it's, the fifth in a generation of these and it's really really come of age. Now you got your step count. Information, distance, traveled calories burned and a weekly bar chart synopsis of how well you've been doing you've got this unique pie, feature that's, showing up on all of these bands and watches it's a single number zero to a hundred of how well you're doing in your your Activity levels you've got heart rate, continuous and instantaneous that you can measure from this one on notifications that will be pushed from your tethered phone to the watch that you can look at there's another way to get into notifications as well we're on that top level. So we just scroll up to find stress where you can get an instantaneous reading of your stress level and if it's a bit too high, you can go into a breathing exercise routine, where you'll see a circle getting big and small and it'll also beep. For you to let you know that it's working you've got events that are pushed from your phone to the watch as well, and you can set up whether any location you want on earth in centigrade or fahrenheit works great in terms of workout. You have uh several in this one, including swimming and indoor and outdoor things, cycling, walking, running ellipticals on and on and um. As a matter of fact, this will tie to the gps in your phone. So if you are going out with your phone and are tethered you'll, be able to get a gps track and see your speed and pace and everything on the band directly, you also have alarms remote camera music player.

Stopwatch timer find your device set up your silent uh times. Alipay only works in china, but it's a payment system. You got a world clock um, you can change the display and settings in here lots of things. You have many many different bands you can have up to three on this, but you have a huge selection in their store. It'S, a very fine tpu band. The module slips right inside just like on the band 4, but this is the band 5.