You will find that your child is absolutely glued to a phone or a tablet and no longer interested in being active. The explorer x5 play is designed to get children active and moving again. It has some amazing features where it can count every step your child takes and reward them for their efforts. Now. This watch is also all about safety and security, so you can always know where your child is via the gps. The watch is running android os and it will let you make and receive phone calls set safe zones and lots lots more now. The watch is available in three colors, so you have black, blue and pink, so we’re gon na check out the black one. First of all there. It is if i just place that to the side, charger, paperwork, user manuals and a sim eject tool and to get you started, a gif gaff sim card is included. All you do is activate that for six pounds you can get 500 megabytes of data and unlimited minutes and calls so that’s how cheap it is is pay as you go no contracts or anything like that. You can use this if you like, or you can just use your existing sim card of your choice, and here it is people the explorer x5 play now. The watch itself is made from a plastic watch case. You’Ve got this nice smooth bezel finish. This is the black color, but these smooth bezels are finished in this bluish grayish color and you do have a choice between blue and pink.

Now on the front, we have a 1.4 inch tft display with a screen resolution of 240 by 240.. The design is quite robust, it does feel quite durable and the display is also protected by gorilla glass, so it’s not going to easily scratch or break on the side of the watch. We have a single power button and a loud speaker on the other side, the sim card tray – and i want to quickly show you that so here’s the ejector so you’re simply prying it to access the sim tray. So you can see that is a nano sim card tray so pop in the sim card, which is included for you pop that into the watch, and then the watch becomes a full standalone, smartwatch phone and yes, you can make and receive phone calls now at the Bottom of the watch, you will find your charger pins and i’ll quickly. Show you the charger it’s a magnetic usb charger, simply clips on with ease, and then you can go ahead and charge that up. It takes just over two hours to fully charge that 800 milliamp hour battery, so quite a large battery capacity for a smart watch. 800 milliamp hours is pretty good and it will give you around three days of standby or you can achieve five hours of continuous talk. Time so you are running full android version 7.1.1 and you can see we have a full custom os on top now, once you insert a sim card, this becomes a standalone smartwatch phone, but nevertheless you can have one parent that can connect to the smartwatch via bluetooth And manage all the features, including the security features directly from their smartphone, which i will be going through very soon.

Furthermore, this watch has an ip68 certification, so it will survive up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes now. The watch dimension, it’s 48 millimeters by 45 millimeters with a thickness of 15 millimeters, and it weighs only 34 grams. So it’s designed to be rugged so it’s got the size now you’ve got silicon straps, which you probably can remove, but there is no quick release. So this is how it looks on my wrist it’s extremely light in case you’re wondering my wrist. Circumference is seven inches. Um yeah, it has the bulk to it, but it’s designed for kids it’s designed to be able to withstand a knock. So you have gorilla glass with a nice big 1.4 inch, tft display, which does look bright and clear, and in the top corner you also have a camera, and that is a 2 megapixel camera now to get set up. You need to download the explorer app and there’s quite a few explorer apps, so to make sure you’ve got the right. One look for the one with the x, so not the one with the butterfly the one with the x okay, we’re gon na put this in so slide it back into the watch like so. The setup process is very easy. Just follow the simple on screen instructions and you would be scanning the qr code from the watch now let’s check out the watch features in more detail, so first of all watch faces.

You do have different watch faces, so here is the default. If you keep the center pressed you’ll then be able to swipe and select a different watch face and i’ll quickly show you. The selection of watch faces available on this watch now the last watch face is also customizable, so you can select a photo. You can use that two megapixel camera to make your own watch face, so you could do something like this. You can take a selfie and that becomes your watch face. So those were your watch faces now. If we swipe down from the top you’ve got your total steps of the day and volume, if you tap on the volume, you’ll be able to increase or decrease the speaker, volume you’ve got media volume and if you swipe up, you’ve got your ringtones and we’re going To hear some of these so it’s set on body dance speaker, so those are your ringtones and you’ve got quite a interesting selection there. You can also change your message. Ringtones and i’ll play a few of them. Okay, so that’s, where your message is and you’ve also got the option to switch on and off the vibrations. Now, if you swipe to the left, you have all your apps, so you got phone chat, camera photo alarm, stopwatch sms music steps and then you’ve got your system settings now. If you hit phone, you can immediately contact any of the predefined 50 contacts that you have and immediately it will start ringing that contact it’s rigging now the beauty of it is the privacy aspect.

So if your child is at school or out and about – and you don’t want all your numbers being given away to the other friends or to any other party, you can see that there is no way of seeing what the phone numbers are. So the privacy aspect is really good. All the phone numbers and all the details are in the smartphone app, and only one parent can manage everything. Also, if you have multiple children, you just swipe left or right to access their individual data. So if you want to contact your son message or phone swipe left – and you can do the same with your other child, so you can manage multiple childs from one smartphone app, so one parent one phone can control everything. So the camera is a two megapixel front. Camera – and that is what you can expect, so you can take pictures okay and then you have the option to delete or even share the picture, so you can send this photo to any contact. You have on your list now. If we go back, you can also shoot videos, so there is a video option here. If we tap it, you are now recording video and share that video with any other any of the predefined contacts. If we go back, you’ve got photo gallery any video or photo you just took. You can watch so let’s watch the video and again you have the same options: wow that’s loud.

That is a very loud speaker. Wasn’T, expecting that and it’s very clear as well. Let’S go through the smartphone app. So when you open the explorer app you’ll get a welcome page, it will tell you your annual steps and it will give you a whole bunch of offers and stuff that you can join if you tap on the next page. This is where you’re going to see the location full address, of where the watch is right now so obviously i’m just going to cover that address up. If you tap on that address, it will give you a map, pinpoint accuracy of exactly where the watch is. So you can trace the exact location of of the watch and this works via sim card. So as long as you’ve got a valid sim card inside the watch, you’ll be able to trace it now there’s the name of my child, so i just called it sun. So immediately you have a choice of sending a message and – and you can view the history of that or you can initiate a phone call so as soon as you tap any of those buttons you’re ready to go, you can call your child’s watch straight away. You can set contacts, i’ve got only one contact and i will cover that phone number for obvious reasons, but you can add pre defined contacts. I think you can add up to 50 pre defined contacts, so your child doesn’t have to remember any phone numbers.

He just has to tap on the name that he recognizes, so you can have mom dad sister brother grandma uncle, so on so forth. You can have all 50 add all the contacts for him. It’S all managed from your smartphone, so it makes things easier. You’Ve got an alarm school mode, so when you activate school mode, there’ll be no noises or anything on the watch and therefore no distractions in class, and you can set score mode anytime. You, like the child, cannot remove score mode over. Here is a step counter. So you can see the total steps taken all right, we’re, going to quick, send a quick message and you can see the message has appeared. So you swipe up for notifications and you can see message from chiggs saying hi now now i show you what the child can do. The child can then tap an emoji and send it or send a voice message: hi, dad i’m, totally fine, okay, so that’s the two ways your child can respond, emoji or voice the child doesn’t even have to type, so it just makes things more fun and easy. Now now the parent gets the message you can see an emoji and a voice. Note so we’re going to hear the voice. Note hi dad i’m totally fine, so that should give you an idea of how it works here. Your child can earn various badges. Now this watch does have a bill in pedimeter to count your child steps which are converted into explorer coins, so x coins.

So if your child takes 1 000 steps, he gets one x coin. You can then spend those x coins in the explorer go play platform where your child can change them for game time or exciting new products. So a very unique and motivational concept to get your child active. You just have to join any one of these campaigns that your child will be interested in, so there you have it guys that was the explorer x5. Now this is a very interesting product. It is a full smartwatch running full android 7.1, with a completely simple ui. On top, i really like the privacy aspect. Phone numbers and personal info cannot be obtained from the watch, but a child can easily send voice messages or make a phone call to any of the trusted contacts on the list now. The most important part is the phone call feature and i’m very impressed to see that the speaker quality is so good and also nice and loud watch is overall durable in build quality. You have gorilla glass protection on the front. It will certainly survive a few knocks, but you also have ip68 rating, so no worries about water damage. Now the step counter and earning coins to exchange for new products is a great way to get your child active, and you also get a nice bright, large display, which is good for your child’s eyes. In the long run. Now, once you install the sim card and get it all set up, you will notice how accurate the gps tracking is.

It will give you the full address with postcode of the location of your child. Now you can set boundaries and safe zones. So if your child exits a boundary, you will be alerted, the boundary can be anything from your garden, school, local parks, etc. Now i personally don’t have kids yet, but if i did, there is no doubt in my mind this would be technically my child’s first smartphone. I can contact them anytime, i like and keep track of their whereabouts, and they can do the same from the watch. They have over 50 contacts available to them. Should they need it now, the concept of the product is great, but the implementation is also very good. The software just works and it’s so simple to use, and you can tell they took their time, creating these features, including the security and privacy aspects and making it all work together. Bottom line peace of mind is a rare thing to have, but this company found a way and created something that just works as it should. If you always wanted a safe way to look out for your kids whilst they’re not at home, then this watch will give you that peace of mind, and for that reason i would say this is an absolute winning product. All three of these watches are going to my three wild nephews. This product seems perfect for them, so can’t wait to set it up and see how they get on.

So that was the explorer x5 play people and with that being said, i will leave the links in the description, so you guys can check this product out. Meanwhile, thank you so much for watching and i hope you all have a brilliant day.