The first reason why you may want to get the xiaomi redmi note. 8. Pro is because you get a lot of value for the price and it all starts with a beautiful design display and premium built. The phone is really beautiful, it's well crafted, but at the same time it looks pretty much the same as most of the phones. These days, while the frame successfully imitates metal, it's made of plastic and the camera bump sticks out quite a bit, but the phone feels premium. Nevertheless, thankfully, we have Gorilla Glass, 5 on the front and rear for better durability. Ips LCD display is one of the best in the budget segment, but if you are spoiled by AMOLED screens, you may find this panel a little bit. Inferior I'll explain this further at the end of the video. The second reason is obviously the specs, even though not everyone is happy with shammies decision to go with a mediatek chipset. I can assure you that gaming performance is one of the best in the budget phone segment thanks to plenty of processing power, good implementation, liquid cooling technology and other optimizations by Xiaomi. I can also assure you that the phone does not have any overheating issues, even after one hour of playing. In fact, the redmi note 8 pro stays almost cold to the touch, which is really impressive. Also, the phone feels really fast, smooth and stable when it comes to day to day usage.

The only complaint is that the me UI is based on the android 9, which is not the latest version of google's OS. The me UI is loaded with features and customization options, just like any other Xiaomi device. If what camera set up any powerful selfie shooter are another reason why the redmi note 8 pro is an awesome budget phone. However, this camera setup is not perfect, while we can rest assured that you will be able to take great looking daylight shots and beautiful portraits with good edge detection. Wide angle. Camera does not really impress in terms of detail and sharpness. Same can be said about 1080p video taken with a wide angle lens. Also, it takes a lot of effort to take a decent, looking shot with macro lens, as most of the pictures came out a little bit. Soft 64 megapixels mode gives you a ton of detail, but the colors are a little bit washed out in comparison to the pictures taken in auto mode night. Image quality is really good. If you take pictures using a dedicated night mode, wide angle and telephoto, shots do not impress at all in low light. Sofie'S look really nice and sharp in both Ora and portrait modes. But as usual, the quality decreases quite a bit in lower lit situations when it comes to video is the usual story like with most of the Xiaomi budget. Phones. 4K. Footage is sharp and D deal, but it is shaky 1080p video is nice and stable.

Thanks to electronic image, stabilization 1080p selfie video is nice, but it could be smoother and sound. Recording quality could be slightly better. The reason number 4, why the xiaomi redmi note 8 pro is a great budget phone really good battery life. That was improved with a recent software updates. My record screen on time is over 17 hours when I use the phone mainly for watching videos and some social media. The supplied 18 was a fast charger, fully charges the phone in just about two hours. Finally, the redmi note 8 pro is equipped with high quality and versatile hardware setup that includes a headphone jack with good, sound quality, good loudspeaker, reliable, fingerprint scanner that sits on the back of the device. A micro SD card slot a tiny yet useful, LED notification, light tactile and responsive buttons, higher blaster, fast accra, GPS and have see plenty of sensors good call, quality and signal reception, reliable Wi, Fi and other connectivity options. Overall, the xiaomi redmi note 8. Pro is one of the best budget devices the money can buy, despite a few shortcomings that I mentioned in this video. But if you have about 20 or 30 smart dispair, I can highly recommend you to check the Xiaomi mean eye light out because it has a nicer design to my taste. It is more compact. It has a punch here and more vibrant AMOLED display and slightly better cameras at the end of the day, it can't go wrong with either of these devices.

But if you ask me my personal pick would be the Xiaomi mean I liked.