We are a youtube channel on the web. At smart watch ticks calm and there it is here it is. This is the show me where 3100 smart, Bluetooth watch with Isom with everything look at that beauty and that's, just the box folks inside we reveal the actual unit. Now some of you may be saying: mister ticks it's, the Chinese version and I'm telling you yeah. It is we're still waiting for the international version, but word has it from gearbest that this will do English as soon as you tether it to your phone. So when we get to the full review, part of this watch we're gon na go through all of that. But this is the unboxing and we're looking at Jahna the 3100, with all these little specks in it, there's not a whole lot to talk about just in the unboxing. The NFC is in it and isom is in it the virtual card voice control everything you've got one gigabyte of RAM. Eight gigabyte of ROM and health tractor health rate monitor a 570 milliamp hour battery aluminum alloy, with the silicon dial a dial. I did that on battery didn't is silicon van and a dial or 1.7 H inch square, rectangular kind of a thing, and this is yeah let's unbox. It it's got it taped down here and here so I'm gon na slide it out from under the tape. On that end, and it looks like I got – ta – lift the tape on this end and hold it out.

We have a wow there's, a little QR code right there to scan that's, probably to get the app for it and look at the back. I'Ve never seen it like that. Really super shiny we've got the heartrate stuff here, and it looks like for charging pins sitting right there as in an Apple watch. You have a pills, shaped size button and a twirly knob on here that looks like it pushes as well. A microphone is here speaker, perhaps over here in another hole. Here the bands are removable. You see the little quick release thing here, but it looks like it might be. A rather proprietary housing that it's in we won't know that till we get deeper into the review inside the box. In addition to look at this special molded platform that it sits in really nice really well done. Now we get into the my brand uh huh and what is this a book, a piece of paper, wow it's, the whole manual? Okay, obviously, on this side, it's in Chinese and on this side, are we in luck more Chinese, well that's, because it's the standard Chinese version look at that it's got a symbol on it and everything I guess. It'S been approved, I'm gon na show it to you. So we can pretend to go through with pictures or you can use your Google Translate to see if you can understand it, mmm pretty much just identifying the functions of the different buttons and what they'll do stuff about the screen.

Yeah about rotating the dial, where you're supposed to place your finger and I'm able to do that properly. All the different ports tethering to the app that's gon na be important. We got to figure that part out and setting up bluetooth that looks like aha NFC payments. That'S, what that looks like mm hmm, and what is this? Oh, okay, that looks like something: oh that's, a charging dock is at the dock: okay, there's, a charging dock. I thought that was coming out of the hole of the watch. It'S like when you look at pictures, only it's, really fun here's, how you attach something and don't attach it properly so much to know so much we don't know and later on. I know when this is out in the International Version, or we actually have a chance to go through all of this it's, probably gon na. Look like silly what I'm doing right now, but I honestly can't read this and I'm, not sure how it's supposed to work. So it's gon na look silly later, but that's, okay, I've looked silly before here's, some more pages and some charts and pages and such and that's enough of that let's see what we've got it is actually coming with a USB charging device for your country. This is USA and then the dock that's what's here, okay it's, held on with a rubber band thick one USB connector, four pins and obviously it's just gon na sit in the dock, like that it's magnetically coupled and it's good and strong to hold it.

The band's lay down nice and flat so yeah at night. You can just have this by your bedside and charge it up. Well, the only thing left is to really turn it on and see what it does now here we are I've skipped the boot up process that you press the power button turn it on, and it goes through a very long boot up process loads. What it says is where OS on here and then get you to this page now remember this is the Chinese only version and what we're looking at, if you use Google Translate, is basically saying touch to continue. I touch it and I continue I get to this page and it's, basically showing me some stuff down here, that's a website to go to to read some things. I say: okay for that, and now I get to this QR code, and this is something that's needed to be downloaded that's, a Chinese app that's supplemental for working with the swatch as a tethering device at this point, I'm just going to skip it. Although I have scanned the QR code, downloaded the app and I'll be showing it to you here shortly on the phone. This is what it says, and the icon looks like a yellow square with a black circle in it, I'm gon na, say: okay now skipping past, that getting to a whole bunch of legal information that you can read and I'm gon na skip past that so for Those of you doing this, you want to just keep hitting those buttons until you get to this final page here.

This is a QR code and it comes down here, and it tells you that this is the me watch. Eight seven, seven one. So, even though I've been talking about this as a way of three 100 blah blah blah it's commonly known as the me watch and so will refer to it back and forth that way, when you get to this page, the watch is now in Bluetooth, tethering mode. Okay, up until now, it hasn't been so because it's in Bluetooth, tethering mode. I can go to this specialized app that I downloaded from the QR code that went to a website blah blah blah, get that in here I could say, add device and there's. The me watch now here's, where it gets interesting. I come on here and it's searching for the device and there it appears again and now I go to connect it now. This is where we get into a loop being that this is the international version. It says pair watches and mobile phones and apps and go back to the me watch app to connect to your device. So it wants me to pair to where OS by Google – and it wants me to download where OS by Google. Now I already have where OS by Google installed in here, that I downloaded from the Google Play Store when I do this and I say open with the Google Play Store. That should be always, it says, item not found, and I retry and I can't get it.

The reason being this is the specialized China version of the OS and that needs to be installed in order to get any further with the watch, but I'm gon na go ahead and try to use the US version of the wear OS app anyway. Let me show you what happens here. We are in the wear OS. The last watch I demoed with was the tick watch s2. These are a bunch of them I've used and done. Reviews on in the past, we're gon na add a new watch there's. This whole terms, the service thing you agree to there is to make the OS better. If you want to send Diagnostics and then it comes, and it gives you the list of all of your different watches on here. If you have this turned on now we're looking for the my watch me watch, I always get that backwards because I'm, English and the pronunciation is different. It'S gon na swirl and not go anywhere. So I have to cancel, come back here, turn that off and then turn it back on again and do that a few times until it finally shows up on the list with all the other things that I've got in here, I'll be back when that's uh found There I finally got a screen that has it on here: I'm gon na touch this. It says it's connecting now let's watch carefully, because this is in Chinese right. It takes a little while I'll skip through the white and be back when it makes a connection.

Oh, if there it is alright it did it it's giving us matching numbers. I can allow or not allow it doesn't matter, access to the contacts I'm gon na say pair now. It says connected and I believe that says connected as well here's where it gets good. It says getting your watch details and pay close attention to the watch, which does not support English as one of the primary languages there's only three languages. If you bail out of this and get into the operating system there, you see it says, continue setup on phone. This is continuing to get the watch details if this were the China version of the where OS app it would complete and continue so that you could move on. This is the US version there we go incompatible. Device cannot connect with your watch to pair your watch and phone in China. You must install the Chinese version of the wear OS by google companion, app so that's, where we're stuck but we'll talk in a minute about how you can kind of get past that first, what I'd like to do is take you over here where it says, continue: Setup on phone – and you can't do anything with it. Unless you long press the button and that will bail you out and get you to an English settings menu where you could make an emergency call, you can mess around with accessibility options. Like magnification gestures, I mean it looks like it operates like a regular phone, we can adjust the brightness automatic or any level you want change.

Your font, size volume, Wi Fi. This is where you can go in and add a network and put the watch itself directly on Wi, Fi and disconnect and reset, which is a common thing you do if we did that it would literally reset the watch to the condition it was. I just showed you power it down, change your date and time and then get about in about you see your model number your device name so forth. Serial number IMEI numbers all that kind of stuff in the show notes, I'll, have a link to a video and in the video that talks about installing the Google Play Store from China. In the comments, you'll see a reference to a link and that link goes to a Google Drive and from the Google Drive you can download a file that's, the apk that you need to install that puts the where OS China version on your phone, and here it Is it's the where OS by Google certain version number dot, le dot apk now, unfortunately, I'm not able to get it to install here, with the other version of where OS that I got from the Google Play Store, which I don't want to uninstall. Because of all the linking I have with the other watches at the time, so what I'm gon na do at this point is hand you off to the other video I mentioned, check the show notes down below for the link or click in the button.

I hope right up here and that will take you over there in that video you'll learn about it and in the comments under that video you'll find the way to download this length. Okay, okay, we're, all cool you've been watching. Smart Watch sticks thanks for watching and I hope you have success getting your international version of or your China version of the me wats to work in your country.