So last saturday i did an unboxing on the latest. Xiaomi mi watch so do check out my unboxing at the description below it’s. Indeed, a beautifully designed watch but, of course, with pros and cons and in this video i’ll be as honest as possible. Let’S talk about the things that i like. First, the display is gorgeous 1.’ inch amoled display and the screen is actually protected with corning gorilla glass. 3., this is useful against certain degree of scratches, and the resolution of the screen is actually 454 times: 454 pixels, which is equivalent to 226 pixel per inch ppi, and the maximum brightness of the watch can go up to 450 knits, so it’s very bright. That looking under bright, sunlight is not a problem. Second is the design. The screen is flat with minimal acceptable bezel at the side, and the weight of the watch is only the little gram without strap, which xiaomi claims is one of the lightest in the market. So the reason they can make it so light is because the frame is made of polymer material, as you can see here or in layman term, it’s called plastic, so the strap width is actually 22 millimeter, as i mentioned before in my previous video, i love that The strap has a lot of holes to suit different types of resizes, so the strap also feels solid. Okay, however, it’s not the softest that i’ve used so far, it feels a bit stiff when i first play it and it took some time to get used to it next, the functionality and performance.

So this watch performed like a breeze when scrolling, as you can see here very smooth and also app opening and closing, is very smooth. I love that it has most of the features covered like measuring your heart rate and also your blood oxygen level here spo2 and it can even estimate users energy level of the day, as well as your stress level, as you can see here, i had modular stress Throughout the day, Music, well, if you feel stressful, it has an app to actually guide you to breathe in and out to calm you down, and this information can be synced to your xiaomi web app in your phone. As you can see here, i have the wear app installed in my phone. Xiaomi has more than 100 watch faces that you can actually download and install from the web app also to suit your mood and star, as you can see here and as for notification, if you swipe down, you can actually display more than 20 notification of your choice. Like for me, whatsapp wechat and normal sms are actually enabled on this watch. This watch can even display some of the basic emoji, not all emoji, on the watch notification, so i hope that future updates can actually improve this and for the notification. You can only read it but there’s no reply, function or preset reply function whatsoever and for incoming calls. You can only mute or reject the calls. You can’t pick up or answer calls from this watch number four: the workout modes.

It has 17 types of main workout modes that is preset on this watch and if you feel that it’s not enough, you can always add more to the main menu scroll down and press the add spot and choose from the options here like for dancing belly dance. For example, there are more than 110 workout modes to be selected, whatever workout that you can think of xiaomi has you covered and because it supports swimming, as you can see here, pool swimming, you can even bring this watch for swimming, as is water resistant up to 50 meter below water and before you all ask me about gps accuracy. Yes, gps has been quite accurate during my usage number five. The battery life so xiaomi claims that a full hundred percent charge will last you up to 16 days. So, as you can see here, the remaining battery life from seven days ago after i fully charge it and it has a 420 milliamp hour battery and it takes around two hours to fully charge this watch from zero to 100, using the inbox wireless charger. Okay enough with the good stuff let’s talk about the things i don’t like. First, some basic functions are not intuitive enough, for example, there’s no direct shortcut if you want to adjust the brightness level or set it to auto brightness. So what you do you have to go to settings and go to brightness, adjust here or adjust here and to me it’s a bit troublesome and some watches can let you adjust brightness with just a swipe away.

Next, this watch actually supports always on display, in which they provide a few selection of always on display faces for you to choose, so you can go to the setting go to display. Choose display choose this and, as you can see here, this few watch faces are always on display for you to choose, unfortunately, once always on display is enabled raise to wick will be disabled, which i prefer to have both always on display and race to wake to Be enabled at the same time not a deal breaker, but i think you guys should know if i swipe out the raise to it. Can’T be disabled on enable number three talking about mlx screen. One thing i should point out is that the screen can be very bright even at level one brightness, so it might not be comfortable to be viewed in the dark if you wear it to sleep, so you might want to disable to raise the weight function manually Or to say to be enabled only during certain timing every day to avoid it from disturbing asleep how swipe out, okay, disable enable or go to raise to way in setting, and actually you can say, according to your time, perhaps in future updates xiaomi can adjust so That the level one brightness can be much dimmer number four, since the frame of the watch is made of plastic, which i think is not really as tough as compared to stainless steel, for example.

My advice is not to wear this much for outdoor extreme sports. If you want to protect this cosmetic of the watch, so i wear this watch for workout at home and jogging, which i think is still acceptable and, lastly, there’s no support for third party app, no app store whatsoever. This watch has a microphone built in and has amazon alexa virtual ai assistant support in certain countries. Unfortunately, in malaysia, the outlaw not supported in malaysia. Well guys there goes my full review of the me watch global version, so this watch is selling in malaysia for an official retail price of 469, which is around usd 117. I kind of like this watch despite its shortcoming, to be honest: how about you are you buying this watch? Let me know in the comments below if i miss out anything, so please do like share and subscribe.