It'S got all kinds of little icons for do not disturb find your phone brightness settings. A really bright watch as well. You'Ve got a special breathing section that you can use for one or two minutes of relaxed, coordinated breath and you've got a variety of different loops here. This is your overall daily step count your current heart rate shown here. This is last night's, sleep time, total and broken down in segments the weather in your area after you've, tethered to your phone it'll update for you and back around to that break time and back over to the center one. All those that you saw there are available here, along with some other stuff, like 12 different sports that you can get into with this watch a really bright watch. You can see it's almost completely washed out on the screen. You got a music player settings more where you got a stopwatch, a countdown timer, finding your phone and that breath training. If you want to go into more detail all in all it's a really attractive watch it's got a nice tpu band to it, it's thin it's.