A smartwatch with up to 9 days battery life built in GPS compass, air pressure and all at a budget price.. But is it any good Lets find out The Mi Watch. Lite comes in a simple and clean, looking box. Theres, not too much to say about it, but on the back we find some specifications. If youre familiar with the Amazfit Bip watches you kinda know what the Mi Watch Lite looks like as its pretty much the same Type of design. In the box we get a user manual in different languages., A cable for charging, and this is a standard USB to some type of docking station.. Its got a bit of a strange shape and the cable is strangely placed. But theres. A reason for this which we will see a bit later. Next, we have the watch itself, looking pretty good with the matte black colour around the sides… The watch is made of plastic, but its very durable and it doesnt scratch easily.. I wore mine, while repairing the exhaust on my car and several times banged it into stuff under the car, and surprisingly, it didnt scratch at all.. On the side, we have a button for turning on the screen and opening the main menu.. The straps have enough holes to fit any wrist size and they are quite soft to wear.. I didnt have any discomfort even after wearing it both day and night for a couple weeks.. If you dont, like the black strap, it is possible to take them.

Off. Theres a button on the back that must be pressed quite hard, so its not the easiest ive tried, but they do come off.. Putting them back on is much easier, as all we have to do is push a bit.. The button on the side has a nice metallic look to it and its got a good clicky feedback when pushing it. Under is the MI logo. The PPG sensor for measuring heart rate and the connector points for the charging dock. The first time its powered on it. Will give us a QR code for easily finding the correct app. Other MI watches use the Mi Fit or Zepp app, but for some reason its not used with the Mi Watch Lite.. Here we have a new app called Xiaomi Wear. After installing it and signing in to my MI account. It looks like this, but more about that later. To pair it with the phone just tap Profile, Add device and Mi Watch Lite. After accepting the permissions and so on. It will finally connect and were ready to start using it.. One of the big benefits of getting a branded watch is that we will get updates and heres already a new firmware update, ready to go.. We will have a closer look at the app a bit later, but lets first check out what the watch has to offer.. Now that the watch is paired and switched on, we can try the dock again. Just place the watch on top and press it in until it snaps into place.

. The display will now show us the charge progress, but the most interesting thing here is that we can place it on the side.. The display will now turn over in landscape mode, and this is how the watch will lay on the desk, while charging. Thats, why? The cable is on the back. Charging. This watch takes about 2 hours.. Like I said earlier, this is a comfortable watch to wear for long periods.. It only weighs 35 grams, so I hardly notice wearing it at all.. The Mi Band Lite measures 41 by 35 mm and is 10.9 mm thick, so its not very big and its not too small.. On the front. We have a 320 by 320 pixel color display that can go up to 350 Nits, so its bright enough.. Its also got good battery life and Inside is a 230 mAh battery that can last up to 9 days., As on most watches, the display will wake up when we turn the wrist and it stays on for a fixed amount of time. If you keep the hand in this position., If you quickly look at it and put down your hand again, it will switch off faster to save some battery. On the main screen. We have our time and activity data based on the watchface we have chosen. Pulling up, shows us the quick toggles, and here we can use the display as a flashlight.. We can turn on or off functions like the DND or the raise to wake.

Its also possible to lock the screen and to unlock it again. We have to hold the power button for a few seconds.. The next one is very good for us who make videos, because it will keep the display on for 5 minutes.. The last one is a quick access to the watch settings. Pulling down from the main screen. We have the notifications, and here we can see a list of missed calls or other messages. If there are any. To go back, we can swipe to the right on any screen and pushing the physical button on the side of the watch. Will take you all the way to the main screen. Swiping right. We have the music player a simple view of today’s activities: some weather information, sleep data for last night with a score, the heart rate function and were back to the main screen. Going. The other way has the same options in the opposite: order. To access the main menu on the watch. We have to press the button on the side.. This is actually a little bit annoying as its not possible to open it by using the touch screen, but it is what it is.. Here. We have two pages all with nice, looking icons and no text.. The first one is our workout options, and here we have outdoor running treadmill, outdoor cycling, indoor, cycling, freestyle, walking, and a nice thing here is that we can see our weekly average under the activity.

. Next is trekking, trail, run, pool swimming open water, swimming and cricket of all things.. Yes, this watch is waterproof up to 50 meters, so it can be used while swimming. When starting an activity. The watch will first show a screen like this and its now trying to get a GPS signal before starting.. If you dont want to wait, we can just click go and it will start the countdown.. While the activity is active, we can see the distance time spent heart rate and some pace. Details. Heres also average time per kilometer average pace, calories, cadence stride and steps.. By holding the button for a few seconds, the activity will be put on pause and we can choose to continue or end it.. The next option shows a list of the activities we have already completed and we can open them to get more details. Here. We have the distance and time spent calories, steps, average, speed, cadence, different pace data and some heart rate information.. There is, of course, more data available in the app on the phone, including a map. If you used a GPS. Activity. Next is today’s activity data, which is more detailed compared to the one we saw on the main screen.. Here we have calories steps, standing a calories graph for reaching our goal, a steps graph for the entire day and a graph for standing alerts. Next is for measuring heart rate and see heart rate info for the day.

In sleep data. We can see our score. How long I slept last night and swiping up wil show at what time I fell asleep and when I woke up. Swipe again and we have details about deep sleep, light sleep and awake time. Next is breathing exercise like we have seen on some watches before and All we need to do here is follow the breathing instructions on the screen.. The Mi Wath lite also has a built in compass, which is nice for orienting in the woods.. If you need the air pressure its in here with a nice graph, around it. Swiping up shows us the altitude. Its not possible to save music directly on the watch, but we can use it as a remote for controlling music thats playing on the phone.. This player works very well and its quick.. We can play pause change, songs and the song title is displayed on top of the screen.. We can also adjust the volume from the watch.. The music player is also quick to access from the main menu. Just swipe right and its there ready to serve. If it wasnt easy to access. It wouldnt be used at all by me, so this is good. On the next page. We have the alarm clock, which I use every day and it wakes me up gently every morning with its vibration. Theres, no sound., A nice thing with this watch. Is that not only can we switch, alarms on or off on the watch, we can also adjust the alarms without opening the app on the phone.

. We can also choose which days we want the alarm to be active, so it doesnt bother us when we have days off from work. Theres, also a stopwatch that supports laps.. The countdown timer has a few preset options, but we can also set a custom time at the bottom. Here. Weather information shows us today’s weather with lowest and highest temperature and a little icon to show if its sunny or rainy and so on. Sliding up here shows us the forecast for the next few days. Heres notifications again, which is empty at the moment.. If you cant find your phone just tap here, and it will play a loud tune on it. If its connected of course. Heres, the flashlight again., If you need any help on how to use the watch, this QR code will open a web site. Or you could Just open the app because the same help is available there. And the last option are the settings. In here we can change the watchface and we dont have that many on the watch itself, but there are a lot of them in the app.. The watch face can also be changed by holding a few seconds on the display from the main screen. On some of them theres a small icon under it, which indicates that its possible to customize the information on the watchface. By tapping on the items in the watchface. I can now change this field to something that fits my need.

Better. Next is the display’s brightness which we can set to auto adjust or we can set it manually.. I have it set to the max brightness right now, since I’m filming, but usually its always on auto, and it works quite well.. The DND mode can also be customized directly on the watch and we can turn it on or off or change the time frame for it. For raise to wake. We have the exact same options, and I like that. We have options like these on the watch itself. So we dont have to open the app that much. We can even customize the heart rate monitoring quite a bit in here. Like set. How often it should check it or switch it completely off to save battery.. If the heart rate alert is on, it will vibrate when the rate gets above a certain value and you havent been active for the last 10 minutes.. The idle alerts can be switched on or off and a duration can be set. Cover to sleep is interesting. Though.. Just put your palm on the display and it will switch off. Its actually not possible to switch off the display by pushing the button on the side, so theres, no other manual way to switch it off, which is a bit strange.. Auto lock is how long the display will stay on until it automatically switches off if youre not touching. The display at all. Dont want anyone to access.

Your watch just set a pin code to lock it. Heres functions for resetting some about data and regulatory info. In system settings we can reboot power off and reset the watch. One of the most used functions. For me personally is the notifications, and here is an example of an incoming message.. We can see quite a bit of text on one page, but sadly it will not show the full message. Even if we scroll down., Most messages are shorter than this one. But if you get a long one its going to cut it, off. Thats, why we see the three dots at the bottom.. A nice thing is that it does support some smiles, but not all of them. Heres, a message with some random chosen ones and if it doesnt recognize the smiley, it shows a rectangle with a question mark inside it.. We also get incoming call notifications with a name of the person calling.. Like I mentioned earlier, the Mi Watch Lite uses a different app than some other Mi products., Its called Xiaomi Wear, but its quite good and easy to navigate in. On the main page. We have an overview of our daily results. The last exercise we did and further down is the data for sleep heart rate and standing.. There are more details to find in each of these with nice graphs but there’s. One thing that annoys me: a bit here. The scrolling function, isnt very nice.. It works fine, but its got this animation delay before it snaps into place.

. It just feels a bit awkward to use., See what I mean On top. We can change between today’s data day week and month, summaries. Inside calories. We have the exact same type of view, so nothing special to see here. Each activity is nicely registered and since this watch has a built in GPS, we get a map on the top. Heres. Also distance duration, and so on, with a good view of the pace for each kilometer below.. There is one strange thing here, though, and its the height or elevation data. Ive noticed that in almost every activity I start its completely flat, even if theres quite a bit of changes in elevation., So it doesnt seem to be working. Correctly. Heres also detailed heart rate info with a nice graph., Sleep monitoring seems to be working well, and here we have the typical information like how long we slept in total, deep sleep light sleep and awake time.. We also get a score that goes up to 100 rating, the night’s sleep, quality. Heres, some heart rate info for the entire day and its the same type of view, as we saw with steps., Not sure how useful this one is. But we can also see our standing results.. The workout section lets us track workouts from the phone instead of using the watch. In Profile. We find information about ourselves and the watch.. This is where you need to go. If you want to change some watch settings or download new watch faces.

, The first page shows us the watch faces that are currently installed on the watch and it can have a maximum of five installed.. The online section is for downloading new ones, and there are a lot to choose from here and Ive noticed new ones showing up from time to time, so they are adding new ones.. They are also sorted in categories which is nice.. The app also lets us choose which apps we want to get notifications from and shows us how to set up the permissions. Overall. This is a nice looking app and it does what its supposed to in a good way.. The Mi Watch Lite feels well made and the menu system works well.. Some other watches have fancy animation when going through the menus, but there’s no such thing on the MI Watch Lite.. I don’t really mind it as it makes navigation faster and I would rather have no animations instead of laggy animations.. The battery is also quite good and in my test I got 8 full days of use. That’s with 2 hours use of the GPS.. The GPS does use some battery and I found that 1 hour and 12 minutes used about 20 of the total battery.. The steps counter is also accurate and compared to the Mi Band 5. The amount was always about the same. Overall. The Mi Watch Lite is very nice and does a good job recording activities except for the elevation data of course.

, But hopefully it will be fixed soon. Somehow.. I, like the vibrant display – and there are so many watch faces to choose from so I guess everyone can find something they like here.. The MI Watch. Lite gets a thumbs up from me.. Another nice thing about using Xiaomi watches is that we do get some updates and there was a new update right after I made this video., So I’ll make a separate video showing what’s been updated and post it soon. And thats it for this video.. If you liked, it click that, like button and if you didnt already subscribe, just click that button below the video and the bell for more. Have a nice day and see you in the next video.