com the premiere set for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are here to review this new smartwatch. Okay, it is a one of the most affordable smartwatch in the market. This can be categorized as the entry level smartwatch for those who want to experience or try the world of variables. Okay, so we have here the y60 smartwatch. Okay, we bought it online and we’ll, try to check it waste very popular and if the less than 5 us dollars really worthy cry again, this is If you have any questions regarding our review, please drop a comment below and we will answer your ques okay. So let’s start and explore this new smartwatch, so let’s open it and check the contents of the so smartwatch check. Okay, so, as you can see, it’s the packaging is and not in a good condition here, very, very simple box. So we have here, i think it’s gold, color, so let’s check first the contents or the details here on the box, so it is available available in three colors. I think this is the rose gold um. I think it’s pink and black okay, so we have here the functions. We have heart rate blood pressure steps. We also have incoming call notifications, so social app support. We have wechat queue: twitter, facebook, we also have alarm clock, photo control, sedentary reminder and mileage, or commonly known as this distance. So we have here heart rate, monitoring, okay, calories here, steps distance here; okay, so smart, bracelet, your health steward okay.

So this is the ry68 smartwatch let’s see if it’s the real deal and so far there are a lot of reviews on youtube about this one seems like it’s, okay, so let we are here to check it if it’s the real deal? Okay, so the contents are so we have here the user manual and we have the smartwatch. So we have a removable, strap okay and we have the smartwatch. So there is no, as you can see here, there is no charging cable here because it it is already has a direct usb charging. Okay, you see it and we have the user manual here. Let’S check it. First, wear it properly, charging the bracelet. So we have here the support app available in ios and android, so we have here the qr code. Okay, so we have here all this very small. Okay, you have the instructions here on how to set up your smartwatch, so it is in english, language. Okay, we have here some basic specifications: okay, so that’s it and let’s check this one. Okay, let’s try to remove the plastic cover here, so we have here a plastic body here and at the back we have. I guess this is the heart rate monitor sensor deeply life waterproof 1.3 inch. Smart bluetooth watch accurate, pedometer, okay, so it looks metallic. But if you’re going to check it, it’s really plastic with the rose gold brush finish okay and we have a silicon, strap so let’s.

Try to plug it in attach this strap again. This is just a quick review on our next video we’ll show you the details on the and the features of the smartwatch okay, uh. Technically i i don’t like the strap it’s a bit hard. I don’t know if it’s comfortable to wear in the long run so that’s it. So this is your y68 smartwatch, okay, so let’s check for the specs here. So we have here. The y68 smartwatch let’s read: ip67 8 waterproof okay, it is using the fit pro app. 1.3 inch ips color screen aluminum alloy and h.6620d microchip. Okay, so far, it looks simple there’s no physical button here, but we have here the touch button, key, okay, very light, guess this is just a few grams of thing and just simple design. Okay, two point d display screen here: touch button, key pc or plastic body. Here we have on the bottom is a heart rate sensor and we have the sporty silicon, strap. Okay, so let’s have a closer look uh this new smartwatch, okay, so that’s it for the quick look on the design of the y68 smartwatch. If you have any comments below, please drop your suggestions, okay or questions and we’ll. Try to answer your query recipe of the time again. This is smartwatch specifications.