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We have two fine watches to show you which are practically identical except for their outward appearance. The LEF2 model is a sporty model and the Z18 is more for dress. They are both balanced watches in that they strive for longer battery life by reducing screen size to 1.3 inches and 240×240 pixels to conserve energy. They also both include large, 460 mAh batteries within their cases. Because of this the watches should get 72 hours of life in smartwatch mode standby time, and a whopping 120 hours in the smart band mode where everything but the clock snoozes.

Since these two watches are the same, we’ve broken the review of them into the following parts. The LEF2 has an unboxing section followed by a first look at what you find when you first turn the watch on and explore the layout of all the screens and installed apps. The Z18 review is much more detailed as a “full review” and includes benchmark tests and a deeper discussion. It also has a separate unboxing section at the beginning since the watches are packaged entirely differently. No matter which watch you are interested in acquiring, it is worthwhile to watch both primary videos. Here are the links:

LEF2 Unboxing and first look video:

Z18 Unboxing and Full Review video:

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