In this video, you will see what to expect from the s1 active smartwatch, and i will share with you tips and tricks to get more out of this xiaomi smartwatch, so lets get started Music. The s1 is certainly not a new and innovative design. One thing that theyre definitely good at in the east is to look at the most successful competitor copy and try to improve it carefully. With this watch, you can keep track of all your sporting activities even better and easier than its predecessor. The watch received a new chip that will allow the watch to detect even faster what type of workout youre doing, which works so far pretty good. Every time i went for a walk or run it easily managed to recognize it. There are extra functions to exercise better or to make it more fun, such as listening to your favorite music or to turn off notifications number three select the sport modes. You use most quicker and reminds you to work out or last but not least, get back to business fast by removing water from the speaker after swimming the heart rate. Monitor ensures that you can actually use it as a fitness tracker. A reliable, continuous heart rate measurement during exercises gives you live feedback about the level of intensity at which you are exercising and compared to the blood pressure device. From my gp, it says that its super accurate, i do find that the dual band gps had a fast fix and accurate positioning.

It tracks the route precisely and had nothing to complain about, despite the fact that the gps is accurate. The altitude meter isnt that correct the watch. S1 has all the basics or only the basics like weather the alarm, timers, a phone finder and camera shutter control. There is support for alexa as a voice assistant, but thats not very helpful. If youre, deep into the google ecosystem and in terms of tracking your sporting activities, the much improved workout app includes high intensity interval, training and additional options, while swimming such as tracking the distance, even with all the bundled apps and features the software on these watches, make Them feel more, like large fitness trackers than smart watches from notifications to phone calls to the weather. This is all stuff that xiaomis me band 6 or basically any other modern fitness band like a fitbit charge, can do nothing really makes this watch feel like a smart watch other than the design. Luckily, because its such a light operating system, the performance is smooth and therefore great. One thing that i would definitely like to highlight is how easy it is to switch devices you dont need to reset the watch. You just download the app and hit connect, no resets. No settings nodding this is the holy grail of smartwatch pairing. The battery life on this xiaomi s1 active smartwatch is also much longer than your average smart watch during the night. It drops around three percent with precise sleep monitoring on, but during the day it drops quicker.

Ive been getting there for between five to seven days of battery life compared to the advertised 12 days. I did enable always on stress monitoring, spo2 and heart rate tracking and its better than most smart watches, but becomes less word well when you try to do anything more advanced. There are, though, a few points of interest, namely there is no possibility to do wireless card payments at least theyre not supported here in holland, yet the plastic used doesnt make it feel like a luxury or premium sports watch and theres. No third party software support or the possibility to connect it to any other app than apple health or strava bottom line. Should you buy one not really if youre, into tracking your sporting activities precisely and you want or need a more powerful smartwatch with app support? You should get it if you want a fancy fitness tracker with this great looking display and as well as a few other smartwatch features tucked on, because the extras like calling from the watch or the gps functionality, the mi band 6, does pretty much the same. If you want to know what the mi band 6 can do, then continue on with this video, where i share 5 awesome tips and tricks.