This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s videos, we’re going to do the unboxing and our initial review of the y68 plus smartwatch. So i got this one guys for around 600 pesos, so that’s around 12. Yes, okay, 12, us dollars! This is different guys because i’m not sure, but i think this is the upgraded version of the y68 smartwatch that we had, because this one it has y68 plus so let’s open it guys. Okay, so here is the box guys, as you can see, there is like a pop eye on the smart watch and it just below their smartwatch there and on the side there’s, nothing and at the back there’s. Also nothing guys. Okay, let’s open this one and guys since there’s no uh specifications there, but on the packaging it has the y68 plus uh the dial smart watch with blood pressure. Heart rate, sleep, monitoring, waterproof, bluetooth, fitness tracker, positioning, accurate, call, yeah that’s, it guys so let’s open it. So here it is guys the watch itself. Oh, it kind of reminds me really of the y68 smartwatch that we had, but here on the right you can see there the power button and on the left, there is like speaker and microphone here and at the back. There is. I think this is the sensor there, so it’s, very lightweight guys. Yes, but with its like kind of metallic frame, it can look premium guys and okay well, there’s, none guys: okay, there’s no manual, and we have here the strap in white, so it’s pretty nice.

Yes, okay and now let’s try to turn it on guys. So guys, as you can see, this is the watch itself when you swipe to the right okay, so it will have the watch face changed and when you swipe to the left, then it will also change the watch face guys so let’s try to count the watch Face that it has so we have here, we have here the wheel, so let’s count one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten ten, eleven twelve okay, wow we’ve got 12 watch faces. So now guys let’s look at the application that it has so let’s have here. We have here the dial, i think when you try to remotely dial your contacts, then you can just also press that one there. We have your contacts as well call log messaging and sports, so let’s look at the sports guys. So we have here like running skipping, bicycling, swimming and hiking. Yes, all right, and then we have here speedometer. You can record the kilometers and the kcal that you had, and it has also sleep monitoring guys. We will check that one later on and it also has sedentary okay. So it means that it will remind you if you are already sitting for a longer period of time and we have health, so we have here heart rate the blood pressure and blood oxygen, so let’s check our blood pressure guys. So i hope that our blood pressure is just okay, Music, okay, guys so our blood pressure it’s 104 over 84, not bad and let’s check our blood oxygen level as well: Music, okay, we have 98 97, so it’s changing guys, and we also have here the heart Rate so our heart rate guys it’s, 90, 90.

Yes, okay, it can measure blood pressure quickly, but you know we don’t have to really rely on this guys. This is just only for reference and we have your bluetooth. Camera. Stop watch find phones, torch, guys so yeah when there is no light and you can use this one and you can also check the brightness. So you can adjust this one it’s nice, because in the other smart watch we don’t have that one and alarm: okay, bluetooth, music, and it has also style guys. So if you want a three grid, style or nine grade style – and it has also this kind of style guys like the bubble launcher, so you can also change that one okay and we also have here guys the qr code. So i will have a tutorial later on how to connect your watch and then we have settings so wow. They have lift up and language yeah you can use or you can choose the language that you want. We have your english and so on and so forth. Okay, all right guys, so i think this is it for the watch and for my initial review and my opinion for this it’s, not bad for the price and it’s pretty lightweight, and also it has the common features that a smartwatch has. Okay and let’s connect the strap, okay and let’s find out what it looks like in red all right. So now guys you have now your y6 8 plus smartwatch in white.

Yes, so if you’re just really a fashionable, smartwatch, guys and you’re on a tight budget, you don’t need really lots of features. Then this one is for you. Yes, but if you want to have more accurate when it comes to sports and uh, you might want to try another smartwatch, okay guys.