I have it here and if you’ve been following my channel for a while now, you know that i’ve been a fan of xiaomi and the smart watches i’ve had the me band 2, the mi band 3 and recently i’m using the mi band 4. But i wanted to check out the xiaomi mi watch light and see what we can get from a smartwatch that currently sells for about forty five dollars on aliexpress. So now let’s get into the video with the fact i’m. True today, i’m. Truly gifted look no lie. I’M high purp smoke so the first thing taking a look at the box, i really like the black design and i like the design language from xiaomi. Here you have the watch design literally engraved on the watch here with this it’s look it’s a bit glossy, but i like the way it’s presented there. You have the right top. It says me watch light on both the top and at the side, and it says me watch light innovation for everyone and at the bottom you have the model which is redmi watch 2 and the mi watch light is basically a rebranded version of the redmi watch And globally you know it has a me watch lights, but in china, it’s known as a redmi watch has a battery capacity of 230 milliampere and voltage of 5 volts and on the right side you have some specs, so it has built in standalone gps, multiple fitness Mode water, resistance up to 50 meters and you can use it for swimming screen, auto brightness and 1.

4 color hd touch screen display as well as 24 hours, heart rate monitoring. So now let’s open the box and see what we have so first you can find the watch. It looks very much like the apple watch and you can see the right objects is designed by xiaomi. Now let’s open the box to see what we have inside. First. We have that user manual it’s a bit bulky. I know a lot of people are not going to read that so we’re going to keep that aside and also we have the charger. It looks a bit bulky it’s more like a cradle and what it is. Is it has the charging contacts and all you have to do is just place the smart watch on the contacts and it begins to charge at the bottom. We have that me logo there and at the side you have some right up so that’s. Basically it the cradle can stay on the side of your bed. I really like that. You can place it on the table or the bedside rest, and it would literally stay there now moving on to setting up the smartwatch first, what you need to do is download the xiaomi, where app on either android ois, if you’re using ios, you need to download The xiaomi rear light app it’s a bit different from android, also setting up i’ve kind of found a problem. So if, when it comes to the region, if you select your region, you might not have the me watch light come up as one of the devices you can add.

I found a fix by choosing portugal and if you choose portugal, it comes up with the me watch light. I would guess that’s because the main watch light has not been released globally in some of the countries so that’s. Why it doesn’t come up as part of the devices you can add, but setting up to portugal, you can add your device and once you’ve added a device you can move on to configuring it so logging in setting your data and having it work. Also, you can choose different watch faces from the ones you have locally on the device and also you can download from online. You have about 102, what faces to select from which is really nice now let’s move on to the build quality and the design. So i, like the design of the me watch light. It looks pretty slick even though it’s made with plastic, it doesn’t look very cheap. It comes with this square design. I really like it and you have the 1.4 inches lcd display with 320 by 320 pixels and also 315 minutes of brightness. So you shouldn’t have much problem when using this outdoors that’s pretty nice, you also have 323 ppi density, so you have a lot of colors. Also, looking at the strap it’s made with a proprietary design, so you cannot have one of the bands that you can just buy or the 22mm buns you can buy online and fit, but you can buy one of the ones char me have for this.

It comes in different colors. You can pick one up and just switch it out on the side. You have. The button. It’S looks like an aluminium button, but i can’t really tell but it’s really nice, you that’s, where you press to come up with your application screen. The display also is a bit carved on all edges, so it’s. It gives a look better, look to the screen and then this, although the screen, has a lot of bezels, but it looks pretty nice. The colors are really great at the bottom. You have the sensors for reading your heart rate as well as um. You have other sensors in the phone itself. Overall, it looks pretty good. I like design where i’ve had this on for a couple of days and i’ve not had a problem with the strap. I find it not to be long enough because when i want to strap it on, i have a bit of problem having the hooked feet, but overall it has been really good. Now, moving on to performance, you can check your heart rate on here. Also, you have the workout mode where you can do outdoor running treadmill, walking tracking trail run, pool swimming. It has over 10 workout modes, not as much as the mi band had over 147 modes. This is very limited, but it’s also nice um. Basically, for me, i’ll be using it for walking, so i have some of those data, so all the data you can monitor on here a bit limited.

But when you move on to the app you can see a lot of data there now to the main screen. When you swipe up, you have more like the notification center, you have the flashlights. You can tap to turn that off. So if you have probably in the dark area – and you want to have a flashlight, you can click on that and have some kind of flashlights. Next, you have the do not disturb mode right below the flashlight. Also you have the raise to wake mode. So, if you have that enabled once you just lift your hand, it kind of wakes up, also you have to wake for five minutes. You can turn that off or on. If you want to save a lot of your battery, you can have that turned off, but if you think you don’t care about your battery, you can have that turned on and it will stay on for five minutes. Next, you have the lock, so it if you want to lock it and you don’t have interactions by extensor touches, you can click on that lock screen and when you lock it all you have to do, is press the button for about three seconds and it will Unlock which is pretty nice, and then you have the option settings which here you can change the watch faces. You can select from a lot of word faces back to the settings you have. You can adjust the brightness, you can select auto adjustment for brightness set the brightness to we have basically from level three to level one level, one being the lowest and then back.

You have do not distort auto log password system settings, which is where you can reset or reboot your smart watch now clicking on the power button or the button on the right side. It takes you to the application menu. Like i said you have the workout mode. Also, you have the activity mode, you have status mode. This is where it shows your daily data for the day and how much you have used all your calories, your steps, standing whatever you did, that you want to to visualize that’s, where you can find that and then back. You also have the heart rate, so you can tap to monitor the heart rate. Also, you have your sleep data and next you have britain, so you can use that to know if you are probably fine with now with the pandemic. You want to know if your lungs are properly good, so you can use that also. You have to come past. So pretty much been a long time since i use a compass, but if you really want to know if you’re going on the right path, so you’re probably hiking, and you want to know if you’re on the north direction, you can actually use the compass. You also have calculating air pressure and altitude, which is pretty nice for those that go on hiking. You want to know if you are actually safe next. You also have music it’s, pretty good for controlling your music. One thing i find um to be a bit difficult here is: you cannot save your music onto the device itself? You can only control music, so if you’re gon na also go jogging, you still have to carry your phone with you, but you can control music and this works for all the music apps that you basically use.

I use spotify and i try to spotify and it works, so you can increase the volume for next boss and play that’s pretty handy. Also in the screen. You have your alarm. You can set an alarm directly from your smart watch. You have a stopwatch. You have a timer and a timer interfaces. You already have some presets timing, so you have one minute to me three minutes and five minutes which i find pretty nice and also you can check your weather, which comes in handy, and you can check your notifications now. In the notifications, one thing i found to be a bit of a problem here is: if you get a notification, for example, from facebook or instagram after you check this notification on your phone, you have to manually come to clear them on your smartwatch. It doesn’t automatically. So you have your notifications stacked, so you have to slide down all the way to the end and then clear them it would be. Would have been really nice if you were able to automatically clear them so once you view them already on your phone, it just clears for your smartwatch. That would have been really nice next. You have find my phone, so if you have your phone somewhere you in around your room and you want to find it, you can click on that option and then it would help you find your phone. You have flashlights. Also, it comes in handy and then back.

You have help also and back to the settings so it’s a few things that you find in the options menu um. You can see from xiaomi’s design language. They are just going according to the apple watcher copying apple, so um it’s, pretty much a nice feature, it’s a nice smart watch for 45 dollars. I think it’s really great. Now coming to the battery xiaomi say you can use this for about nine to 10 days. On a single charge, but i found that to be some sort of exaggeration. When i got this it was. It came with 65 66 percent of battery charge and i kind of put it to charge to 100 percent and in a day i had used over 50 of the battery. For me, most part of the day i had all the display turned on for five minutes. I had that settings enabled that might be a reason why i lost a huge percentage of the battery, but also based on their claims. I don’t think i should have such a significant drop in battery so um. I think they have a lot of explaining to do. Currently. The battery is about ‘ in just one day, use which is not very encouraging, um, so i’m, going to be using this for about two weeks and i’ll. Come back to you to give you feedback on how it has failed for that two weeks before using this few days, i’ve used it.

I found it to be very nice and really great one thing i prefer dummy watch light to over. The me band is more about the square surface and how it looks. The me band looks a bit small and looks more like a toy, but this looks a bit better, more sporty, more professional. Also, i had problems with reading the heart rate on the me band. Right from the mi band 2 got better on the mi band 4, but sometimes it kind of feels, but for all the times i’ve tried to read my heart rate on the me watch lights. It has actually performed very well. So i find this to be more. Like an improvement over me band, so i’m gon na be sticking with the me watch lights and i’ll. Come back to you to give you back my thoughts on how that’s fair for two weeks. If you want to see that video click on that subscribe button below also like this video, you can share to your friends and until next time i am mastercard piss smoke all in my eyes, i can barely see you through the shade on my shine. You focus on my step, you moving backwards.