If you are new to my channel tech. Geek is all about latest tech and gadgets. Today we have an affordable smartwatch for everyday use from yoyofit. You can find the product link in the description below without further ado, let’s get started. Product came inside this cardboard packaging. It is just a plain, minimal detail, retail box and nothing fancy on it. As far as unboxing concerned, you will get this customer service information card on the top and followed by the smartwatch itself. Then pair of screen protectors, a user guide and lasts this magnetic usb charging cable when it comes to the design and the build quality. This watch at around 1.76 inches and its weight about less than 50 grams thickness is about 1.47 inches, and it has gray color abs case as a body, and it has two buttons on the right side will allow you to navigate through the options. You can feel the clicky feedback back of the watch. You will find the optical heart rate sensor and a magnetic charging connector. The watch trap is very flexible and it is about 23 millimeters in size. It is very comfortable to use and watch. Strap are easy to remove and can be replaced with a different color. The one i got is a blue and you can get it in black or pink. The screen is 1.4 inches, ips full round display with the color touch screen when it comes to the pixel density, it is 240 by 240 pixel display frankly, screen is decent and it can be perfectly read in any lighting condition.

The touch screen is very responsive and can be easily navigate through the options you can adjust the brightness level and screen timeout up to 9 seconds. Also, you can choose and customize the vibration intensity. You can enable it up to show the watch face when raising up the risk when it start up. For the first time you can choose your preferred language from the list. The watch has 5 different watch faces to choose from you, can simply press and hold and swipe to see the one you want swipe down will allow you to access the brightness controller about device stopwatch, find my phone and power off the smart board swipe to the Right brings you to the default apps, which you can find in the smartwatch swipe to the left, which shows you, the sports data, sleep, tracker and blood pressure monitor and last swipe up will display all the app notifications. This watch has 240 milliamp rechargeable battery. It takes about two and a half hours to fully charge from zero to hundred percent. It has about ten days standby time and up to five days of operating battery life if you use it every day. Furthermore, this watch connects. We have bluetooth 5.0 and you can download the fit cloud pro smart, app simply scanning the qr code. App is available in both apple and android. App stores. All you need to do is simply follow the on screen instructions for pairing process. Then you can create your own profile and customize your own personal activity goals.

However, pr rank is very easy and has low source connectivity once connected let’s quickly. Look at the app notification option. Basically, like most other smart bands, you can get phone calls message: notifications straight into the smartwatch through the smart app you can choose which app that you want to send notification to the watch. However, you won’t be able to answer to the phone calls. Instead, you will have the option to decline the call, however, you get short preview of your messages, including most famous third party messaging services. Also, you will get alarm, clock activity and drink reminder with the smartwatch. You can change the watch face from the app here. A few that came there are so many different watch faces available from simple design to more detail, one that shows you the daily activity result as well as the time it doesn’t allow you to download any other from online. However, it takes nearly 50 seconds to transfer a watch face from your smartphone to smartwatch. Furthermore, this is one of my favorite feature as it allows you to have your own custom watch face. You can assign your preferred background picture to the watch, face and custom the position of the date and time through the app you can locate your smartwatch. Also, you can control the musics on your smartphone using the smartwatch. Another useful feature is shake the watch to capture a photograph. It works as a remote shutter and allow you to activate the camera shutter instantly.

It has multi sports mode. You can try walking running hiking, cycling and basketball. Also, it records your daily data, such as steps, distance, calorie burn and minutes. Acting each day, all your activity data will save within the smart app, and you can compare the daily weekly and monthly report and check your activity goals. It will help you to stay focused on your healthy lifestyle and keep fit next up. Is it has blood pressure, monitor heart rate sensor and a blood oxygen tracker? Once again, all those information will save within this smart app. However, you can see the highest average and lowest rating from the app speaking about sleep tracking. It clearly shows your deep sleep and light sleep, so you can get an idea to improve your sleep quality. This is ip67 water resistant smartwatch, which means it can survive most challenging weather conditions, however, not recommend to submerge or swim with this smartwatch. So with all that being said, if you are looking for affordable but good quality, everyday smartwatch, that can be track, your daily activities, this yoyofit smartwatch, is worth to look into once again. Many thanks for watching, and let me know what you think about this smartwatch.