So what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na unbox and have a look. What comes in the box first inside the box. You’Ll find the watch itself with a silicone black strap it’s, a quick release strap and a two pin magnetic charger no manual this time. So quick couple of facts about the watch. The watch cost 30 us dollars on aliexpress. Obviously, if you follow the links down underneath the video you’ll you’ll get some discounts and little coupons and things like that so follow the link down below the watch comes with a battery of 250 milliamp battery, which should last you a good 15 working days. Uh the watch uses bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your phone uh, which, in all fairness, stays well connected to your phone and all the times, and also we’ve got a 1.3 inches across display. With a resolution of 360 by 360 pixel, the watch comes with pre installed. Five watch faces, which we can see right now, Music. The watch also has an ip rating, which is ip68 meaning you can take this watch into a shower or into a swimming pool, and they will be just fine and the app this watch uses is called t fit, which we’re going to take a look later on. Right so let’s just dive into the watch and see uh what sort of quick actions you’ve got so from by scrolling from top to bottom. You can see immediately that the bluetooth is connected and it’s got a little symbol to indicate that you’ve got your.

Do not disturb mode, which is that little moon icon there you’ve also got some information about the watch itself, which you can see right there and you’ve got your brightness. The watch is currently set to 100 brightness. I do prefer to keep it at that brightness and finally, you’ve got quick access to your settings, which is very straightforward. You’Ve got your brightness. You’Ve got your about information. You can find your phone if you’ve lost it. You can scan a qr code to download the app to use with the watch, and you can reset your watch. Then, if you scroll from left to right, uh or from right to left it doesn’t, really matter where you go it’s exactly the same menu, so the first thing you’ll see is the weather, it’s very simple and straightforward. Just show you the weather. For today, then, you got your sleep tracking uh. Obviously, that will show you how many hours you’ve slept as long as you kept your watch on your wrist throughout the night. You also got your heart rate um sensor, so we’ll block it on and we’ll see how it takes the reading. I have to say that the watch will not read any information if it’s not on the wrist or, if it’s, on a hard surface. For instance, like a table, so the sensor works only with the skin. With your hand, there we go, you can see. The reading has been taken right now and it’s a fairly accurate reading and then further you’ll find your quick information about how many steps you’ve done today.

So, for instance, if you were wearing and finally you’ve got your messages um, please ignore ignore the fact that it’s, a russian uh it’s a russian language but that’s how the messages will be displayed um and you can’t actually to reply to them. Unfortunately, you can only delete and read your messages only so that’s that’s about it and then, if you scroll from bottom to top that takes you to your main menu. So first of all, we’ll see the option for your blood pressure, heart rate sensor. You got your messages, you can turn your watch off. If you’re not using it, you can jump into the settings which we’ve seen already you’ve got your sleep tracking as well. Then, if we take a closer look at the sports mode, you’ve got things like climb. Cycling run uh, walk and swim, meaning that you can actually take your watch into the swimming pool and they should be just fine, and if you just check your steps once again, it just shows you how many steps you’ve done per day. So then you got your stopwatch it’s, very simple and straightforward, stop which you just hit play and it starts counting your time and then you can pause it uh and if you want you can reset it just there um. Unfortunately, the only the only thing that i wasn’t really impressed with is the fact that um, the timer runs, and if i want to escape it, if i want to exit it and then come back and check my timer it will, it will hit zero zero.

Therefore, you have to stay on the screen for the timer to work. Sorry for this for the stopwatch to work, you got your weather and that’s about it. So now, let’s take a quick look at the actual appearance of the watch. Um it’s it’s all made out of aluminium it’s. All metal you’ve got a metal button, it’s the only physical button on the watch on the right side. Uh you’ve got your strap adjustable straps and they are quick release straps. So you can get yourself another one of those um. They are 22 mil across. So therefore, if you’re gon na be looking for a different, strap on aliexpress or any other platforms, uh you’re gon na be looking for 22 mil. The rear of the watch is all plastic, and this is where you’ve got your sensors right in the middle and at the front, you’ve got a hardened glass um so that shouldn’t scratch scratch anytime soon um and there are lots of little screen protectors on aliexpress. If you wanted to buy yourself a screen protector, so what we’ll do now is we’ll jump into the app i’ll show you what’s going on in the app and then we’re going to come back and i’m going to summarize today’s video about um, sigma lunar x01. All right, let’s have a look at the t: feed app um, as you can see on the first page there’s info about how many steps you’ve done, how many calories you burned your sleep, tracking blood pressure and all those things on the second page.

This is where you can track your physical activities on the third page. You’Ve got your device, you can see it’s connected now, uh. Obviously you can add device. If need be um. You can synchronize synchronize your data um just in case. If you want to do that manually, you could you shake a picture which actually uh an option that allows you to use your watch as a remote control to take a selfie like there’s, no no one around and then, if we jump into the bracelet function settings You can see um things that you can do in here would be turn on and off options for such as a race to wake up. So when you turn your wrist, the screen will automatically turn on. You can also turn on the reminders for when you sit too long or if you haven’t, drank enough water today, then you get your message notifications. This is where you can input things like incoming incoming phone calls, text messages and all of those social medias. Now, for those of you who follow my channel, you usually would see a notification right down the bottom, where it says um other apps, whereas with this one, you don’t have this option so therefore um, unfortunately, you won’t be able to see any any other apps notifications. Apart from this list – and you also got eight um extra watch faces – which you can find down here – but these are the only watch faces that you can download, um and that’s about it.

Yeah let’s go back to our review and we’re gon na. Do a conclusion of today’s review so to summarize today’s video um sigma luna x01 um. They cost 30 us dollars. I think they probably um worth it to be honest with you, because the um, the watch that you can compare it to, would be the halo solar, which you probably will find a hard time finding the difference between two. What i found is better in sigma is because the resolution is higher so 360 by 360. Pixel is a lot better than 240 on the halo model. Plus you get more watch faces with xigma, whereas with halo. Unfortunately, you only stuck with five watch faces, so sigma is better in that sense. Um sigma is very straightforward and simple watch you’re not gon na find too many options uh to play with and for some people it’s, even better, because some people don’t like to spend too much time researching how to operate watching all those things. So if you were looking at buying yourself a halo, perhaps maybe you want to take a look at the sigma lunax01. So thank you very much for watching this video guys. I hope it’s been helpful to you in some way and if i’ve missed anything don’t hesitate.