My only experience with fitness trackers was with the xiaomi mi band 2 back in 2017, which left a sad taste because it suddenly just stopped working in less than 6 months. I held off buying another smart wearable until now, because back in 2017, smart wearables were a rapidly maturing market. It made no sense to invest in an expensive one early on because it became obsolete almost immediately while cheap ones were not that capable yet, but now that the technology reserved for the high end wearables has trickled down to the lower end. Let us take a look at what this 50 dollar smartwatch has to offer. You get the watch itself, a charger that connects to your computer or wall adapter and a rather thick manual that basically says download our app and work it out. So a smartwatch has bluetooth, and this enables it to connect to your smartphone and you can control some of your phone’s functions and vice versa. Through this connection, this is the smartwatch. It is made out of a rubbery plastic material which feels smooth on your wrist. You can change the straps by pressing down on these buttons there’s a single button here that acts as the menu and home function. Here you can see the time the number of calories burned, the step count and the battery level of the watch. The first icon is the workouts menu. There are now some workout modes here, so the smart watch should be able to give you more information depending on the workout.

When you select a workout, say treadmill, the smartwatch turns into a screen of data so that you can look at your heart rate, step count and duration, the workout in real time when you are doing an outside activity. The watch uses the built in gps to map out your cores, so you can see the route you took on your phone later. Fitness is probably the main reason you would buy a smartwatch, but let us quickly go through other features of the watch. These features are what you’ll get for 50 day. This next icon is the history of your workouts. This icon is the data of the current day. This measures, your heart rate, uh. This shows your sleep data. I don’t wear the watch so and there’s nothing to show there’s a breathing exercise counter a compass for hiking enthusiasts, a barometer music for controlling the music on your phone alarm. Stop watch countdown timer weather notifications from your phone, so you’ll be able to see the notifications on your phone, but you’ll not be able to type or reply on this watch so that’s the find phone function for checking your phone. If you lost it, flashlight it’s a help and settings things. Menu here, you’ll be able to change the watch faces. So i download this over the internet using the app you can change to whatever display you want Music. Overall, this smartwatch records a great deal of data, but the accuracy is still questionable.

Other reviewers often wear multiple smart watches and compare data to look for inconsistencies, but i do not have that luxury so let’s take the data at face value now on the app you’ll. Be able to see a bigger chart of your workouts data, you can also download new watch faces for your me watch live. This is part of the appeal of owning a smart watch. You can download new watches to change the look here. You can download a analog watch face for that old school feel being a first time owner of a smartwatch. What are the pros first is the look and feel this watch is so smooth and light. I would always forget that i have the watch on because of how unobtrusive it is. We also like that the watch has a lot of features for its price. Is there any cons? For me, there are two first is the software. I cannot complain much because of how much it costs, but some animations, as you are swiping, would go a long way in making this watch feel more polished. The software is also not that intuitive some items are hidden so well that i only found some settings only a few weeks after owning this device. The second con is the battery life. It has an advertised battery life of 9 days per charge, but in my experience, doing a 1r workout that uses the built in gps drains the battery by 10.

So if you work out every other day, you’d find yourself looking for a charger in about five days, which kind of sucks. But i guess this is where the watchlight moniker comes from that’s it.