At SmartWatch, tics calm, you can tell things, are move and smooth in China again I'm really starting to get in a bunch of watches, and I mean a bunch of them. I got about eight of them to show you all of them pretty simple, easygoing ones. Every now, and then we throw in a brand new androids flagship watch like we just recently have so make sure you stick around. But if you learn a lot by looking at these, these little ones as well, what we have in here from halo is called the solar and it's in a black box appropriately for something called solar comes to us from gearbest and it's 12 sport basic SmartWatch, Fitness Watch that's under 40 bucks check the show notes and right now, it's on flash sale. If it's not we'll have a coupon for you. I am going to show you this a little bit later on. The specs are pretty light on this one, but I just had a hoot reading through this one but I'm gon na save it for the end, because I know you guys want to see the watch will touch a little bit on it. It'S just amazing the English. I don't know they. The companies have all these english speaking marketing reps on on staff, but they really should loan them out to the PR department for writing their scripts hilarious read: okay, we open the box, we reveal inside the the watch, and I wish the the screen were as bright As the little overlay was, maybe it is, I don't know I haven't taken it off yet, but that wow that's impressive here it is the watch, the solar and it is a very nice – build watch they've gone with the matted black border.

Here, of course, you can get this in different bands in different colors there's, a single button charging ports a little intersection here that has the diodes it looks like for all of the heart rate, measurements and whatnot and it's covered in glass. The whole thing is very nicely sealed, together, looks like it could definitely be. Water inside is a user's manual. The charging cable, which is a two pin kind that magnetically you notice every single time. I get it wrong. That shows you that I don't open these up and plan ahead. It'S live. You know reality TV not quite strong enough to hold the watch no, but it certainly will hold it in place. So when you charge it, you can do that easily. You can tell the bands, are removable and they'll lay flat with the charger on it either face down or face up when you charge it and pop them out, and you can trade them off. It looks like a curve in here. Doesn'T it that's interesting is the is the pin curved Wow. I have not seen that before, so it might be that you're not gon na, be able to change the Bands unless you get a really specialized curve. I'Ll put it back in a minute. Wow Wow never seen that before alright let's go through the manual quickly, the halo, solar SmartWatch user's manual. Here it is basic functions and there's that special QR code. You can actually scan it if you want to with your phone and call up the Google Play, Store and download the hey, Lou Fit app or you could use the show notes section.

We got all kinds of stuff in the show notes. You really should look. There then there's some more information in the manual and the next page, basically how to use it that's how to swipe back and forth and around touch sensitive screen button yeah it's all there and on this side, more information, okay, more functions: how to charge it notes. Basic stuff and a warranty card capability, as well with this one, so as usual I'm going to charge it up, put it back together, we'll turn it on and walk through what it can do. So a simple press on the button press and hold waiting waiting waiting. There vibration the intro word, and there again is the cue our code that you can scan for the app. So they really wants you to be able to get connected with the app. You can add a halo solar to your app apparently and Wow that's. It. Okay looks like we got to go to the app, so this one uses a new app it's called the halo fit. If you go to the Google Play, Store, there's two different ones. You want to fit, or, of course, just go down to the show, notes below and click on, the link. It'Ll take you right there, but through the Google Play Store it goes into here and when you actually get to the app. This is where it gets interesting. You get a login page, not unfamiliar, except there's, no place to create an account.

You can login with an email address and a password that you've already set up. I tried I haven't set one up, so I don't get anywhere or I can switch to mobile phone and I could put in my phone number and the password and get in. But again I haven't set that up yet so toggling back and forth doesn't help. I can go to queue queue, which is a Chinese equivalent, I believe, of like Facebook, or I could use Facebook to log in but I'm, not using Facebook, so I'm, not gon na set it up to log in that way. So, as for me, I'm kind of stuck well you're gon na love this part, so I got back to China and told them the situation that I couldn't review. The watch because I couldn't get into the watch and they did. They traced it back to the fact that, yes, the app does not work on old, small square kind of phones or any of the new cheap phones that don't have enough screen resolution. It turns out that well, you're gon na see it here in a second it. Just doesn't scroll properly or fit properly on the phone, so they are their solution, get a more modern phone, get a phone that's long and thin and it's gon na work for you. My solution is to give you guys that do not buy recommendation on this. If you don't have a phone that's adequate to tether or you're, not gon na be able to get in your watch really bad situation.

Never seen anything like this, so I've got my new phone here, and this is the Google Play Store where you would go in and connect into the same app hel fit. Now. Let me show you this here. You go the exact same page. We had before with three different changes below login. Now I have an account registration area or a forget password and down here they took off Facebook folks. This is exactly the same. App from exactly the same place store exactly the same version on two different phones in the United States and they render completely differently insane. So what happens when you go into account registration? You get a page like this, and now you can fully set the thing up. Using your mobile phone or your email address, create a password, and then you got to get a verification code. You got to get that back. You got to put it in. You got to go through a lot of ramifications just to get yourself set up and registered, but you actually can Wow and here's an interesting piece. I just discovered see I logged out of my account so that I could show you what it looked like to create an account and login, and the watch was working fine, but once I logged out it dropped back to this mode. So I cannot use the watch at all unless I'm actually logged into an account on my phone, so over here I'm logging back into my account, which should tether this now to the phone and let's bring it over here, I'm gon na say next there's that and It'S supposedly logging in here device select bracelet.

I got to go through the whole thing all over again. Okay, here we go halo, solar connecting yes and finally I'm connected successfully and theoretically now it should have adjusted the time to match and I can change it and it already did with all of my settings back to a.m. p.m. instead of 24 hour wow wow wow Wow wow and now we're in the app so there's all kinds of things you can adjust and you get to finally get a chance to see the watch. So what does it look like it's, really bright, it's a nice watch. You got temperature up at the top. You got basic things here on this watch face. You got all these different control, settings and brightness and just do not disturb and find your phone, and when you go into settings you can change, watch faces here and you've got a few different ones. I know we spent a lot of time on all that other stuff, so I'm, not gon na, spend a lot of time here. Other things in settings, the brightness about power off and reset the whole watch. If you want to when you go left you get. This. Take a break thing which is kind of a breathing exercise, a one or two minute one. You can start you got your overall weather in centigrade or Fahrenheit and I've changed it to Fahrenheit, of course, for me and then your last night's sleep time, information is in here and your overall heart rate, which I guess you can leave on and see what zone You'Re in and then that takes you to your step count and finally loops you back to your time.

So a lot of things going around this way and when you go up, you get a lot of the same stuff here shown in like an app drawer, including your notifications, music, setting your overall settings. We looked at in Moore, which is stop, watches countdown. The breath training is there as well so yeah you have it in a lot of different places. What can I say? The watch is really bright. Definitely gon na be viewable outdoors it's really thin. It looks nice on the arm and let me show you a little bit of the data collected on the app, because I did that yesterday. Well, it turns out once you do get into the app there's very limited information. This is like a work in progress. This app in it really is you get your weather forecast at your location right up here and you have three panes your step count with associated distance travel than calories, burn, your heart rate recording and your sleep record and that's it nothing else. So I got a couple of things in here: nothing from today, but go back to yesterday. You'Ll see it will tell you when you're walking how far you've walked in the calories that you've burned. It hasn't been fully translated to English, yet uh. So you've got this information here that takes you into that specific thing, right down to your heart rate and the number of steps and a deeper detail of all of that mmm that's about it.

I guess, if you run it long enough, you get your pace as well as your heart rate information, so it's got potential. Each of those are separate events that are in here and then there's a bar chart, and there were some from the day before. So all of that is there week month daily summary, you can export this stuff and that's all your step count related specifically to step crown heart right now, not happy about this one. Here I am for today it's telling me some basics in here that don't apply because I haven't worn it all day. But let me take you back to yesterday and the day before, and you see this window from about right here to right here I had the band off – then I wasn't wearing it when it tells me that my heart rate was 89 and 76 and 82. I put it back on, and these are some of the jiggles that I'm getting but it's telling me overall. The zones that I was in the percentage of time of the zones that I was in and the band was off my arm there and over here as well. This whole section wasn't wearing it at all. I believe that's way, late at night and nonetheless, I'm getting 59 and 56 and so forth, so not happy to see realistic data inappropriately listed all during a time frame that I'm not wearing the band and coming into the overall calculations that I might be basing a Fitness routine around you take that to where you want to I'm, showing you the raw data, and I can attest to the fact that nobody was wearing this band during some of that period and then there's the sleep record, which, if you don't wear it, you don't, Get any sleep: that's, nice here's the night before total 4 hours and 33 minutes broken into deep light and awake a little bit of sleep quality analysis notice, there's, no rim measurements on here.

You usually need to have like the red diodes and some other stuff to be able to do some, what they call scientific sleep and calculate your rapid eye movement. Your rim, sleep as well, but you can get summaries by week and by month, of what your sleep quality looks like and that's it just those basic things: no blood oxygen, no blood pressure; no ECG, no Lorenz, scatter diagrams, no bomb sleep, apnea, reporting, step count. Heart rate, sleep record and you can turn on or off those two. So if he just go on a band to do step count folks, you got it with this app as long as you get a long wide phone that you can have a place where you can create an account yeah Wow, all right, so let's summarize we're. Looking at a really nice thin, SmartWatch, that's very picky, about what it will tether with as a phone and is totally dependent upon being tethered to a phone that requires you to create an account set it all up and sign in before you can even gain access To all the things you're looking at even to tell the time and with that we'll wrap it up for the halo solar appreciate you being here, if you stuck all the way to the end, wow you're, a trooper and maybe you're really interested in this watts. So if you are check it out at gearbest, these guys brought it to us a great company.

They don't know what they're getting well, they do, but I mean you know: sometimes they they are, as they are check. The link in the show notes down below should pop you over to this buying page from whence this came, maybe it'll be updated and somebody will have done some editing on it. If not hey, it's a fun read on your own leisure, too that's the source for it.