the connection QR code, that's gon na. Take you to my fit app we'll. Take a quick look at that here shortly, but let you know too that you can either just go to the Google Play, Store and type in my fit or use a link down below in the show notes that I'll have for you for tethering and that'll.

Take you right there you can download it directly and here's how it operates. You'Re gon na have a button down at the bottom, looks like you can slide up and down and left and right on this one. So a multi sliding direction disassembly by just pushing down and snapping it out, putting it into the charger. What we just did after fumbling around with it precautions and overall specifications which hopefully match up on the sheet that you just saw at the beginning of the screen. Now we get into all of the legal stuff disposal, certifications and more legal stuff and then we're into a new language. Aren'T, we okay, all right, um let's charge it up since I've already got it in the charger and then I'll be back to give you the full review. All right, then I've put a few hours of charging on this little thing. For goodness sakes don't lose this wire don't break that can chin don't lose the doc cuz that's. All you got from my alright. Now we've got the module it's on already, and it needs to snap back in and being that there's, no key it's hard to tell which way it is, I presume. Usually the buckle is at the top. It probably should have paid attention before I took it out right and we slide it in one way or another hook it on the other side and now it's back Wow right, not that end put that in the buttons down there.

Okay and I've got this part of it there. Now, if I put this on and slide this through, like so and snug it up good and press that in a hole, oh it snaps nicely there. We have it it's on and the buttons at the right spot. Ok, we've been through that now. What am I looking at it's on seems to be fixed on a page, well, it's, one way for you just like a maze fit. You can't do anything unless you first pair it it won't, go anywhere, it's, totally useless by itself. You have to have a cell phone, you have to have the my fit app. You have to log into the app with your personal credentials and give them permission to collect data on you or you got yourself a dead band. Yeah I'm loving this more and more all right, it's, the my fit app we've, seen that before we'll show you a little bit again, I've already got it installed I'm opening it it's got some data from a different band that I used before. Oh wonderful, it wants personalized advertising now to allow them to start sending me personalized ads featured on my fit before I can even actually use the band let's see if I can decline and still get access here got my workouts and my status come back here and Well, they want to sell me running shoes, buddy score, look at Missa Beach fee case. They don't even know what I've got yet interesting.

Ok, let's go back over here to the opening page, where we've got all sorts of things here. We'Ve got friends, workout, friends and then profile, and I think we're gon na start there here's my information that I've got the one that I was using before with this app was called the misfit core. You remember that when we did a review on it now we are doing the my band 4 right so back over here to the plus sign, which is where we have to add it. Now this is kind of cool. You have a choice of all these different things that you could add that Shami makes on all of these, and I presume this as a band after you pair the following info will be collected and processed. Do you want to? Well, if I decline, I won't be able to pair. So the only way, the only way to use this thing for anything other than to look at that pretty green circle is to accept access to location services is required, got it ok, Wow, so it's in the process of searching for this particular band, and there we Go confirming the band I have to hit a check mark there check mark there pairing. I got my time set to the local time, it's, restoring any bands settings. I guess that we're there before settings for the previous device have been imported now into this device band. Lock, the band will be locked when it's removed from your wrist.

Oh really, multiple sports, there's, six different sport modes, supported it says: don't like it. Next one use the band to control the music. You have playing on your phone. Ok, so it's got a young music player. I try it now, but I don't have music installed on this test phone here, but I guess I'll try the band now. Is that what it'll? Let me do? Oh boy, we're gon na have to they. The firmware before is because this is feeling so much like Apple and Microsoft me and the bigger you get. The more control is taken of what you can do and the less you actually have freedom to work with it. I will be back when the firmware update is done. Perhaps then we can review this band Wow. Really. It already went through the whole first circle, now it's starting a second one and look how fast it's going make sure you got a lot of time on your hands before you put this time on your wrist. Well, I don't know the circles completes been complete for about five minutes now: yeah uh chief, I wasn't reviewing this thing. I'D, probably be packing it up to send it back right now. I'M. Sorry, I got ta, be honest, that's totally ridiculous. Ah, what is the big? The big thrill of this band, for I can't even get it out all right I'm. Just gon na leave it alone till it's done. I'Ll. Save you all that time.

Oh look! Oh, we are back. Oh gosh, okay, not charged after pairing but it's at a hundred percent. Everything is set. There we go yeah, it is it's 402. In the afternoon I started at 10 o'clock. Actually, I did at the beginning part of this video longest review of a band ever band display settings um. Nothing is showing up. Oh oh that's, because it's got to think about it. It'S got to bring up the configuration. I presume of this particular band whoa. All right, what it's doing I guess is going to China downloading. The different watch faces that you could put on here, sync with the watch. Well, in this case, the band there's, the original one let's see what happens: it's, saving it it's syncing it it's transferring it. One bit at a time shows you how big it is and how many downloads been fourteen hundred and two downloads so far I'll be back well, there we go maybe that's. Some of the big excitement with this band is the fact you can put these custom faces on here. Personally, I like big, easy to read digits, give you a look at some more of them, wow there's a lot all the way down. Okay, I saw my favorite already. It went by it's either that one or that one and I like thick digits so I'm gon na go ahead and sync that one and we're done bingo there you go 405 in the afternoon nice well, that's, pretty cool let's go back now easier to hit that Back button for me unlock the screen, so you got to go to settings security set up a screen, unlock and tap the smart block to unlock the phone with the band.

So you can use the band automatically to unlock your phone when you set that whole thing up, you have to go to the settings for that I'm gon na skip that part cuz I'm, not gon na unlock the phone with that incoming call is on event, reminder Here'S, where you can set up different events, I guess like alarms and such well events. This is alarms. App alerts are on and they'll be pushed to the watch and an idol alert if you wanted to for sedentary reminder to get up and move with start times and finish times and so forth, you can find the band it's vibrating, oh, that was it just too Little did it's really you're, not giving me like five or ten, so I could actually have a chance of finding it. If it were, can you hear it me either? Ah, okay discoverable is off that's turning it on reduce battery life, but makes the band discoverable for nearby devices, band, location, left or right, lift wrist view info, and you can set a time frame for doing that. Is it on yep and it's working heart rate detection. Okay, here's, where you've got automatic heart rate detection and sleep assistant, suite okay, explains what you're doing here to turn this on. What does it say? It'S turned off. I guess: it's automatically turned on already detection frequency every minute, that's, the lowest. It can go and activity detection when it detects that you're doing exercise it'll it'll automatically increase the detection, frequency of the heart rate cool.

I like that there's some new stuff in a heart rate, alert yay it'll. Let you know when you have value has been reached and there's no obvious activity in the last 10 minutes. It will vibrate and you set your alert value and that's, probably calculated. If you set up your parameters properly on on what your maximum should be. I'Ll just leave it at the default for now that's nice, you have a night mode which, if you turn that on will the screen brightness will be lowered automatically in the evening, and you set your start and end times for it find ringtones. This, I guess, is so you can set what ringtone you want to wake up the phone when you try to find it from your band run. In the background, this is instructions on how to set up your particular phone. This is an lg to be able to run in the background, so it won't be put to sleep, and you won't miss your notifications as such. Alright, another new section display settings. These are all the different options as you go through it now. I haven't showed you how you go through it. Let me deviate for a minute to show you that you don't press the button, like you do on most bands. That would be logical. Oh no they've made it very tricky. You have to slide up or slide down sort of to go to the different levels: okay, but when you do, you can have them in a different order.

Right now, I've got the betta the BAM display, followed by status heart rate. I moved more up here to test it out, used to be at the end, work out the overall weather and notifications, and you back to the band time when you're in some of these, for example, status. You tap it to get into it. There is my the number of steps and so forth for the day, and you have couple screens there to get out of this. You have to slide to the side real intuitive, uh and heart rate. You tap it to activate it and so forth and that's how you get out of it. So this page is about reordering these and you can hide items if you want to if you don't, think you're ever going to use the weather or notifications so forth. You have, if you can't access your notifications, you try to get the music info and allowing music to send notifications and so forth from there when you're done you hit save, and that saves that whole thing that's in the display settings weather is where you can set Up what city you want the weather, what temperature units and push weather alerts to you have it set up for shinjin, which is where all of these watches come from lab? Is, I guess, a special area for their testing. This is a band lock and I guess it notifies you if your band isn't the proper tightness, yeah pairing restrictions, if you want to that, you can tell it not to pair with certain apps a lot of sophisticated stuff here and of course, you learn more about It that's that tutorial that comes through at the beginning, check for updates, which it didn't even give you a chance for that.

You saw the beginning, it automatically spent I'd, say at least fifteen minutes of my time, without my permission, going through firmware, updates and calibration and setup and syncing with the app and just annoying very annoying and it's down to ninety five percent. Now, after all of this description, actually it's been quite a while, so it has legitimately drop. Ninety five, I percent since yesterday, when I started going through this stuff, so it's got a good battery life. Okay, where are we that was all of the stuff related to the band and that display settings uh? We went through that to show you all the different watch faces that you can select from now. I don't know if you can actually download more of them or not, and now you see it's taking a long time to bring them in, but these are the set core ones that come with it. How about us put something different on for the rest of the review? What would you like, no I'm, not gon na, put that one? Oh alright let's go way up to the top, and how about that one? There sync it with the watch. Three two one boom we're done and it should be on the band itself and there it is okay, so that's, covering all of the area on the band itself that's connected. Then you have all these places where you can set up goals. I put in your friends and have behavior tagging now I really don't understand this.

I looked at it and I don't know if you tagged. These are the things you do during the day or if it notices that this is what you did you ate, you bathe. You brush your teeth or gives you notices for doing that. I totally don't understand this area. If I'd say walk, it looks like I can start a walk if I eat, I can start eating yeah custom and you enter the name of what that custom thing is. I guess it's for all of you guys who love to blog exactly what you're doing all day, long to make sure you have a record of it. Then you've got a history report. You could go into that. Tells you what you did when you bays when you stood when you cycled all those things yawn, okay, you can add, accounts help feedback, smart and now, if quill, you could trigger that to turn it on to give you sleep, quality, analysis and body type analysis, interesting, That'S, all in the overall app in the profile settings, okay and in the ultimate settings you can switch your units metric or imperial and same thing for the weight check for updates and about, of course, sign out of your account sign in is somebody else if you'd, Like friends is empty, unless you scan QR codes and literally link yourself with your friend that way, and then the overall results page but you're. Finally, getting back to you have all of these different events that you can launch from the phone that tie into the GPS of your phone and give you actual tracks of what you're doing you don't go there, because it gives you the map of your location.

You can try that on your own, but as far as the step count goes, it gives me the step so far on the band which I should get when I and I can't just press it remember that doesn't work, I have to slide it and I have To touch it to get into status, there's my five hundred steps and so forth, there's, my last night's sleep time with weight and heart rate, and all these things you put in generically in your profile body score don't, have a body score. The score obtained by analyzing height body, fat, water, muscles and other data and it's blank right now, anyway, here's my overall heart rate and my last night's sleep time and when I go into here, if I can doesn't look like I can't. Oh there we go. Okay. Last night's sleep time: information shows you the time frames. It was really a hard night. Last night, deep sleep, only 36 minutes fell asleep too late. That'S true didn't get enough sleep right. So this is the analysis that you get based on your sleep, where you fall with, expect other people and so forth. How do you feel yeah and falling that's pretty much? How I feel today kind of how I feel about this band and everything you got to go through just to use the silly thing heartrate. If I can access it, no, okay, it's just there. You know all right got to work on it calculate to my resting heart rate is 60 continuous heart rate zone and information, maximum minimum and so forth.

So it's doing its little green diode thing flashing, regularly, giving us a heart rate indicator and you can see it's kind of going into different zones periodically there here's, where I took it off and had a shower and things back on again and right now, it's off Again – and it said my last heart rate was 73, so you've got that and that's all here. Your workouts are over here and again the step count, total other activities and total energy today are reported on on there and that's from the overall main page. So that's a look at the my fit app that goes with this band and again to actually work with this tiny little screen. You have to slide it to move through. We showed you the status heart rates, pretty self explanatory. When you tap on more, you see you I can set up, but do not disturb alarms your music player basic stopwatch or countdown timer find your device. That'S working alarm is off it just set and I've got to go that way to get out of it. You can go in silent mode, here's your band display where you can change it from the band. You don't have to do it in here. Your overall settings, where you can change the brightness and you can increase it really nice and bright, so it's relatively good to see outdoors. You can lock the screen and you have to put in the password thing.

If you do that, you can reboot, it factory said it there's regulatory information and about the band and I'm gon na change that brightness down a little bit by the way here's, the lowest lowest that's really really low. You can hardly even see it and it has that auto brightness feature which is pretty cool and it does seem to work at night if you set the time frame up, it'll go into a nice low light level for wearing it at home, okay, overall impressions, as I tell you that this thing is available from Tom top the my band four from Xiaomi right, I don't know I like it and I don't I really don't, like the difficulty of getting it set up, that you can't use it right out of the box, but Then that's Shawnees trademark, all the amazed that watches are the same way you have to tether them to a phone before you can even get past that first screen and you saw all the pain going through that and getting it updated, so you can actually use it. So if you buy one of these make sure you set it and dedicate some time to get it fully, set up and don't get frustrated by it, because you're not going to use it right out of the box that's for sure when you get past. All of that stuff, it's kind of a generic band there's, nothing really great about it. I'M, not too pleased that I can't just touch the button and cycle through it, but maybe they have some complaints about it, changing screens too quickly and change the way you do it step counters nominal heart rate.

Doesn'T seem to be outrageous in terms of what you can do with it it's not giving you recovery times or how much time you were in zones. A lot of other bands do better at that. I really really really do not like the fact that you you got to take it out of this plastic enclosure thing just to be able to charge to charge it and how difficult it is to kind of get in and out and it's, not really keyed, to Which way to put it back in the band, so you got to kind of pay attention of where your straps are before you take it out. It'S, 2019. Folks, this is Xiaomi. This is, I don't, know it's a real step back in terms of the physical design. In my book and its marginal in the basic stuff that it will do – and I will be doing a battle of the bands yeah of some of the newest at least three of the newest bands on the market. So you can compare them what the screens are like what the layout is like, what the app is like and overall synopsis to give you a better idea of which one you should buy. But if you're convinced that you want to be walking around with the state of the art, my band for because everybody's talking about it here, it is and it's available from Tonto check the show, notes and we'll make sure we have a discount for you, if possible, And you can pick one up right away: okay, you've been watching.

Smart watch ticks you've heard that before and we will be back soon.