Removing the top portion of the box, we get to see the watch slide front and center and underneath is a hidden compartment which houses the dedicated charging dock, as well as the user guide of the device giving you all the things that you need to know about. The mi watch light now, unlike the mi bands of xiaomi, the mi watch. Light comes with a 1.4 inch lcd display with a 320 by 320 resolution. It’S, not the brightest of the bunch, but it’ll get the job done with your daily routines. The straps on the mi watch, light are made out of tpu, which does fit the light moniker, and the base is made out of plastic, which, as a whole, means it’s, not heavy by any means and the only time you would actually notice it is. If you move your wrist, it does come with a sleep weight key on the right side, which also works as a home button, whereas maneuvering through the device is done via swipe gestures. Swiping from the top down gives you the notification, tray, swiping, left and right switches. You from different modes or widgets and from the bottom up gives you a mini control center, which allows you to turn on or off certain functions or features. Now, on a side note, although the device is generally made out of plastic, it does come with a decent ip rating, which allows you to swim up to 5 atm or 50 meter submerged underwater for about 10 minutes.

I don’t know anyone who could hold her breath for 10 minutes, but it is nice to know that it can handle that much pressure in addition to water resistance, the midwatch light also comes with bluetooth connectivity. A heart rate monitor sleep, monitor a breathing app used for de stressing a weather, widget, a music control app and a bunch of other workout and fitness trackers that are toned down to the more common and accessible types, as opposed to including the rare types of activity. Such as skiing or golfing, and so on now, one thing worth mentioning, however, is that the ui of the me watch light doesn’t. Have that fluid animation effect, like others, which means you’re left with a rather instant transition? The good thing is, it does come with 256 megabytes of memory, which may seem small, but for a device that focuses on the essentials. It is actually enough to get the job done. The mi watch light also comes with an accelerometer gyroscope, a light sensor e compass in a barometer and is equipped with a 230 milliamp hour battery. That can give the device up to nine days on a single charge, but may be longer with moderate use, which is very much appreciated. So we pretty much covered all the essentials of the device. Let’S now talk about the actual usage and experience. Personally, i think the device is okay for the money, given that this is technically the first smart watch of the year.

Xiaomi did an amazing job in releasing this to kick things off. Think of it as setting the stage for more awesome stuff from the brand. Now there have been reports about the race to wake function, not working, but with my time of use for the past four to five days now, i have not encountered such problems whatsoever now. One thing worth mentioning, though, in terms of synchronicity, before you jump to hype and get all excited, you’d first need to download the xiaomi where light app and before connecting it. You’D first need to make sure that the region is set to your country since the default is in china, and you will not see the me watch light listed right off the bat once connected. The app will give you pretty much all the essentials of what you’d get from the watch within use. Think of it as a summary page that covers every activity you’ve done using the watch, it does also provide a huge list of watch faces to choose from. Should you consider personalizing the device which is great and although i haven’t seen the option to create your own it’s, still not a deal breaker as you have? A total of 120 watch faces to choose from with 5 being made available offline, despite the lack of any animation when transitioning from one widget to the other. Overall, i honestly think the me watch light is a definite win in 2021. If you’re looking to get a new smart watch to achieve your fitness goals – or perhaps if you just want something simple and modern, then this is perfect for you.

The xiaomi mi watch light retails for around 65, which is a pretty good deal for a smart watch with a big display, a lightweight, build basic and easy user interface and a lot of functionality. So, if you’re looking to get your very own mi watch, light links are in the description down below and that’s about it. For my review of the xiaomi me watchlight, thanks again for watching. If you did enjoy this video, give it a thumbs up and do consider subscribing to the channel for more tech reviews and unboxing videos, and so on.