You will find the links to the product in the description and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch to the end of the video to know our final verdict and whether this fitness tracker is worth the Purchase before we get started on the video i’d like to share a joke, some people go to therapy, but i just go to the gym. Benching is a great way to get stuff off my chest now, let’s get started on the video xiaomi me band 4 overview. The xiaomi me 4 best reflects the xiaomi, brand’s low cost and high quality mantra when it comes to the design of its products, it’s very affordable and dethrones, its predecessor, the xiaomi mi band 3, with its new features and improvements. It comes with a better oled display. Has more activity profiles a higher resolution and improved outdoor viewing? The battery life is also exceptionally good. All these improvements make it worthwhile upgrade and a good fitness tracker to recommend what we liked. It is very cheap. It has a long, lasting battery life of 20 days. The customization options and smart features – the sleep, fitness and health tracking features are accurate. What we didn’t like the heart rate sensor isn’t, built to support high intensity workouts. It doesn’t automatically stop tracking it’s difficult to check your workout history in the me fit app. It doesn’t support multitasking of various apps, the xaomi mi band 4 specifications.

As for this table, you can see that the xiaomi mi band 4 has a wide display with a high resolution and a long battery life it’s also compatible with both ios and android devices. Things you should know before buying the xiaomi mi band 4.. The silicone band is a bit too rigid, but still feels comfortable. The charging cable is about 4 inches long, which makes it dangle from any usb charging port instead of sitting directly on a desk. It also doesn’t come with a built in gps, which means the distance metrics won’t be accurate, especially if you’re going on a run with the band. Only it only allows for gps connection with your smartphone. You can therefore still go for a run and track your progress. If you don’t mind carrying your phone, additionally, you can’t fully rely on the heart rate: sensors for your high intensity, workouts xiaomi, mi band 4 features design. The xiaomi mi band 4 design is an improvement from its predecessor and one of the more generic looking fitness trackers. That are out there in the market with a simple black band and modest case. It has a sharp 120 by 240 pixel density and the 400 nit brightness make it easy for you to see in direct sunlight. It is made out of a silicone band that can be easily swapped for other bands, fitness and health tracking. This feature includes tracking distance traveled sleep resting and active heart rates, steps taken and calories burned.

It also supports exercises which include swimming and generic exercises, outdoor running cycling, walking and the treadmill swimming, and generic exercises were not supported by its predecessor when it comes to swimming. It can record your pace and stroke count and also recognize five different swimming styles. The me fit app is a fitness platform that enables you to view all your activity stats and is pretty straightforward to use the app is also compatible with other apps. You also couldn’t initially start an activity from the band itself, but now you can without having to press to start from the app additionally, the step count, calories, burn, metrics and sleep features are pretty accurate. The sleep tracking feature monitors deep and light sleep as well as time, awake, customizations and notifications. It shows calls emails text and other notifications that you get on your phone. They are instant, but you can’t reply to any of them due to the small display when it comes to the customization options. The xiaomi mi band 4 has the best and you rarely find these customizations in other fitness trackers. These options include night mode, which lowers the screen’s brightness at sunset or, at your preferred time, a vibration pattern which is matched to a certain notification type, which enables you to tell the difference without looking at the screen do not disturb which can be turned on. Without your smartphone being nearby with just a few taps on the banned screen, a schedule for auto screen wake up which allows you to set the band’s display to only activate during certain hours of the day when you lift your wrist.

It therefore can’t accidentally burn your eyes when you’re trying to go to bed extra features. It contains the updated bluetooth. 5.0 support supports different watch faces that are available on the me fit app built in vibration, alarms and the ability to control music from your smartphone. It also comes with the find my mi band feature which helps you find it in case you misplaced it final verdict. Should you get the zombie me band 4? This fitness tracker is one of the best cheap fitness trackers out there in the market due to its improved display and activity profiles. It is indeed a perfect choice, who is the xiaomi mi band 4 best suited for it’s best suited for casual exercisers? Are there any alternatives to the xiaomi mi band 4, the fitbit inspire hr and the honor band 5 are good alternatives to the xiaomi mi band 4.. Is this the fitness tracker you would like to buy? If you like this video, please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to our channel.